Friday, June 8, 2018

Who is Bo?

Me and my father Bo in Sweden, April 2018.

Luca Bo, Nelly Bo and Emmy Bo in Sweden 2015.

Nelly Bo, Luca Bo and Emmy Bo.
Me, Emmy Bo, Nelly Bo and Luca Bo in summer 2013.
Nelly Bo, Luca Bo, Emmy Bo... Charlie Bo... Who is Bo? Is Bo a middle name? Is this a family thing? Is it cultural? Tradition? Or is it just a nickname?

Some questions reappear in my inbox and commenting field over and over again and this is one of them. Bo is the name of my father and his father (my grandfather) was also named Bo. So, for me, growing up in a divorced home with my mother, I've always been very keen on the connection to my roots on my father's side.

My father is a Rosendahl. I was born a Rosendahl, but at age 7 it was changed to Söderberg because of the simple reason that this was my mother's maiden name (she changed back to it after the divorce) and her new partner, my step father Rolf, his last name was also Söderberg and so it was more convenient if I was a Söderberg too. Makes sense I guess... However, when I turned 18 I changed back to my maiden name Rosendahl. Quickly. To make a statement. I was officially a grown up and now I could choose who I wanted to be. And I chose the connection to my father. Maybe because it was a piece of me missing in this family construction and this was my way to fill that missing piece. I'm not sure... It is kind of funny how a name can be such a strong part of your identity... By changing my name I felt more complete. I became Annette Rosendahl. Someone I always wanted to be.

Many years later I gave up my maiden name and got married into the Ciccarelli family. I had children and although being a Ciccarelli was great, I wanted a connection to my family tree for all my children. This was very important to me.

In Sweden it is not uncommon to have two middle names or even three, and so I chose one name from my husband's side of the family and one name from my side of the family for our children. I picked our mothers' names for the girls and our fathers' names for our boy. And so Luca became Luca Bo Magnus. He soon got the nick name Luca Bo. Mainly used by Jay. Because it felt good in the mouth to say. And for some unknown reason we added Bo to the girls too for the very same reason. Bo became a playful nickname, adding a feeling of extra much love, cuteness, goofyness and a sprinkle of childish innocence... And because of this, now all three are Nelly Bo, Emmy Bo and Luca Bo. And even the cats are Charlie Bo, Izzy Bo and Maya Bo every now and then... But officially it is only Luca who really is a Bo in my family. Part from my father Bo, of course. And my big brother... Forever and ever connected. That is the story about Bo.


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Monday, June 4, 2018

My Monday...

Today I woke up at 6pm but was to lazy to get up. I stayed in bed until the alarm went off at 6.30pm. I could hear Luca Bo get up just after 6pm, he likes to have some time on his own downstairs before the rest of us appear.

We all had breakfast, tea with milk and sugar, 2 slices of pumpernickel bread with boiled egg on one and cheese and cucumber on the other for me. At 7.35 pm all kids had left and I watched 20 minutes of CNN News.

I dressed for the gym, got outside to water the plants and folded a load of laundry. Packed a change of clothes to be ready for the car inspection after gym class.

Cross Fit was a bit of a challenge as my lower back is acting up a bit again. I followed the WOD (workout of the day) but with gentleness and careful attention to technique. Light weights. I don;t need heavy weights. I just need to do the exercises. Move muscles I normally don't move. It felt great afterwards. The Bear crawl almost killed me and I'm sure my shoulders and hips will be sore tomorrow. It's worth it. When  would I otherwise move those muscles???

The sun was shining and the air was warm, still I dressed in jeans with a linen blouse. I'm so excited as I discovered I could actually button up my old vintage (thrift shopped) Levi's without using the elastic band on the button, which I've used for the last year or so. You see, I've been food aware for a while - no diet - just aware of what, when and why I eat, and to my delight this challenge is reducing my waist line slowly. Happy me. Well done me for being so kind to myself without throwing myself into a diet that won't hold, restrictions I can't keep and rules I can't follow. I'm doing really really well. I feel great.

The visit to the car inspection went all well, and before heading back home I went to do some grocery shopping, being aware of what I put in my trolley and only buying the items on my list. I payed a third less of what I usually pay when I just mindlessly throw things in my cart. This awareness thing is not only about eating, it is also about purchases, choices, doings. Do I really need this? How much does this cost? Is there a less expensive alternative...

Back home I sat myself outside on my bench having a Greek Pasta Salad for lunch. I went for a 30 minute around the fields. I did some more laundry, prepared a soup and later I had coffee with milk and sugar and a square of dark chocolate. I've stopped doing milky tall lattes. And I've stopped having cookies with every coffee or tea. Awareness. Once again.

Emmy Bo came home from school and I finished preparing the soup. When Emmy Bo went to a friend's house to do Musically, I went to pick up Luca Bo at school for a doctor's appointment. The soup was waiting for us on the stove when we came back in time for dinner. One step ahead makes a less stressed Mama...

We all had dinner, broccoli soup and cheesy bread to dip. Luca Bo cleared the table and I vacuumed downstairs. When all that was done I went for an evening walk, listening to Avicii when walking the forest. A light sprinkle of rain started. I came back rosy, warm and light in my step.

Now I'm putting my cozies on, my Toms' slippers and sit myself on the sofa. I'm watching Season 1 of The Handmaid's Tale again... just to freshen up my memory before I throw myself into Season 2. It's my treat. With a cup of Bonne Soirée tea and TV, I round up my day. Its' been a good one. How was yours?

PS Thank you for all your sweet comments on my post about Luca Bo's puppet making. It makes him so happy he almost explodes of pride. Xxx


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Sunday, June 3, 2018

Puppet making love

He has fallen in love with puppets. He makes his own. It started with a cookie monster and cutting up our blue bath towels... using staplers to join fabric pieces. Then he tried his hand on hand sewing and glue. After that he dragged out my sewing machine, asked me to show him how to feed it and the rest is history.

He has found free patterns online that he prints out, traces on fleece fabric with sewing allowance (!!!). He machine sews it all together. Cuts foam and turn it into shapes for head and body, makes legs and arms, making sure there is flexibility for elbows and knees. Hands and feet are made with toes and fingers and when he figured out how to make the mouth look professional with seamless gum and all, you would have thought he just climbed Mount Everest.

He shows me his progress, brainstorm ideas on how to overcome obstacles he bumps into, searches the internet for pictures and tutorials, tips and tricks. He tries. And fails. And tries again. Its' all in the details. With small 13 year old fingers and hands he creates with enormous focus, passion and determination. He has always been creative my Luca Bo, but the older he gets, the more I can see that creative soul shine in him. Its not just crafts. It is passion. To create, fix, build. By himself. That is what he does. Always. With pride. Every puppet has its own personality. That is what he says, although this Kermit replica is only his first one completed so far. He dives in from the door post to the living room asking to have ice cream or chips. He pops up in the kitchen asking what's for dinner. WE talk, Kermit replica and I, and our conversations are interesting. And Luca Bo places him gently on his shoulders with his legs hanging down. Its' his buddy. I can see that for him he is real. The magic of a pretend friend. I'm sure there will be more.


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