Thursday, April 9, 2020

Blanket Of Hope - Part 2: The circle pattern

Happy Thursday! I hope you've gone through your stash, chosen what size blanket you can and want to make with the yarn you already have on hand. Playing around with my stash is one of the most joyful things I know. It might sound geeky but just looking at the colors, sort into scraps, small balls and full skeins, separate fiber content and yarn weight can be soooooo satisfying. Don't you agree?

I hope you found my Blanket Of Hope- Part 1: Supplies & Facts post helpful. Today I'm sharing how to make the colorful crochet circles. My Blanket Of Hope is based on the pattern I used for my Circle In Square Blanket (check it out here). As mentioned before, there are many different variations of Circles In Square Block Patterns. Here are some that you can check out: Circle To Square Granny Square, Sunburst Granny Square, Starburst Granny Square. However, I make my circles my way and here is my tutorial. Let's get started.


Crochet circles - a blanket of hope
Blanket Of Hope - Part 1: Supplies & Facts

This pattern is written in UK terms
chain - SWE luftmaska
slip stitch - SWE smygmaska
UK treble - US double crochet - SWE stolpe

NOTE: Chain 3 always counts as first treble.

TIP: If you are a dense crocheter you can add a chain between groups of trebles on Row 1 and Row 2 to loosen up your circle. 

START: Chain 4, in the first chain made (3 chains from hook) make 11trebles, slip stitch to close ring, fasten off. Stitch count: 12 stitches

TIP: Fasten off your starting yarn end by leading it all around in the center to make the center stronger, lightly pull to close the hole. 

ROW 1: In space between treble stitches, join new yarn and chain 3, make 1 treble in same space. Make 2 trebles in every space between treble stitches from previous row, slip stitch to close row, fasten off. Stitch count: 24 stitches

ROW 2: In space between groups of 2-treble stitches, join new yarn and chain 3, make 2 trebles in same space. Make 3 trebles between every 2-treble groups from previous row, slip stitch to close row, fasten off. Stitch count: 36 stitches.

Mix and match colors as you go. This is the time to explore an endless world of color combinations you had no idea about. I collect my circles in a box and will square them off later. Tutorial of how to make the square for these circles coming soon. Enjoy! See you next time. :)


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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Rainbows, rainbows everywhere!

Rainbows in a bouquet of tulips on my table. Rainbows in a cupcake for a yummy treat. Rainbows in Emmy Bo's new hair to match the cupcakes she made. Rainbows in my dahlias that we planted together in our garden. Rainbows in my basket of Tilda yarn. Rainbows in my Blanket Of Hope.

Crochet rainbow obsession. One for Emmy Bo's window. One for Nelly Bo's friend Lou. One for the window of my shed. One for the kitchen window at my friend's house. Because she needs it, and I need it. Because EVERYONE needs a rainbow in their life. I see rainbows in so many things around me. It makes me happy!

Big THANK YOU to Sandra at Cherry Heart for sharing this wonderfully cute, simple and FREE rainbow pattern called Silver Linings on her blog. I will make many more. Gift many more. Rainbows for hope. Rainbows for comfort.

PS TASSELS:Check out my Instagram here for a video on how I make the tassels. I wrapped yarn around a deck of cards on the length, pull it off and then attach it. 3-4 wrappings is enough. :)


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Monday, April 6, 2020

Isolation Week 4: Embrace

First of all, Thank You for your sweet uplifting messages and for sharing your own stories and feelings the days after my post of Falling into blues. So comforting and so much love.

I did withdraw a bit to center myself and I feel much better now. I'm not sure I have any advice to give more than feel out your own situation (this is so individual...), take down your expectations on what you should do these days, relax a bit more and take one day at a time. After three weeks of trying to figure out a new routine and going through phases of shock, fear, confusion,super proaction,  frustration, exhaustion and so many more, I've reached a new phase: Embrace!

If there is any time in life where you can really, really take the opportunity to slow down your life, step out of the hamster wheel and allow yourself to take just one day at a time, it is now. I would hate to see myself go back to work in a month from now and asking myself: "Annette, why did you waste that precious time away on stress, anxiety, fear and blues?" So, with that in mind I'm entering week 4 of isolation with my mind set on finding my own Slow Life pace. I want to enjoy this time I'm given to do the things I love the most. To reconnect with family and friends through regular phone calls and video coffees, taking care of myself and listening to what my body and mind needs. I want to spend time with my children and make that time count, I want to live in the moment and only plan what needs to be done on a daily basis. 

It is incredibly liberating to let go of the all the negative stress of the Corona pandemic and allow myself to feel joy in being here - right now and alive - with my dearest people in a big home with a big garden and the spring sun awakening nature right before my eyes. I know terrible things are happening out there but I choose to embrace my little world of happiness right here. So I turn off the news, let go of a strict schedule, work a little bit from home, watch the kids come together in play and giggles, pat a cat, sit on my bench and crochet, go for long walks in the forest and feel blessed to be here. If I don't, I think I will regret it. 


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