Thursday, June 21, 2018

Crochet bikini top

I started a summer crochet project: a Crochet Bikini Top for Nelly Bo. She wanted one last year already, I started but never finished... So typical me. I found the project tucked away in a project bag and thought I should finish it before vacation starts.

I'm using Tilda yarn from Svarta Fåret. It is a 50% cotton/50% acrylic 4ply. I used to sell this yarn in my Yarn Shop but stopped importing it a couple of years ago. However, I do have some left in odd colors. If you're interested, visit my Yarn Shop page. I sell it with 50% discount which is the import price if not less.

I'm improvising, not following a pattern, but I have of course surfed for inspiration both on Google and Pinterest. There are so many bikini tops out there. So far I've just made the triangle cups and the idea is to join them together with a wide chest band that will tie or button up in the back. Almost like a crop top. We'll see how it unfolds... I'll keep you posted.


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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Early summer morning

We're on the last stretch. Only 2 1/2 weeks left and then school is out. We get up at 6.30 pm in the mornings, have breakfast, let the cats in... let the cats out again. I go outside in the garden, hang some laundry and listen to the birds twittering in the otherwise very calm and quiet morning air. The cats follow me around, crave attention, stroking my legs, meowing... I give them a cuddle, they roll around in delight just to attack my hand with a gentle bite after a second. Same procedure every time... I grab a secateur and cut off some bloomed out lupines and roses. I should add that I know nothing about flowers. I'm known to be a plant killer and I am totally improvising everything I do. Occasionally I Google what to do, but most of the time I just take a chance on what I think might be the good thing to do. Any gardening advice is welcome, just shoot and I'll absorb it all in hope to become a better gardener.

I'm so excited about my roses. They are absolutely magnificent. I planted them last year and they looked so small and poorly... Now they are full of flower buds, growing like crazy and I've only fertilized them once. The dark pink ones are starting to bloom and the one in the middle is creamy white.... I can't wait to see them all spread beauty in my garden.

The cats keep following me around, they chase each other, play fight, roll around in the growing boxes, come up for a cuddle (and a gentle bite)... I so enjoy our cats. We wouldn't be complete without them.

I prepare my bench with a quilt and a pillow. Later I'm going to have some coffee and crochet time there. It's time for the kids to take off to school. The laundry is up, the sun is slowly spreading over my garden. Before going inside I lay down under the plum tree, looking up towards the sky. What a hide away. I walk back inside, still dressed in my pyjama. I think I'm facing yet another beautiful sunny day. Time to kiss those kids good bye and wish them good luck on exams.


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Friday, June 8, 2018

Who is Bo?

Me and my father Bo in Sweden, April 2018.

Luca Bo, Nelly Bo and Emmy Bo in Sweden 2015.

Nelly Bo, Luca Bo and Emmy Bo.
Me, Emmy Bo, Nelly Bo and Luca Bo in summer 2013.
Nelly Bo, Luca Bo, Emmy Bo... Charlie Bo... Who is Bo? Is Bo a middle name? Is this a family thing? Is it cultural? Tradition? Or is it just a nickname?

Some questions reappear in my inbox and commenting field over and over again and this is one of them. Bo is the name of my father and his father (my grandfather) was also named Bo. So, for me, growing up in a divorced home with my mother, I've always been very keen on the connection to my roots on my father's side.

My father is a Rosendahl. I was born a Rosendahl, but at age 7 it was changed to Söderberg because of the simple reason that this was my mother's maiden name (she changed back to it after the divorce) and her new partner, my step father Rolf, his last name was also Söderberg and so it was more convenient if I was a Söderberg too. Makes sense I guess... However, when I turned 18 I changed back to my maiden name Rosendahl. Quickly. To make a statement. I was officially a grown up and now I could choose who I wanted to be. And I chose the connection to my father. Maybe because it was a piece of me missing in this family construction and this was my way to fill that missing piece. I'm not sure... It is kind of funny how a name can be such a strong part of your identity... By changing my name I felt more complete. I became Annette Rosendahl. Someone I always wanted to be.

Many years later I gave up my maiden name and got married into the Ciccarelli family. I had children and although being a Ciccarelli was great, I wanted a connection to my family tree for all my children. This was very important to me.

In Sweden it is not uncommon to have two middle names or even three, and so I chose one name from my husband's side of the family and one name from my side of the family for our children. I picked our mothers' names for the girls and our fathers' names for our boy. And so Luca became Luca Bo Magnus. He soon got the nick name Luca Bo. Mainly used by Jay. Because it felt good in the mouth to say. And for some unknown reason we added Bo to the girls too for the very same reason. Bo became a playful nickname, adding a feeling of extra much love, cuteness, goofyness and a sprinkle of childish innocence... And because of this, now all three are Nelly Bo, Emmy Bo and Luca Bo. And even the cats are Charlie Bo, Izzy Bo and Maya Bo every now and then... But officially it is only Luca who really is a Bo in my family. Part from my father Bo, of course. And my big brother... Forever and ever connected. That is the story about Bo.


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