Saturday, September 22, 2012

Granny Square love - a crochet belt tutorial

Granny squares can be used in countless ways. This time I transformed my black dress with a Granny Square belt. A quick and easy project but - Caution!!! - at first I made it to long and had to unravel it making it one square shorter. Why? Well, it stretches, so a great advice if you want to make one is to go one square shorter than you have planned. Make your own Granny Square belt like this:

I used a Cotton/Acrylic mix Sport weight yarn approx. 50 g = 150 m/165 yards and a hook size 3mm (EUR)/11 (U.K)/c-2 (U.S)

Granny squares:
I made 8 granny squares with 4 rows, each row in a different color and the last one in the same color, I used grey on my belt.

Join the squares by sewing them together right sides together and only in the back loops.

Finish off with a double crochet (U.K)/single crochet (U.S) edging made in a contrasting color, I used red. Caution! Make sure you make your stitches in the loops between the clusters, it looks more nice.

Tying strings:
Make the strings like you would join a new color. Join yarn in the corners and in the middle on the short ends and make a chain of 60 crochet stitches. Fasten off, cut off yarn about 1 inch/2 cm from the end. Fasten off all ends.

Well, that is all for now. I am busy making things. Sewing. I will tell you more about that soon. I just thought I would pop in to show you what my granny squares turned in to. I am very pleased with my Granny Square belt and to be honest I could probably make a few of them to alternate colors and effect. That is the great thing with crochet and grannies, never ending combinations and always ALWAYS beautiful. See you soon. I'll pop in later this week.

PS. The rose is made by my daughter Nelly. Free hand. I am proud. And I am using it all the time. She is pure talent that kid... Says a biased Mama. :D


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  1. it's beautiful!! I lovely your crochet things. congratulations for your blog.

  2. Eeeek , this is gorgeous Annette. I LOVE your belt and it looks perfect with your simple black dress. Pretty flower brooch too .
    Jacquie x

  3. I Love it! Congtatulations for your word, it is very, very nice...

  4. Really A big thank you for sharing this beauty Annette!!! L-O-V-E IT!!!!
    This belt gives a boost to your simple and black outfit!!!
    I'll try it for sure!!! The rose from your girl just proves that dna is a serious thing!!! ;oD
    Happy weekend, xxx Ale

  5. really nice! looks great with the black dress :-)

  6. So sweet!! Thanks for sharing your tutorial!! xo Heather

  7. Very cool, you are rocking this belt!

  8. I love your belt, it looks so great with the black dress! Sweet flower too , what a clever daughter!
    Gill xx

  9. Superfint!! Ska sparas och kommas ihåg på att virka listan.. Kram emelie och elin

  10. I found your Grannie Squares tutorial today. I am sure the I can use the belt with my new dress. Thank you!


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