Saturday, June 12, 2010

We are the Champions!

I am high on the fact that all three of my kids got medals in the local Track & Field competition with over 100 kids attending. Absolutely fab-fantastic.

I am sooooo proud I can burst with Emmy 3 years old on 3rd place...

... Luca 6 on 1st place...

... and Nelly 8 on 1st place aswell! Yeay!!!!

We have really made a name for ourselves in the village now, 3 kids out of 18 with medals were ours.

Emmy throwing little ball.

Luca throwing little ball.

Nelly running in the relay.

Luca running in the relay.

Emmy running in the relay.

The foreigners will forever be known from this day on. Like one of the locals expressed it "Quelle famille! Tous les champions!". Ohh yes. We are the champions! The Ciccarelli's. Remember that name.



    Vad kul!! Den sista bilden är fantastisk, vilken lycka!

    Min man springer maraton (och andra "vansinnes-lopp".)
    Ibland ordnas det aktiviteter för familjen i samband. Ett ár sprang Naia mini-maratonet pá 500 meter. Hon var 3 ár, kom sist men eftersom det bara var 3 tjejer sá fick hon sin medalj. Jisses vad hon var lycklig och vi stolta, givetvis.

  2. Vilken bragd! Så duktiga. Hoppas att dom vill fortsätta träna. Då vet man aldrig vart det kan sluta. Man kommer långt på talang.


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