Friday, March 28, 2014

A Nordic Shawl Parade

  TOP LEFT: Malgorzata Stevens at Lazy Daisy blog.    BOTTOM LEFT: Diana Labrie  
  RIGHT: Marianne Dekkers-Roos at MaRRose CCC blog. IG: @marretjeroos  FB: MaRRose CCC
  TOP: Marianne Dekkers-Roos at MaRRose CCC blog. Instagram: @marretjeroos  Facebook: MaRRose CCC
     BOTTOM LEFT: Ann Hayes.    BOTTOM RIGHT: Marleen Wilschut, Instagram: @MevrouwBlauw
  TOP LEFT: Lisa Jay at LisasHandmakes Instagram feed. Facebook: Lisa's Hand Make's  Etsy: Lisa's Hand Make's
  BOTTOM LEFT: Ana Paula at Ana Craft Box Facebook page.    RIGHT: Vanessa at Coco Rose Diaries blog.
  TOP: Lynne Reilly at Pieceful blog.    BOTTOM LEFT: Jane Dubinski at Craft Hippy blog. 
  BOTTOM RIGHT: Heike Gittins at Made With Loops. Instagram: @madewithloops.

  LEFT: Chrissie at Chrissie Crafts blog.    TOP RIGHT: TOP: Marianne Dekkers-Roos at MaRRose CCC blog. Instagram: @marretjeroos  Facebook: MaRRose CCC    BOTTOM RIGHT: Daniela Pfeiffer
  TOP LEFT: Deanna Peters.    BOTTOM LEFT: Derya Yuksel at Derya Kuzusu blog. 
  RIGHT: Johanna Myllylä at Johanna Pysslar blog. Instagram: @johannapysslar
  LEFT: Heike Gittins at Made With Loops. Instagram: @madewithloops  TOP RIGHT: Angela Bates at The Snagged Face Facebook page.    BOTTOM RIGHT: Fieke at Fieke's Haaksels en Meer blog.
  TOP: Sandra at Cherry Heart blog. Instagram: @sandracherryhrt
  TOP RIGHT: Ana Paula at Ana Craft Box Facebook page.    BOTTOM RIGHT: Sharon Ward. 
  LEFT: Sarah Wells at Chain 20 blog.   TOP RIGHT: Marisa at @mariwish Instagram feed.
  BOTTOM RIGHT: Sandra at Cherry Heart blog. Instagram: @sandracherryhrt.

Pictures are collected from near and far. From USA, England, Australia, Turkey, Holland, Sweden and South America... And so many more places. There are fab pics and Instagram pics, personal pics and just many many scrumptious pics. All from the same pattern but with different color themes and interpretations. With twists and twirls, making it your very own. No one looks like another. Every one gorgeous in their own way. Never in a million years did I expect this when designing the Nordic Shawl. Thank you so much everyone. I am humbled and out of words. This is truly a wonderful Nordic Shawl parade.

Coming up: Picking colors and yarn for your Nordic Shawl.

PS 1: Head over to Wink at A Creative Being to try your luck at the Nordic Shawl pattern Give Away!

PS 2: I see that some of you are selling your Nordic Shawls and I just want to remind you that this pattern is for personal use only.


The Nordic Shawl pattern can be purchased here.
You can by Ideal yarn from Bergere de France here. Makes for a warm and cuddly shawl.
Want a summer version in cotton/acrylic mix? Buy Tilda yarn here.

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  1. They all look so wonderful. Thanks for designing a lovely pattern, Sam xx

  2. How fabulous to see all the shawls together.
    Tracey xx

  3. Hello dear Annette, my shawl thank you very much for giving me the place, I was very happy to see it on your blog. All work very very nice, I wish you a happy weekend ... :)

  4. Wow, so many beautiful colour combinations, they are all gorgeous !
    You must be so proud Annette that your pattern has gone international !
    Have a good weekend,
    Kate x

  5. they are all together sooo beautiful! i love this pattern so much & will make myself another one soon! here is my picture of your lovely pattern:
    it was worth every euro ;-) thank you for sharing!

  6. Copyright extends to the pattern only. You may not copy any part of the text of the pattern, or photos. You may not copy it or share any part of the pattern. You may give it away or sell it so long as you don't make a copy to keep for yourself. The end item belongs to the maker and they may do as they like with it. Remuneration is given to the creator of the pattern for their work when it is purchased. The workmanship and the materials belong to the maker who may sell it or give it away as they see fit. Their work is theirs to sell if they want to. Just as we sell our books we may sell our patterns. Just as we sell our cakes at a sale to raise money for schools we may sell what we have paid to make from patterns.

  7. Wow, I saw Chrissies on her blog but my it must have taken you ages to link everyone. You are very much the community crafter. Thanks for showing us them. Jo x

  8. a wonderful parade of shawls, a lot work there. I am waiting for my moment to strike! Heather x

  9. Bravo Annette! I think people will be making this pattern for a long time.
    Lynne xx

  10. Aww so lovely you have started a wonderful thing with your pattern
    Clare xx

  11. Hej Annette,
    vilka fina bilder! Finns 'The Nordic Shawl' mönstret i en svensk version att köpa? Börjar bli sugen på att göra en egen, men tycker det är svårt med engelska mönster eftersom de har helt andra termer.

  12. Lovely Annette, in a word breathtaking! Absolutely adorable each and everyone one of them, I don't think I could pick a favourite as each one is a work of love. A wonderful post as always Annette, thank you.
    Sending you lots of love

  13. Dear Annette, how lovely to see all the beautiful shawls with all the different colour combinations! Thank you for continuing to inspire us and it was truly special to read our shawls amazing story xxxx

  14. Son preciosos me gustan todos,felicidades

  15. They are all s-o very lovely! So nice to have it spread far and wide. After seeing them all over blogland, I was inspire to do a poncho. similar.

  16. They all look beautiful!! Congratulations to you and all of the people who have made these beautiful shawls. I really must order my pattern, must order my pattern!!! xx

  17. Wow, they look fantastic - lovely to see so many different colour combinations
    Caz xx


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