Saturday, July 21, 2012


Cutting squares. Hoping to whip up a quilt within the next few days for my Mama. She has wanted one for  a long time. A quilt for her armchair, long and narrow. Like the Ikea Pello Quilt I made.
My first "big" quilt project.

Despite from cutting, just chillin'... Walked and went on the swing in the tree this morning when the house was still sleeping. Building Lego with the kids. Watching the green beans grow. A little bit of tidy here and there. Some laundry to put away. Waiting for my man to come home from a business trip. I miss him...

Maybe we'll go to the lake this afternoon. Have an ice cream. And then head back home for some sewing. Starting to piece these squares together in rows.

What about you? Are you chillin'? Or are you stressed out preparing for vacation and chillin'? Are you having a completely normal day just like me with a little bit of everything going on?

Well, just thought I would pop in to say hi and share a bit of color me happy stuff. Hope all is well.
Have a chillin' Saturday!



  1. A swing in the trees ... heavenly. :0)
    I have been playing with some wip's and mainly indoors. Lots of rain. I am looking forward to posting a few completions soon. Not big ones but fun to me. :0) Have a wonderful day. xo

  2. I love that you are taking your time with your day and watching it unfold, lovely. I am frantic getting ready to drive to Atlanta tomorrow for a swim meet with my son and several of his friends.
    Have a lovely day,

  3. Waaau, what a beautiful fabrics picked you up......

  4. I love your hammock in the green environment! I hope you enjoyed your ice-creams down by the lake! This morning, I'm having breakfast down by the lake with a friend! I love all your colorful cut- out squares! Have a lovely Sunday with your family!

  5. I so love the rose material with the polk a dots..may I ask where you purchased it as I need some!! I love it!! my email address is would so appreciate it!! Carol

  6. I'm so jealous of your swing! :) I wish I could make something like that happen on my balcony ;)


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