Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Torparglädje - Cottage happiness!

I am dreaming of a Swedish cottage. I have lived abroad for 10 years now and when I get homesick this is what I long for. A red little cottage with white corners.

Located in the most adorable environment with the greenest grass and the most colorful flowers around.

Preferably wild flowers. Wooden fences and pretty dirt roads.

Dirt roads that lead me to a row of mail boxes where I can pick up my mail. Probably located a good five minute brisk walk away from my home. Just to get my blood running through my body and making me feel refreshed. 

Cute porches. Maybe a gravel path to my front door.

Delicate and wonderful windows. 

Isn't this heaven? How I dream dream DREAM of a place of my own like this. All pictures taken in Gränna, Sweden.



  1. Hei Annette!
    En liten hilsen fra norge!
    Jeg ønsker meg også et lite, svensk torp:-)
    Bildene dine minner meg om barndommen, vi var alltid i sverige på besøk hos min mors tante (moster).

    For en vakker blogg du har, og så flotte bilder!

    Klem fra Synnøve

  2. No wonder that's what you long for, it's beautiful.

  3. I've never been to Sweden but I would love a cottage like that too, Annette... An absolute dream-house!

  4. Oj, vilka bilder, jag vill också ha en röd liten stuga! :-)

  5. That's so cute. I couldn't imagine living ina wooden house... It would be strange for me. It's gorgeous though!

  6. Oh my goodness, I have the same dream everyday...but in Norway as that is where I was born. (Although, I would take Sweden in a heartbeat too!) These are great photos and your blog is absolutely lovely! Have a wonderful day.

  7. That is a lovely house. Who wouldn't want such a charming house. And what a great view.
    Keep on dreaming, who knows one day....

    Groetjes, Monique

  8. Ja, dom där bilderna är verkligen Sverige personifierat! Härliga bilder!!

  9. Hej igen,
    Har tyvärr inga jättebra joggingtips att komma med för egetnligen gillar jag inte alls att jogga.
    Ja, ok nu tycker du väl att jag är väldigt skum som är ute och joggar men inte gillar det.
    Men jag joggar i princip bara när jag är på bortrest. Då kan jag ju inte gå till vanliga gymet men vill ändå röra på mig lite. Och det är mer ok att jogga om man i alla fall få se lite nya omgivningar. Att jogga hemma och titta på samma gamla gator och hus som man sett tusen gånger tycker jag är supertråkigt.

    Så det enda tipset jag kan komma med är nog bara att bestämma sig. Gör det bara! Ut å spring!!

    Lycka till! :-)

  10. oh what lovely photos! the cottages are so sweet and pretty, no wonder you dream of this sort of place!
    Must be wonderful to live in them, or even just to spend a week in one.
    Gill xx

  11. I was looking around your blog and I just wanted to say how beautiful are all this photos, really makes me want to go to Sweden, it is a beautiful country :)

    Lluisa x


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