Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Scrappy Happy V-stitch Blanket Pattern


Welcome to the Scrappy Happy V-stitch Blanket pattern. A pattern perfect for making a dent in your scrappy yarn stash. One of my favorite kind of projects as I love working with multiple scrappy colors. Gather your wool left overs and start hooking away!

Scrappy Happy V-stitch Blanket Pattern
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I started this blanket during Christmas of 2013, long before the big V-stitch wave swept through social media. It was an ongoing "TV project" and the finished blanket quickly became one of my family's most favorite blankets because of its wonderful drape.

This is not "just" a V-stitch blanket, this blanket is so much more and not so predictable to make as it might appear. By adding a vertical striped border I found that it really transformed into something special. The V-stitch itself is very soothing to make, but without the bold border this blanket would have been something totally different.

I'm now working on a new blanket in a lighter and less bright color theme and so far I'm loving it. It will become a Scrappy Happy V-stitch Blanket for the summer house, inspired by Swedish rag rugs.
The Scrappy Happy V-stitch Blanket Pattern is now available in my Etsy Shop where you also can find more technical information. I hope you will enjoy the pattern and please share your creations with me on Instagram.



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  1. Beautiful!, this reminds me of a blanket we had growing up! I will be sure to purchase this pattern. The colors look so lovely against the snow.

  2. Hey Annette,

    I really love love love your pictures. You can make such a beautiful pics. It's a beautiful blanket. I really like the happy colours on the blanket. I'll put the pattern on my wishing list :-) Have a nice day.

    Sweet greetings,

  3. I love the border, it does make it really special :)

  4. Love this pattern. The colors along with the border make it very beautiful!

  5. Quem é mais bonita a menina ou crochê?! :) Ambas obras suas amiga.Beijo.Valéria.

  6. I love this blanket, very tempted to order the pattern but my DH will probably moan that I have far too many crochet patterns. xx

  7. I love love love LOVE this blanket! Another blanket in my blanket to make list he he!

  8. Hi, Love this blanket so much and plan on buying the pattern on etsy. I wonder if you wouldn't mind sharing what yarn brand and colors you used. Thanks, Chrysta

    1. Hi Chrysta
      All detailed Material & Facts can be found in my listing on Etsy. This is a scrappy project which means I've used a mix of left over DK weigh yarn (8ply). I can't tell any brand names as it is a many different brands from my left over stash. Hope you will enjoy.
      Warm wishes


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