Friday, August 28, 2015

15 minutes from home

Look what we found!!! The most fabulous little beach place called Altitude 1004, offering rentals of pedal boats, surf boards, motor boats, sail boats... Everything imaginable for play on a lake. A small camping ground with just a half dozen of mobile homes lined up. Privately run by a super friendly tanned old man with silver white hair. A paradise of relaxation with a ping pong table, hammocks in the trees and open fire places to use.  And from the opening of a shabby and eclectic caravan you could buy ice cream and drinks. What else do you need on a sunny day? And all this not far away at all, in a new direction we've never tried before.

We just jumped in the car to check out something new and found us a new favorite place: Lac de Joux, a lake for play. :)

To often we just go to the same pool, to the same lake and the same old beach. We shop in the same shops, go to the same cafés and same restaurants. We stay true to our post office, our gyms and libraries. We hardly ever say "Lets jump in the car and go somewhere new!". But this time we did. And we should do it more often. Explore what is near by. You don't really have to travel across the world to find exciting things, do you? Often paradise is just around the corner. Only 15 minutes from home.


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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Long time no see

Hi! How are you? Oh my, it's been ages hasn't it? I have to admit that summer just flew by in super speed aswell as my very well needed rest from Cyberworld and Blogland. It is good to go away for a while. Disconnect and come back with new energy and new ideas. I'm well rested and full of energy. An energy I haven't felt in a long time. It makes me happy!

I haven't crocheted that much this summer. I kind of took a time off pretty much everything when flying across the Swiss border with destination Stockholm and Sweden. Summer weather was awful up north. Dreadful. A true depression. But seeing family and friends and hanging out in our very own summerhouse made all the misery disappear. We had a wonderful time even though we had only 4 rain free days in 3 weeks.

So happy to hear that most of you are delighted with my choice of joining color for my Circle In Square Blanket WiP. It is growing steadily with a few squares a day in front of the TV. Now when I'm half way through almost, I'm starting to think that maybe I don't want it be a blanket... Maybe I just want it be pillows. But this time I have been so disciplined and fastened off every single end as I go... It would be a night mare to disconnect the squares. A blanket it will be no matter what now.

I'm working on getting some of my patterns down on paper. Like the Nordic Hat for example and some other projects I have had lying around for a while. I'm hoping to be able to release some new goodies for you in September.

I also have a little idea of sharing some Crochet Tips with you. My very favorite small tips and tricks that makes every crochet WiP a little bit more easy, nice and efficient. Things I've learned through the years such as using a magic ring, crochet into the bottom of a treble to make a ring, crochet a seamless circle, crochet a straight edge without gaps etc. Would that be fun you think?

Anyway. I feel almost like a stranger here today. It's been so looong. School has started and everyone is falling back into routine. Me too. I've missed this space and I'm glad to be back. See you around lovelies.


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Monday, July 13, 2015

Choosing joining color

All pictures from my Pinterest Rag Rug Love board, find links to source there.

I am picking a joining color for my "Circle In Square Granny Blanket" project. About 130 circles are made and I'm now adding a square row of white to each one. 

My inspiration for this project were Scandinavian rag rugs. The kind that is made from old bed linen and odd fabric strips which often creates a light washed out color theme consisting of whites and beiges, blues, greys, pinks, pale greens and accents of deep red, black and maybe even some purple or aqua...

I want this blanket to be light and summery. I want it scrappy. I want it timeless with a fresh twist. All yarns used are from my acrylic and wool stash and most bright colors are left out on purpose. I don't want to much contrast...

So my initial thought for a joining color was White. But then I thought white was boring... It is fresh, but just a little bit too predictable, plain and boring for me... So why not Denim Blue as I love denim blue? I gave it a shot and really loved it, but I decided to continue to explore. I tried the Duck Egg Greenish Blue, the Warm Cream Beige. I even tried Light Grey and Pastel French Blue... I was pondering a pale pink for a while... but I'm not really a pink lady so that idea was quickly abandoned.

I have to admit, my heart beats for them all but the one I'm choosing is the Duck Egg Greenish Blue. And of course that happens to be a super expensive merino wool... Well oh well... I think it will do the pale pastels justice in the long run and a border of some kind is starting to evolve in my head as well. Even if the joining yarn will cost a bunch, the rest of this blanket are made up mainly from thrifted yarn - it all equals out in the end.

When choosing a joining color I find that it is good to try out some samples before really deciding on THE color to use. Even though you might have a clear idea in you head from the start that this blanket shall be joined with Denim Blue (in my case), you might actually find yourself not so sure after you've tried it out and have seen the results for real (in my case). So spend some time trying out different alternatives. Make a few blocks with different joining colors, pin them up on a wall somewhere and let them sit there for a few days. Just like picking paint color for a wall, you will soon feel which one is the right one. It will be well worth it in the end, even if it might be a bit time consuming.

This will be a summer project. I've decided to not have more than one. Less is more. Summer is for resting my mind. Easy living. So I'm gonna start my easy living right now and I'll see you around when the days are shorter. I'll show you my progress when I return. Have a lovely summer!


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