Sunday, November 23, 2014

Packing orders - a joyful job!

The vintage sheet Fat Quarter's are listed in my Etsy Shop and I've been packing lots of orders from near and far around the globe. I cut my pieces as I go, making sure those who wants larger cuts gets what they want. I fold them nicely and wrap them up in silk paper together with business cards and a Thank you postcard with a personal note, and then I put them into bubble wrap envelopes. I try to make them as flat as possible as the shipping cost goes up as soon as your envelope measures 1 inch thick... It can be a balancing act at times.

I label and decorate my envelopes and then I walk down to the post office to ship them all off. When coming back home I fold up my sheets again and put them back into the shelf, waiting for the next orders to come.

It is a time consuming procedure, don't think anything else if you have ever thought of selling fabric, yarn or craft supplies online. But it is a fun procedure. The key is to be prepared with your packing supplies and a great space to make your work smoothly.

I love seeing what colors people chose of my Tilda yarn and Vintage fabrics, what patterns they match together. I love folding the colorful Fat Quarters and wrap it all up. I feel so happy to prepare these orders. It is color therapy, play and work at once. Not to bad of a job in my opinion.


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Friday, November 21, 2014

Finally a frosty morning!

And so the frost came. I've been waiting for a frosty morning and the other day was a gorgeous chilled morning. Crystals on cars, sheds and nature. Frozen in time, but just for a little bit until the sun came out and melted it all away.

The cows behind our house got very curious when I sneaked around with my camera (Imagine this: A woman in her polka dot fleece Pj's, hat and gloves sneaking around with a camera taking pictures in a time when most people are having their morning coffee... Sometimes I wonder what my neighbors think about me...).
They are such sweet creatures, the cows. I love having the cows around and these are young teenage girls. They can be challenging though, you have to be a bit careful. Suddenly they take off galopping up the hill. Or even worse is when they come rushing DOWN the hill. That makes me very nervous...

One morning I heard a big BANG and a big SNAP! And Ooops, they all got loose after tearing the electric fence down. Luckily my garden is fenced in so no cows got into our garden and stared at me through the kitchen window. But they started to wander on the street. We called the farmer who quickly came to rescue and put them all back in place.

Now the cows are gone, this year they just visited for not even 3 weeks. It is the mild weather that gave them the chance to stay on top of the mountain longer. I am sad that they already have left. I feel so in tuned with nature when they are around.


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Monday, November 17, 2014

Vintage Sheet Party!

I am sorting and organizing my studio, going through my fabric stash amongst many other things. I showed you my beloved vintage sheet stash the other day and so many of you have shown interest in adding some of these beauties to your own fabric collections. Even if it is hard, because I am CRAZY for vintage sheets, it is time to let some of them go.

I have listed them all, and some more, in my Etsy Shop, or you can contact me directly via email to order and I'll send you a PayPal invoice.

All my vintage fabrics are gifts from friends and family or has been found at thrift shops and markets. They come from Sweden, USA, France and Switzerland. They are in good shape and I've done my best to show you the colors as authentic as possible, but please keep in mind that every computer has their own setting and the colors may vary some.

I will cut the pieces as orders come in and if you are interested in larger cuts please let me know. Edges and seams will not be included in your cuts and I will do my best to cut them straight and without flaws. Vintage sheets have been worn, loved, washed and used and are therefore very soft and cozy and as anything worn they will looked slightly used. They are wonderful for patchwork, soft toys making, tore into strips to make crochet rugs or just put into embroidery loops to decorate your walls.

PRICE: 3.00 USD ea (approx. 18 x 22 inches / 46 x 56 cm)

Shipping cost for 1-2 FQ: 3.00 USD (Europe) / 4.00 USD (Rest Of The World)
Shipping cost for 3-5 FQ's: 5 USD (Europe) / 6.50 USD (Rest Of The World)
Shipping cost 6 - 11 FQ's: 9.50 USD (Europe) / 12.00 USD (Rest Of The World)

Welcome to shop until you drop!!!


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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Adding another year to life

That is Mount Everest seen from my bedroom window.

What can be more joyful than folding and sorting vintage sheets?

This week I added another year to my life. I think this year's birthday is one of the best ones I have ever had. The best one in years. The views of the mountains were sharp and clear, the sun rising in softest apricot.

I was incredibly celebrated on Facebook (which I really don't like to be honest but in hind sight this is where we are in today's technology cluttered society and can't help but smiling from ear to ear reading all the sweet messages from near and far on my Facebook page. So, that is great!) and the kids had wrapped my gifts so nicely and written cute messages like "The best Mama ever!" "Love you forever and ever!" and so on. They woke me up with Happy Birthday in a choir and lovely Jay had purchased the best of gifts. Spot on my love! Not too much - just perfect!

Later I went to CrossFit and declared my whopping 45th birthday which resulted in collective burpee making as the tradition in our gym enquire this. Dare to hate burpees! It is one of the most exhausting exercises, a push up - jump up and clap your hands above your head before going down to do the next push up... You get it. I didn't turn 22... No, we did 45 burpees and it felt very special that all these gym mates did this to honer me. With pain, sweat and tears they went through this dreadful exercise with smiles on there faces.

After the workout I was asked to come a long for coffee at the cafe next door and  not less than 5 people showed up to chat and cheer in a well deserved coffee. We sat there in our training outfits and exchanged conversations, getting to know each other a bit more and I suddenly felt a feeling of belonging. I have missed that.

Since moving abroad 14 years ago I have lost that sense of belonging in a group of friends. You make new friends of course, but it is on a different level. This get together at the coffee reminded me of those get together's I used to have with my dear friends a long time ago, simple and spontaneous. Just chatting about this and that before moving on with our days. It was really, really nice.

The rest of the day I spent folding and sorting fabric in my studio. I will make some vintage sheet packs and add to my ETSY shop so give me a shout if you have any special wishes. I listening to my favorite tunes while organizing and tidying my crafty space. Because I can't ignore that anymore. It needs to get in order. And it needs some order now. (You can see my progress on Instagram @myrosevalley)

I couldn't have had a better day. I'm over the moon and I am a very very happy and lucky 45 year old woman having such great friends and family.


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