Monday, October 5, 2015

School camp

The last few days has been an ongoing preparation of packing for School Camp. This year it is Luca Bo's turn. The excitement is lying thick in the air. So many cool activities on the agenda; swimming, hiking, mountain biking, crawling in caves, disco night - which is called Boum here in Switzerland. The packing itinerary is long and challenging for a parent.

"Mama! Last week we got to choose songs for the Boum. I choose "Thriller" and "Bad" by Michael Jackson." Luca declares.
"Cool! Great choices! And what are you going to wear?" I ask.
"What do you mean "wear"?" says Luca looking like a big question mark staring at me with his big brown eyes.
"On the Boum?" I ask...  And at the same time I say this I realize that I'm talking to my 11-year old BOY who doesn't give a crap about what to wear for a Boum.

No, in the world of an 11-year old boy it is all about the activities. Luca Bo has therefor carefully packed his motocross clothes, gloves and motocross helmet with special visor skateboard helmet (thank God he changed his mind in the last minute...) for the mountain biking event. THAT is important. To look cool in the woods while flying down through the paths filled of branches, rocks and challenging curves. A guy has to live up to his dangerous reputation, kind of...

For an 11-year old boy it is all about hanging out with his buddies. All the tricks they are going to play on each other. Farting and burping competitions, who can tell the most disgusting jokes and maybe - just maybe - the plans of how they are going to annoy the girls in the best way. Anyone else who feels this sounds familiar or is it only in my son's world?

Well, it is my first "son-going-to-camp" experience. Last time it was Nelly Bo who left for camp and then it was ALL about the right outfit and shoes to wear for the Boum. what nail polish to put on to match both disco night and activities in the woods... And a flashy set of gym wear. Now sitting with both experiences on hand I can understand the confusion between men and women and why we so often don't speak the same language... Boys and girls are really on different planets, right from the beginning.

PS He packed Diary of a Wimpy Kid No 8... He has only read all the books a million times... The best books ever in Luca Bo's opinion.


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Sunday, October 4, 2015

A dream of a flower garden

I am the worst flower keeper without exaggeration. Everything green and flowery dies when I walk by. This is why Geraniums are the only flowers I dare to have, as they are so hardy and can survive my terrible lack of the right type of care and love. They flower even though I forget to water them for days and sometimes weeks. They sprout even though I forget to nip off bloomed out flower crowns and large leaves from the stems. They hardly ever survive over winter and come spring I  always buy new and pretty ones for my window sills.

As a flower killer I suffer because I love flowers! I dream of a wonderful flower garden with wild and beautiful flowers of all kinds. I want flower beds with perennials in big groups, big enough to be picked and brought into the house and put in a vase. I want flowers from early spring until late autumn in all shapes, heights and sizes. But I have no idea where to start. Internet is a good place to start... To collect inspiration and information and maybe, just maybe, I will be able to create a lovely flower garden for next year. Until then I keep on dreaming of blue bells, daisies and lupin flowers. Forget-me-nots, zinnias, echinacea, aquilegia and a many other beautiful flowers to color my back yard. I want it wild...

Pictures found on Internet and here.


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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Nordisk Vintermössa - mönster på SVENSKA!

 I helgen lyckades jag ta mig tid att översätta mönstret till den Nordiska Vintermössan till svenska.

Jag har använt 3 olika typer av garn när jag gjort mina testmodeller och mitt favoritgarn har varit Ulrika från Svarta Fåret virkad på en 4 mm virknål. Det går även bra att använda ett garn i DK vikt med en virknål 3,5 men då blir mössan något mindre. Det jag gillar med Ulrika garnet är att det är 100% ull men behandlat som Superwash och är därför supermjukt. Med Superwash kan man ocksa med fördel tvätta mössan i maskin på 30 grader utan att den filtar sig. Toppen tycket jag.

På begäran finns också hela den Nordiska Kollektionen att köpa till reducerat pris: Alla tre mönster med Nordiskt tema i ett och samma dokument som en E-bok: Den Nordiska Sjalen, De Nordiska Torgvantarna och Den Nordiska Vintermössan. Den Nordisk Kollektionen är 15% billigare än om du köper alla mönster separat.

Alla mönster finns att köpa i min Etsy butik. Nästa översättningsprojekt blir nog Popcorn & Spets kudden och rutan... Kommer så småningom men jag kan inte säga riktigt när. 

Välkomna till min butik och mycket nöje.  Dela gärna era kreationer med mig på Instagram, tagga med #nordichat för mössan, #nordicwristwarmers för torgvantarna och #nordicshawl för sjalen och @myrosevalley så jag kan komma och besöka och titta in i ditt IG feed.


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