Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fruit box doll bed

Found these at the grocery shop. They are regular light weight wooden fruit boxes.

I decided to make a doll bed for my Scrappy Doll Quilt. I glued them together with wood glue, bottom to bottom, and left them with books on for pressure to dry over night.

Next day I put a layer of base paint on. Emmy later choose a bright blue colour for it...

And VOILA! Fruit box doll bed is finished. And Emmy's "DoDo" is in it sleeping. ZZZZzzzzzZZZzzzzz.

Sitting. With the Scrappy Doll Quilt.

And Emmy is very happy.

PS This project can be done with cardboard fruitboxes as well. Let the imagination flow and you can make a lot by recycling stuff. Like the IKEA stove I did about a year ago. Have fun.



  1. Så jättefin liten säng, med det fina täcket. Det där täcket är nog bland det finaste jag sett, så påhittigt!

  2. DoDo looks very happy with their new bed!!!

  3. Wow ,what a great idea !
    so cute,shame I didn't have any girls.
    Love your scrappy quilt,it's beautiful.
    Jacquie x

  4. Verkligen smart - och sååå snyggt det blev! Förstår att lilltjejen är glad :D

  5. One very cute little doll's bed - how ingenious!!!

  6. You have done a very nice and creative job.Keep it up.Quality Beds and Mattresses


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