Friday, September 13, 2013

Pressing the pause button...

I am pressing pause for while. Hopefully not to long. Unfortunately my right arm is acting up again with pain (tendonitis in the elbow and wrist, thumb) and I have been demanded by the doctor (and myself actually) to rest my arm for a good week or so while getting proper treatment with drugs, creams, chiropractor, acupuncture... And rest. You who follow me on Instagram (@myrosevalley) already know, but it is just fair to let you all know why I won't be posting so much in the near future.

So I am staying away from the keyboard and the iPhone for a while. And the crochet hook. It instantly puts me in a black place (what do you do if you can't crochet, blog or IG??? Lay a puzzle? That is what I tell my kids when computer time is out... ) but I will do my best to stay cool about it. It is my nightmare and I know I have to be careful and react quick to the slightest pain to prevent this from becoming something permanent. It has just been to much computer and crochet lately I guess.

I will try to pop in every now and then to share a picture or two, but no long stories will be told. The shawl pattern is under construction, the photos are taken and this one is one of my favorites. Me, my house, my village, my shawl.

My mother says I am looking very much like my Grandmother Ingeborg in this picture... I so wish I had met her but she died when my Mama was only 16... And there are no pictures left of her.

Well, well. I am rambling. Take care all of you. I will be back soon. Strong and ready to go.


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  1. Hi Annette - I hope you recover soon. I had an issue with the skin peeling off my hands recently and it was so painful I couldn't crochet or even cook. It gets so frustrating. Lily. xxx

  2. Well, I just found your blog! But I will continue to look for future posts for when you feel better. Take care!

  3. I hope your arm will get better soon! Now you can read books and watch movies...

  4. What do you mean what to do???? Read!!! Read!!! Read!!!!
    Hope you will feel better soon.

  5. nice picture! and i wish you to recover soon...

  6. You will be missed but your health is more important now.
    Go outside as much as you can to forget about the internet and your crochethook for a while and breath in the fresh air.
    I hope you feel better soon! sending you a hug xx

  7. Crochet gets me into tendonitis with my wrist and elbow, but knitting seldom does (knitting two colors, carrying one in each hand has much the same effect as crochet). I try to mix knitting and crochet to avoid the same hand motions over and over again. Perhaps we could (gasp!) clean house in the meantime? Nope, I'm not THAT desperate.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  8. Get well computer and no crochet (or quilting) would put me in a dark place too. Look to the light :) Find a good book, make a cup of tea and curl up in one of your gorgeous blankets with one of your cute kids!! xoxo

  9. Hej Annette
    Jag tycker mycket om din blogg - den är mycket inspirerande! Just nu håller jag på att virka just en sån filt av mormorsrutor, som du presenterade för några dagar sedan.
    Jag önskar dig, att din arm återhämtar sig mycket snabbt!
    Jag tror att jag vet hur det känns, när man inte får göra det som man älskar mest att göra.
    Min favorit hobby är att springa - och jag tycker mycket om att virka, sticka och sy.
    Helst hadarbetar jag för att ta det lungt mellan träningen.
    Men om jag är sjuk eller skadat och inte kan springa - då blir jag tröstat av att kunna virka, sticka eller sy - då blir det svarta hålet inte så stor.
    Kanske kunde du göra tvärtom - gå ut och springa/promenera och ta vackra kort av höst-landskapet istället för att virka - för att livet blir lite färggladare ;-)
    Lycka till

  10. take care my dear, some rest is not bad at all!
    a big big hug, xxxxx Ale

  11. That's such a beautiful picture of you. I'm sorry about your injury. I hope you're better soon.

  12. Take the gentlest care of yourself for as long as it takes. While you are waiting for your body to recover dream the sweetest dreams of what is around the next corner for you and yours.

  13. Hola guapa,get well soon,Even so you´re looking magical in this picture,besos desde Mallorca.Missing you guys;-)

  14. Please look after yourself and get better....then we can all admire your beautiful creations again....bestest wishes being sent your way
    Daisy j x

  15. All the best for your recovery, take care of yourself!

  16. Sending healing thoughts your way! Hope you will be feeling better soon.

  17. Your shawl is so gorgeous. What a lovely picture. I hope your arm is better soon. I will miss your beautiful pictures and words and look forward to your return.

  18. dear annette,

    take your time & get well! die gesundheit geht vor, schone dich & lass dich von handarbeitsanleitungen inspirieren, lesen geht doch!
    dein dreieckstuch ist wunderschön geworden! ich liebe die farben & das edging! ein wunderschönes bild, das du da von dir eingestellt hast! so hübsch die haare...
    bis ganz bald! pami

  19. I hope you get better and rest well, maybe you can read books? watch some films? Your shawl looks lovely!

  20. Hej Annette,
    Det låter som ett klokt beslut, att du helt enkelt måste vila. Mitt förslag är att du ägnar tiden åt att träna upp att göra saker med din vänsterarm. Vem vet... rätt som det är kanske du kan virka med vänster också? Och på så sätt spara högerarmen lite.

    Hur som helst. Krya på dig!

  21. How beautiful, the view at your village! Hope the arm recovers quickly, all the best.

  22. Dear Annette,
    all my best wishes for you.
    I'm looking forward to your next posts!!!!!!

  23. Oh Lovely Annette do take care of yourself, shall really miss you but will be here waiting for you when you return. You have a wonderful blog which I enjoy so much, sending you lots of love and a big get well soon hug.
    Lots of love

  24. Sorry to hear this Annette, hope that the time off and rest helps and you heal fast. You look beautiful in your shawl. xo

  25. Get some rest, read, and mend. We'll miss you but understand. Your health is too important to risk. Praying for you.
    Blessings :-)

  26. Hope you are feeling better soon - but take your time to make sure all is mended. x

  27. Dear Annette,
    Take care and have a nice rest. Enjoy a stroll through your lovely village, see how the autumn is starting to colour nature, be with your lovely family. And I hope you will soon be able to do what you so like so much.
    Nathaly X


  29. Olá Anette, espero que se recupere logo.
    Tendinite é uma dor insuportável e precisa de descanso.
    Abraços e um bom fim de semana

  30. I'm sad for you, Annette!! I understand your pain because
    I've three months with tendinitis ....
    the first month I not could to use my right arm!
    you imagine my pain with a baby under 2 years of age
    and 15 kg .... the doctor says that I had not to make
    efforts but .... impossible! I had to leave for long periods
    of time make crochet. For this, I have been doing
    more sewing this summer... But slowly I recovered
    and hope to get stronger in winter to weave blankets, shawls, cowls .... ultimately return to the rhythm of crocheting!
    The photo today I find it beautiful! really, a romantic picture!
    I congratulate the person who took the photo!
    is wonderful! but I see your face in sadness and melancholy ...
    is not it? I think so .... and I suffer for you!
    I hope that all well and shortly shortly you will find much better ....
    Best wishes to you and your family and a big hug from Catalonia!

  31. Sorry to hear about your problems, I wish you a speedy recovery.
    S xx

  32. Lovely shawl!!!
    All the best for your recovery,get well soon!!!

  33. Take care and take time, Annette... Your wonderful blog and readers will be there when you're ready to come back.

    Beata xoxo

  34. Oh no you poor thing. Rst, rest and more rest. Hugs to you and good luck.

  35. I love reading your posts so will miss them. But it's important for you to rest and get well.
    Take care and I hope to see you posting again soon.

    Sally xxx

  36. such sad news..sending prayers up to God for some fast healing for you!!I love your blog but want you to get better before you come back that is more important...things always happen for a reason..I'll be checking often to see how you are doing...big hugs to you!! Carol

  37. Fell better soon, rest and take the time to heal properly. Best wishes!

  38. I experienced the same thing. Unfortunately my job requires me to type. I stayed away from crochet for weeks. It was hard. But I went to my chiropractor and she did acupuncture and that really held. As well as icing the elbow and wrist. Enjoy your rest time. Catch up on reading.

  39. What a lovely shawl you are wearing in this picture! Great colors! Thanks for visiting my blog and take care with your arm!

  40. Hi Annette, What a lovely, dreamy photo of you. You live in a beautiful place. I'm sorry to hear of your tendinitis, but do take care of yourself. The time will go quickly and you'll be back soon, I'm sure. I have rheumatoid arthritis and am forced to take "vacations" from crocheting, too. I usually take advantage of those times and get outside and soak up some nature, a and do lots of reading... Usually of crochet books! (I find lots of future projects!) I'll be looking forward to your return. Enjoy your break!

  41. I hope your arm heals real soon. That type of injury is so painful and debilitating. I love this picture of you over looking your village. The shawl is beautiful. Can't wait for the pattern. You take care of yourself.

  42. Dear Annette,

    So sorry to hear you arm troubles you. I hope the rest and the medication will help and you will be able to do some crochet work again soon. Perhaps there are other fun things you can spend time on now.

    Take care!


    * the sjawl looks beautiful on you! x

  43. The crochetneedles and yarn need a holiday! Your arm needs rest!
    Take care, and enjoy other things! May be a book, or take a walk and look at beautiful things around you!
    Good luck!

  44. Recupérate pronto!!! aquí esperamos con ansias...saludos

  45. Ta hand om dig så att du fort blir bra och kan fortsätta att förgylla både ditt eget liv och alla vi som tittar in till dig.
    Jag har hittat dig på instagram, lägger mig som följare :)
    Jag finns där som swedishragdollmafia

  46. So sorry to hear that you are unable to crochet. I hope you soon will recover.
    I am in the same boat with my left thumb.
    Seeing the specialist this Thursday I have been wearing a brace now for over 8 months and need to find out what is wrong.Have shooting pains from the bottom of my thumb and the top of the thumb stays stuck it is very painful.
    Get well soon.

  47. Your shawl looks beautiful!! Great picture.

  48. So sorry to hear you are struggling with tendinitis - I have it mildly in both arms after doing too much pruning 20 years ago. Lots of water, fresh fruits and vegetables, rest, happiness and laughter, reading books, and taking daily drinks of goji juice have helped me keep going, but at a slower pace than I would like. There is hope! You will be in my prayers! Hugs from Hawaii, Ann

  49. What a beautiful photo, everything about it is so lovely and relaxing. Please do take time to rest, I've had both my hands operated on in the past and the recovery time is a nuisance but necessary. Nowadays I know when I'm doing to much so stop, its very hard and I'm not a young Mum like you but I understand how frustrating it can be. Take this time to refresh your batteries and do something for you, I don't think anyone will disagree that you give so much pleasure through your blog. I have learnt so much about crochet from you and I love to read your blog. We'll all still be here when you're able to continue.

    Take care

    Gentle hugs to you

    Peg xx


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