Saturday, March 28, 2020

Walking makes me feel good

I take long walks around my village. I breathe the fresh air, embrace the beautiful surrounding, spot flowers and season changes, hear nature and I get to be alone for a moment. This confinement thingy is getting on my nerves a bit. And we have just started. Sigh... So, I go for walks. Daily. Long ones. Short ones. Brisk ones. Slow ones. They make me feel good.

For long walks I listen to podcasts, the Swedish Framgångspodden with Alexander Pärleros (@alexanderparleros) is my latest podcast crush. So many great and inspiring interviews with interesting personalities. There is always something to learn and to take with you after one of Alexander's interviews.

When I want to empower myself I turn on an upbeat playlist on Spotify. Dance music always makes me feel positive and motivated and it can pick me up if I'm on the edge of a blues.  

When I need peace, I like walking in silence and just listen to nature. I get the chance to reflect, look inwards and feel my feels. The stress level comes down and I practice mindfulness seeing the beauty of nature and listening to the birds. Very calming. 

What I do on my walks depends on my mood or what I want to get out of it. It's good to mix it up so the same route never gets boring. Today I even did a walk/run. I walk 2 minutes, run 2 minutes and repeat for 30 minutes. I'm not a runner so this is my beginner schedule. It works. I come back invigorated with red cheeks feeling like a million bucks.

What do you do when going for walks? Do you have any great Podcasts to recommend? I want to find something happy, inspiring and positive. No crime stories... the whole world feels like a Cold Case right now... I'm all ears for uplifting and interesting podcast tips. Bring them on.


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Monday, March 23, 2020

It feels like coming home - Thank You!

Weather has switched to cold, cold, cold and chilly northern winds. The first thing I did this morning was putting my sports wear on to encourage myself to take that morning walk, even if the weather was bad. I hesitated, then I switched those thoughts and walked outside anyway. I'm so happy I did!

Our brains are such powerful tools. I can decide if going pessimistic or optimistic. It is not easy. It needs focus and concentration every day and in every situation of doubt, but in Corona isolation I've decided to really work on switching my negative thoughts to something positive and push myself into action even though I would prefer to sink in to becoming a couch potato with hook and yarn in hand in front of some Netflix series with some comfort nibbles at hand. Instead I've decided to take that walk or run, do that dull house chore or take on a small project that's been pushed aside forever first to then deserve the time to play, which in my case would be crochet, read, have a coffee, lay a puzzle, play some cards, listen to a podcast, hang out with the kids or just have a moment to myself. That way I keep my mind clear and avoid falling into the blues.

Anyway, I'm rambling. What I really wanted to say was a big THANK YOU and give you all a warm, fussy and loving big HUG. I'm so surprised to see so many of you still being with me in my little cyber space. I'm so so THANKFUL to still be a part of the blog community, even if my blog has been on the back burner for quite some time (years...). It feels like coming home to what it once was, a place where we can share, chat, connect through thoughts and situations similar to our own, give advice, encourage and just say a simple Hi as we sit with our coffees in front of the screen in places spread around the world. Even though we are far apart we do come together right here in my Happy Place and that feels like winning a million bucks! I read every comment, see every heart and appreciate so much you taking the time to share your thoughts and feelings in my commenting field and with emails (I've heard that commenting can be hard at times... just send me an email!). I try my best to reply to you all in my commenting field primarily and once again THANK YOU for brighten up my days by popping in and cheering me up. It's very special to know that you take that precious slice of time of your busy agendas to visit me and leave a trail. From my heart to yours - sending lots of love. Peace in - Peace out!


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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Crochet circles - a Blanket Of Hope

Crochet once saved me when I was a mother of three very young children and I felt like I was loosing the grip of myself, my life, my sanity, my everything. It helped me center myself, take time to just be and have a moment. For a long time crochet was my coping activity, lessening my stress, keeping me calm and bringing me enormous joy and growing my self esteem. It helped me to find my way back to a healthy and more balanced person.

Once again I find myself turning to this wonderful, forgiving and soothing craft. When the Corona virus started to overwhelm me (sometime a couple of weeks ago...), unbalance me and put fear in me, I picked up a box of thrifted embroidery wool and a basket of wool and acrylic scraps and started making circles. With no idea in mind I wanted to just make something really simple, repetitive, colorful and soothing. It could have been granny squares (it is still my number one!!!), but I chose circles. Maybe because the shape is round. Round is embracing. Like holding-hands-being-together-in-all-this-in-ring-of-roses... I like to think of it that way.

When I can't focus, lack energy, feel overwhelmed, stressed or just need some peace of quiet, I retreat to my bench in the garden and make one circle after another. Picking the colors randomly. No rush, No design in mind, no restricted color theme, just circles. We got enough restrictions to follow already. I juts mix and match colors as a go and that in itself is pure therapy. I think I will call this blanket The Blanket Of Hope. Yeah, that feels just about right.

Some of you have asked for the pattern and of course the pattern is out there in Cyber world already. The pattern goes under names such as Circle In Square, Sunburst Granny Square, Starburst Granny Square and they all have slight differences.

I have already made a Circle In Square Blanket before myself (see it here with all WiP details) which now belongs to my mother. As I have had some requests, I thought I'll share my way of doing my circles with you in the next couple of days. Maybe you too want to make your own mindless, soothing and healing Blanket Of Hope to help you stay sane in all this Corona virus madness. The next upcoming days I will share what you need, measurements of blanket and squares and how to make the circle. Stay safe. Peace in - peace out!


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