Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Sweden in my heart - forever

Hi my lovelies. Thank you so so much for all your stories shared, advice given and comfort hugs on my latest post. It has been incredibly helpful and I want to give you all a big comfort hugs back. Thank you.

Nelly Bo is okay. She has learned and grown a lot through this special experience. Alicia's family is doing well considering the situation, having fantastic support from friends, neighbours and close family. The funeral was beautiful and the church was filled to the brim of people showing their sympathies including Nelly Bo and a group of close friends attending as well.

Today I'm on my way back home to my roots. To our summer house. It is time for the yearly Autumn Clean Day. But this time my trip is bitter sweet. We have decided to sell our house to raise the money needed for a deposit on a home here in Switzerland. I'm meeting with a realtor to start the process...

I've cried. I've had a big lump in my stomach for weeks if not months. I've fought for us to keep our paradise, but there are times in your life when you can't let the heart make the decision. In the end, we are doing this for a brighter future in our every day life. It is the right thing to do.

While flicking through my summer pictures (apologies but it was hard to choose...), I'm brought back to all the fun we had this summer. We never fail to have a great time together with my family. Lots of everything: play, food, kids, chilling, garden work, beach, fishing, boating, jumping, thrift shopping, laughter, card games, cooking... It wasn't the last summer, there are still many summers to come with just as much joy and laughter. My brother's house is still there, and that is where we spend most of our time anyway, and he has room for everyone. That is the silver lining. Although it hurts to let go...


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