Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Nordic Shawl Pattern

It is here. The Nordic Shawl Pattern.  It was quite a challenge I have to say. A shawl that seem so simple with just granny stitches and some mixed stitches. Very straight forward you would think, but... Then you start to put it down on paper to write a pattern - well that is when you discover all the "wingin' it" and "improvising" and wobbly edges... This is the charm with crochet, because it just does not have to be perfect. A pattern can be modified and alternated to everyone's own comfort and like. But, saying that, when you write a pattern to sell it should be correct. There is nothing more frustrating than a pattern that just does not work.

This shawl has a formula and me, being absolute a disaster at math, had to really work my brain cells to figure this out. But once I did it was a great aha-moment. The wobbly edges disappeared and that was the biggest challenge of all.  It has been a lot of test crocheting, counting, frogging, starting over again... I think I have proof read my pattern 5 times at this point.

And now it is ready to be released. I am so happy and proud of it.

The 6-page PDF pattern includes:
Information about materials and colors
Written pattern with pictures (US or UK terms of your choice)
Step-by-step pictures of lace border
Row-by-row pictures of all mixed stitches
Special stitch presentation

This pattern is perfect for a beginner who wants to step out her comfort zone as well as for the more experienced who wants something fun to make. The beginning is perfect for TV watching as it is only one color and the last 20 rows or so are full of excitement as you make row by row with mixed stitches and at the same time play with colors and watch the Nordic pattern grow.

This is what you need for this pattern:

I have used Bergere de France Ideal, same as for my Gypsy Blanket. Here we go:

5 balls (50g) of basic color Light DK yarn
6 balls of contrasting colors for the mixed stitches of Light DK yarn
Hook 3,5mm/E-4US
Darning needle

You can find the pattern here!

If you discover any errors or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact me. Have fun. You can whip up this project in no time if you wish, it is not a dreading long project at all. I am already working on my 3rd version and will share some color combination examples later.



  1. It is truly wonderful Annette and you can be very proud of such a beauty. I am purchasing right away as I can't wait to start.

    Thank you my crochet friend :)

  2. Great pattern, thanks for sharing, looks lovely.

  3. It's so beautiful ...thanks for sharing....

    Marjo's Cosy Corner

  4. It's beautiful, modelled very well too! Hope your feeling better! :) x

  5. I LOVE IT! :D Really Annette, this is just so you, and that is absolutely a good thing :)

  6. What wonderful colours. I perhaps would not choose them but really love the combination you gave chosen.

  7. I really absolutely adore this shawl,!!!
    It is so much my style and it is an honour that you want to share it. I believe you when you say that it was a lot of work but believe me, it was worth it. Such a beauty

  8. Really... a lovely scarf. I love the colors and the pattern. Great job!
    Greetings, Stéphanie (Handwerkjuffie.nl)

  9. Fantastic! It's done, I've brought it already! Congratulations on all your hard work Annette, it looks fabulous and the pattern is wonderful. I love your layout, so clear and easy to follow, just perfect. I'm off to the shops tomorrow as it happens, time for some yarn browsing I think :)

    S x

  10. The shawl is gorgeous and so are you my friend.

  11. Oh Annette, you and the shawl are exquisite!

  12. Hi Annette! What a lovely blog you have here! LOVE, love, love all of your work!
    I found your blog through Mereknits and so glad I did. I'll be back to visit for sure soon!
    Your newest follower....Shari!

  13. That is beautiful and I love the colors. Just lovely!

  14. What a wonderful shawl ! I can totally understand the work behind writing the pattern. Love the colours you have used !
    I'm looking for a nice crochet poncho pattern but so far I have not found one I like .

  15. thank you for the pattern :-) i´ll by it right away!

  16. Beautiful shawl and beautiful model x

  17. Its really beautiful your shawl!
    congrats :D

  18. Love the colors and the name is perfect.

  19. What a beautiful shawl and lovely colors. Just lovely!

  20. It came out so gorgeous and I love the colors that you chose.
    I hope you are feeling better too!

  21. That is absolutely gorgeous!! I have been wanting to make a shawl like this, but all my attempts desperately failed. I'll definitely be buying your pattern soon! Following you on Bloglovin'. Check out my blog at www.dollycreates.blogspot.com

  22. Hi!
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful pattern, I`ve just finished my Nordic shawl at my blog today, and already started thinking of the colours for my next one!

  23. Hej Annette
    Har lige købt denne opskrift, samt den på dit gypsy tæppe, og glæder mig til at komme i gang med begge dele. Har læst opskriften på tæppet igennem, og NU forstår jeg endelig, hvordan "join as you go" fungerer, genialt.
    Tak for de skønne opskrifter.

  24. I've finished my shawl Annette and love it - thanks so much for making the pattern available to us. I made mine using vintage 2ply and 3ply yarn I've had in my stash for ages. Its here if you'd like to take a look. http://lovemakingthings.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/nordicfairisle-shawl-finished.html


  25. Hi Annette,
    My shawl is now finished and I love it! Thought you might like to take a look at

    Jane xx

  26. I just finished my shawl, thank you so much for this beautiful pattern!

  27. Touching story. You just never know how the Lord will use that creativity that He invested in you. You have your plans and His are always bigger and better.

  28. Hi I've just tried to buy the pattern but my email address has registered as .co.ul not jan.tapper@yahoo.co.uk. Is there any change you can resend the pattern but to the correct address? Many thanks

  29. This project is amazing! I love the colors and the different stitches! Thanks for sharing the pattern! I hope that one day I can get skilled enough in crochet to take on such a large project!

  30. Dear Annette , thank you very much for this amazing pattern of shawl .
    I made it for my mother .
    She was very happy. A few photos
    is here: http://annyduchy.blogspot.cz/2015/01/nordicky-satek.html

  31. Finaly i make my nordic - photo here! https://www.facebook.com/HMTina-handmade-by-Tina-275722295863849/timeline/



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