Thursday, August 21, 2014

Productive days

It is a windy day back home and I am already on the third load of laundry.  The wind is perfect for a productive laundry day as I don't have a dryer.

I am ordering more Tilda yarn to re-stock my Yarn Shop, making drafts on new business cards, editing my gorgeous photos from our mini trip to France and playing with a new design. (Fun, fun, fun!!!)

I am preparing for a meeting with the unemployment office (...) and I am writing on new patterns for my Etsy Shop.

A new Free Pattern is being prepared and will be shared this weekend. Something sunny and nice, I hope you still have some sunny days left for this little project to be tried out. I thought I would give you a sneak peak...

Now it is time for coffee and grocery list making. My days are full. I never get bored. Writing it all down like this makes me feel better somehow. It becomes real all the things I accomplish in a day. Maybe that is a good thing to do. To list what I do in a day instead of making lists of what I need to do. Hmmm... I need to think about that...


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  1. I think that is an excellent idea. Coz we all know what happens if we really don't do anything.
    All those small things we do in a day, like picking up whatever we pass in the house and put it where it is supposed to be. Organizing and being ahead of things, like mothers tend to do.
    Hope for a perfect autumn with crisp clear air and sun. Love those days in the forrest.
    Have a nice day. Looking forward for what you a preparing.

  2. Still 1,5 week of school holidays left and it feels like autumn.... We can use something sunny and nice.
    Good luck on your holidays laundry and to-do-lists. It is indeed a good idea, to make what-is-done-lists...!

  3. It has been windy here too but calmed down a lot today. Just rainy today! So no washing outside to dry. I always make lists - for everything. Ticking it off is very satisfying.

  4. I was thinking about a to do list yesterday.. so much things to do. At home, in the backyard and knitting and crocheting and pattern.. but I like your idea about a list of what we do in a day, and sure it wild be longer than a to do list... mum at home are superwomen.
    I like your little flowers, seems like in a Japanese book.
    Have a great day,

  5. I hope that your meeting with the unemployment people goes well. xx

  6. Making lists of what you've done is a far more positive experience than making lists of what you haven't done yet! Love the little flowers - looking forward to see what you're going to do with them :)

  7. It always seems to be windy here in Northern windy that we've had to bolt our screen house down to our patio. A couple years ago I was in the shower when I heard a loud bang, a few minutes later my son was knocking on the bathroom door "Mom, where's the screen house?" had gone airborne & flew over a 10ft hedge into my neighbor's yard! Not fun trying to get that thing back into our yard...funny to think back on that now ;P
    Your new little project looks reminds me of a daisy chain :)
    Smiles, DianeM

  8. Speaking of windy, we had a huge storm move through yesterday with high winds (which I just did get the laundry off the line in time) tree branches down everywhere. Listing what you've accomplished is a good thing. As I'm falling asleep at night I make a mental list of what I did that day, it helps calm my mind and fall asleep faster. Have a great day!

  9. Hola Annette!!
    Que bueno que tienes un día productivo.Mis días también están llenos de tareas que no me queda tiempo de aburrirme.

  10. Ooooo.....I can't wait to see the new pattern (although I just ordered yarn to make Lucy's (Attic 24) Coastal Ripple Afghan ).
    I want to see the pics from your vacay! So much fun!

  11. It is really important to keep one busy and productive, but in a good, effective way, and you are doing a great job! The little flowers are beyond adorable :-)


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