Saturday, June 11, 2011

Blog Love

I got some blog love. A Kreativ Blogger Award from 4 Lil'Girls. Thank you Karen. I am so flattered and happy to inspire. That is why I do this. And to learn. There is no better way to learn that through blogging about what you want to learn. I love the way we all share tips, tricks, patterns and tutorials to help each other out.

Karen is new to the blog world, loves pastels and is fabulous at applique and sewing. You should visit her blog. My favorite so far is this ripple blanket. Beautiful, don't you think?

So I will share some blog love too. I want to pass this award on to following 3 blogs:

Gilly Flower
She is fun and I particularly like her patchwork. Simple and advanced, fresh colors. Light. Crispy.

Me Me Rose
She is blue, purple, pink and white. And a crochet maniac. :D Produces in the fastest speed and always has something new to share. Even though I am not a pastel girl I love the consistency in her work.

A Swedish blogger who makes happy and colorful quilts from vintage sheets, decorates her doll house with the most precious little things and does amazing crafts with anything vintage I would say. She is fun!

And so going back to my last post,. The new fabric in the scrappy quilt is the multi colored dot one. I promised I would tell you. And now I am back on working on my latest quilt WiP as it has to be ready on Wednesday... Am I ever going to make it in time I wonder...

Birthday party today as Luca is turning 7, looking at puppies tomorrow (yes, we might have a puppy soon... me happy? try scared and with big butterflies in my stomach as I have never owned a dog...). Jay's 17 year old niece is coming from the States next week to stay the summer and the house has to get ready for her big arrival. You see, I got a lot on my hands but will peek in to you when ever I have 5 minutes left over. Have a lovely weekend.



  1. Crochet maniac! I like it and thank you for the award x

  2. Gratulerer med award. =)
    Så mye fint å se i de bloggene du presenterer her også.

    Give-away hos meg om noen er interessert! ;-)

  3. Hi Annette!
    What a wonderful surprise to visit your blog today and find an award waiting for me!
    It is so kind of you and it has made my day!
    But congratulations to you, on receiving this award - you have a wonderful blog here so it is very well deserved.
    I look forward to visiting the other blogs mentioned here!
    I hope you have a great weekend Annette!
    Gill xx

  4. PS Sorry I forgot to wish a very Happy Birthday to Luca, hope the party is fun!
    We have a puppy, we got him in February and he is the est thing ever - it is a little nerve racking at first, and hard work, but they soon settle, they get less hard work as htey grow, and you wonder how you ever lived without them, they bring such fun and joy into your lives!
    You will not regret it!
    It will be fun for you all too to have a 17 yr old in the house for the summer!
    Gill x

  5. Congratulations on the award it is much deserved. I dont envy you getting a puppy, i have 2 tortoises and 8 ferrets and that is enough for me haha. Have a fab weekend, Sarah

  6. Gratulerar till awarden. Den är du vekrligen värd!! Och tack rara du för passningen vidare till mig! Precis som du skriver så blir jag så glad att jag kan inspirera andra med mina små projekt!

    Önskar dig en riktigt härlig lördageftermiddag och kväll!

  7. hi, I've just read your comment asking whether I do anything other than crochet... I have done a silversmith course and went through a phase of making beaded and silver jewellery, and doing patchwork, but at the moment it is all about crochet!

  8. Hi Annette, thanks for the lovely comment on my blog & of course for your post with my blog in it, i also love the sites you passed the award on to, sweet choices. I love your crafts & makes & the fabrics you use, fab combinations. look forward to seeing your applique, it'll be amazing. Have a wonderful weekend Karen x

  9. I see you found a post with our Toy Poodle puppy on it! Logan is such fun - as you say, having a dog means someone is always pleased to see you, they are so loving and faithful. A good excuse to get a good walk and fresh air too, and in the evenings, someone to cuddle with and sleep on your lap - unless you get a large dog of course!
    I too came under seige for a year or too, and even when I agreed I was doubtful and worried - would it be a tie, a burden, trouble to look after etc - but once we got him, after the initial jolt to the routine, we fell in love with our pup and cant imagine life without him. He got on fine with the cat too after a few weeks adjusting to each other.
    Im sure it will be one of the best things you ever do.They are such a loving companion and such fun - your children will love it.
    Good luck Annette!


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