Sunday, March 29, 2015

A peek into my life...

There has been sunshine and there has been rain. There was joy when Emmy Bo and I could sit outside and do homework, eat lunch and later get into playing with Hama beads.

There was joy watching Emmy Bo and her friends play chase and hide and seek outside in the garden.

There was joy when discovering that the church in our garden has received some upholstery love from our landlord with new paint and some very much needed repairs.

There was joy when Jay grilled some wonderfully tender steaks for dinner and there was joy watching Luca doing tricks with the football and swinging himself over the fence.

There was joy making vintage potholders and working on new potholder designs.

There was joy seeing sunlight reaching in through my lace curtains and shining on my flowers on the window sill.

There was the joy of indulging in healthy salads. And later a total feast in new baked cookies...

And there was joy watching Emmy swinging in the apple tree.

Spring is here with sunshine and rain. A bit more rain than sunshine for the moment but it can change any day. We are loving it!


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Friday, March 27, 2015

Popcorn & Lace Pillow No 2

From bottom: Crochet lace pillow purchased in thrift shop, Ruffle/Shell stitch Pillow made with Tilda - Chalk pink No 541,
Popcorn & Lace Pillow with pink edging made with Tilda - Cream No 005 and Pink No 040,
Popcorn & Lace Pillow with brown edging made with Tilda - Cream No 005 and Nougat No 510.

In early mornings on the train rides to and from French classes, one stitch was added to another to make this Popcorn & Lace Pillow for a good friend of mine. Every other day or so, I added a Popcorn & Lace Square to the front piece, and one row after another was accomplished for the backing. The final touch was an earthy brown edging to assemble the pieces after some blocking. The yarn used is Tilda from Svarta Fåret which is available in my Yarn Shop.

The cushion is plump and pretty and today it moved home to it's new owner. She has a collection of cream pillows in different textures on her sofa and this brown edged pillow will be the perfect addition to her collection and her color theme, she says. It is hard to part - it matches my pink edged Popcorn & Lace Pillow so well, as well as the pink Ruffle Pillow... But... Ce la vie! Time to say Good bye. I can always make another one. Maybe in Tilda Baby blue No 572?


• Popcorn & Lace Pillow Pattern can be found here.

• Popcorn & Lace Square Pattern you can find that here.
• Tilda yarn can be purchased here.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Meeting with someone special

I am getting in my car to drive around the Lac Léman (Geneva Lake), over the border towards the French Alps. I'm going to France to meet another blogger today!

This doesn't happen every day, be so sure. Her name is Heike Gittins and she is a very talented knit and crochet designer from Wales and the author of Made With Loops. Maybe you have visited her blog before or maybe you follow her on Instagram (@madewithloops)? She makes the most colorful and lovely knitted shawls and I'm in awe of her knitting skills... She has been "here" before but we didn't meet back then. But this time she gave me a shout before her arrival and now it is happening. :)

I'm so excited and I don't mind at all the hour long drive to Morgins (think Port de Soleil or Chatel). It is well worth every minute. Tilda yarn gifts are packed and my coffee cup is filled for the road.  I am so looking forward to lots of chatting about crochet and blogging and to get to know this talented woman a bit more. To meet someone from Cyber World "live" is always very special. Blogland is fabulous, making us all connect from near and far in the world. Isn't it amazing?


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Sunday, March 22, 2015

In spring I choose light

The spring sun is finding its way in through my lace curtains. And I am inspired to start something new. For me. Only me. Because I'm worth it. So I start to sort my acrylic and wool stash. In spring I crave light after months of darkness... I choose light shades and collect them in a basket.

This process of sorting and organizing, feeling and collecting is extremely fulfilling and healing. I don't even have to pick up the hook. Touching and winding yarn balls is satisfying enough. Baby pink, light blue, grey and yellow. Some purples and beige, washed out reds and cream... A splash of chalk green. I think I'll leave the basket right there. Full of joyfully soft and cuddly pastels. A basket full of spring. Soon to be played with on a sunny and light spring day ahead.


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