Thursday, May 12, 2011

Enjoying life...

In 2 weeks it is officially summer here in Switzerland, but it feels like summer already is here. Today it is raining for the first time in weeks. Bless the rain that helps our vegetable garden grow.

This is our first strawberry. Unfortunately a slug found the strawberry before I got the chance to pick it. The little hole you see is nothing compared to the completely empty inside! Darn slugs...

So it is still spring but look at these summer flowers me and Nelly picked yesterday after dinner. Aren't they just heavenly summery and gorgeous? I love wild flowers.

And our garden in the rain. With Emmy running around it bare feet (she is in the far back of the garden - you can hardly see her...). Laughing and screaming in delight. "Iiiiiiihhhh Mama! It is raaaaaaining! Iiiiiiiihhhh!"

Emmy is turning 4 on Saturday and this is my 3rd batch of cup cakes (as for some weird reason they tend to just disappear as soon as I turn my back to the kitchen... I wonder if I will have hungry kids at the dinner table tonight or if it will sound moire like "Mama, I am full... I can't have anymore...". I have promised cup cakes in creche tomorrow. And cup cakes it will be! :D NO matter how many batches I am forced to bake.

And a new little crochet project. Going for the blues.  I got so many project going on but find it hard to finish them off... And also, the give Away. Coming up... Coming up. It is just that this weekend I might be a bit to busy for it. Soon dear friends. Soon. Have a lovely evening. Ia m very much enjoying my day.



  1. How lovely your strawberries look (I take it the slug thought so too) My stawberries are still at the flower stage but the got some lovely rain last night and lots of sun today.
    I hope your little girl has a lovely birthday and I am sure the cupcakes will go down a treat!

    Tickety-boo x

  2. Áh, vad sommrigt ni har det!! Grönt och blommigt. Vi har faktiskt haft regnigt i stort sett hela váren. Kanske, kanske blir det sol nu framöver.
    Jordgubbar har vi ätit sen i januari, men det är nágot visst att äta dom första vid midsommar, svenska traditioner gár aldrig ur även om jag är ganska otraditionell.

  3. I like your granny squares very very much!

  4. Oj, jordgubbar redan! Sommaren är verkligen på väg. :-)

  5. Lovely post! Love the flowers and the cupcakes look yummy!
    And you got strawberries already! lucky you living down south!

    oh and if you are on ravelry I have bohusrutan linked thrue there now... my first pattern!

  6. Lovely post, I just dropped in and saw your pretty quilting project-- it's coming along nicely, love your flowers and colors in it! I have a couple of quilt projects that are just tops waiting for the rest. I think one or two months isn't long at all, lol!

    Will be reading more, I live in the south U.S.-- how cool to see that your strawberries are blooming now too...


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