Saturday, September 20, 2014

Crochet Wrist Warmers - Nordic style

The thought of making wrist warmers to accompany the Nordic Shawl (check out the Nordic Shawl Parade), came to me a long long time ago (think Christmas last year...). But like so many other ideas, it ended up in a note book somewhere while I was distracted with other projects. But now they are reality. After a number of trials (actually 3 in total) I have finally reached my goal, these Nordic Wrist Warmers are my new favorite make! Quick, classy and incredibly satisfying!

On Friday night I took the last picture for my upcoming Step-by-step pattern and I fastened off the last yarn end. My daughter quickly snatch this pair after I let her try them on... The other daughter quickly ordered a pair in yellow... I guess I will be making quite a few pairs of these, in different sizes. I see many color combinations. Making these will never be boring.

Pattern will be released soon. Stay tuned.


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Friday, September 19, 2014

That peek-a-boo sun hat

You know when you read those children stories about the little mouse that shows up on each page, hidden behind shoes, peeking up behind a pillow, blending in beside a flower pot, dangling down from a lamp shade... The kind of book where you and your toddler are trying to find that little peek-a-boo mouse on each and every page... Well, it feels like my sun hat has become that mouse.

It shows up here and there and everywhere. It can be found on poles on the field, it is being used for fashion shows by the kids, it has been carefully hung on the shed by me to look pretty, it is thrown on a growing box when I harvest our veggies... It lies around, it is dragged around and you never know where you will find in next. It is a much loved sunhat. I think I could write a children's book about this peek-a-boo hat and have a best seller. Ha!

Note: You can find the Sun Hat Crochet Band Pattern here.


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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Photography Course - Part 1

Photography. Visual beauty. When looking through that lens, life seem so full of wonderful things. Even on a dark and scary stormy day. Even when my child cries of pain when scraping her knee. Those tears captured in a photo says more than a thousand words.

My life is a row of stills that never ends... I see them everywhere, in every corner, every location, every situation, in every thing and living creature. Like poetry. Making life more beautiful than it sometimes is. Without staging, just by creeping up and catching the moment. We frame it. The split of a second and there we have it. Captured. To be kept. To look back at and remember.

I am so excited. I've finally signed up for a real photography course. I have wanted to do this for so long. I want to know the technical aspects of photography and leave the Auto mode and dare using the Manual functions on my lovely Canon 100D DSLR. I want to be able to transform what I see and feel into "that" fantastic picture.

So last week was first class at Michelle Petersen Photography. Michelle is a portrait photographer and she takes amazing pictures. She is easy going, warm and friendly and the class flew by in a whim. This first week's homework was to see everyday life in a different way. To observe the happy moments, the beauty in all the small things around us. See the opportunities in simple things like a flower, a shoe, a cup of coffee... Piece of cake! Like us bloggers do, right? We are good at seeing the beauty in a cuppa. I wonder how many pictures of a cuppa that are out there in Cyberworld...

I brought my camera on my walk and the hill with the trees were stunning beautiful on this sunny day. The top photo was the first one I took. The result didn't capture anything of how I felt when I saw this field and gentle hill with the trees though... It came out kind of flat and boring... I started to experiment, moving closer with the lens, changing the composition, playing with the "Horizontal Line" and using "The Rule Of Thirds"... Suddenly I could feel my picture. Totally different from the first photo. Moving horizontal line up to make me want to run up that hill. Move the horizontal line down to feel free to give the feel of freedom with the spacious sky. Like magic...

I can't wait to get into next class tonight and learn more. Every now and then I will show you my progress. And maybe I will actually understand all these things of aperture, shutter time, ISO and so on... My journey has begun. This is gonna be a good one.


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Monday, September 15, 2014

Yarn & Pattern Kit

TILDA YARN: Lilac (No 561) with a Dark Lilac (No 563) edging?
TILDA YARN: Dusty Blue (No 66) pillow with Granny Blue (No 569) edging?
TILDA YARN: Chalk Pink (541) with a Granny Pink (543) edging?
My latest patterns, the Popcorn & Lace Pillow and Popcorn & Lace Square, have become very popular and I am so excited to see your creations. Please hashtag your pictures in social media with #popcornandlace so I can see it all. Thank you all for making my creative journey such a pleasure with your fabulous feed back.

If you still haven't got your hands on one of the patterns, I have prepared a full Yarn & Pattern Kit for you to make the original Popcorn & Lace Pillow. It comes with 3 balls of Tilda yarn No: 005 - Cream and 1 ball of No: 042 - Light Cerise and includes a print of the Popcorn & Lace Pillow pattern, which is also delivered as a digital file of course. It is all wrapped up in a cellophane gift bag with ribbons.

A complete Yarn & Pattern Kit comes in handy for the one who doesn't have the time to go chasing the right yarn in stores for a pattern or as a gift for someone creative who loves making their own things.

If you have another color theme in mind I can of course customize your order. What about a Lilac Yarn & Pattern Kit or a Lilac Yarn & Pattern Kit. Are you a lover of pink? Then a Pink Yarn & Pattern Kit could be for you. I ship worldwide. Yarn & Pattern Kits can be purchased in my ETSY SHOP or via email.

To view a full color chart of Tilda yarn, please visit my Yarn Shop. I am currently updating my shop page and have ALL colors in stock.


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