Thursday, April 21, 2016

It's time for the Zomersjaal

TILDA colors: 3x 002 - Dark Grey, 1 x 572 - Baby Blue, 1 x 088 - Petrol. 
Spring. It is time for shawls and light scarves. I'm so delighted to wear my Zomersjaal that I made last year from the book Puur Haken written by my dear friend Maaike van Koert from the blog CreJJtion. This book is a real pleasure to flick through and full of wonderful photography and cute and fun projects. The book is in Dutch, but with help from Maaike's well illustrated diagrams I could work myself through her patterns anyway. So far I have made cool Pot coasters, a Doily, cute Coasters and this Zomersjaal. I want to make the Wintersjaal and the Egg cozies... Well, eventually I will. 

My shawl was made in charcoal, using my Tilda yarn (available for purchase here), with accent colors of petrol and light blue. It was a delightful project and the shawl goes perfect with a casual jeans look or with my summery black dresses. The real reward was when I blocked the shawl. My oh my that edging really makes the procedure of blocking worth it. It is gorgeous!

Maaike continues to keep herself busy making new beautiful crochet and knit designs for future book projects and I need to shop her latest book Hollands Welgaren after finishing this blog post. As a big fan, and a dear friend, I can't wait to see what she has tucked up her sleeve this time. Pure prettiness I'm sure.

Visit Maaike's blog CreJJtion to get to know her more, shop the book Puur Haken here and while you are at it, put Maaike's latest book Hollands Welgaren - full of crochet patterns mixed with recipes and crafty projects - into your shopping basket as well. You won't be disappointed, many lovely projects accompanied by tasty cakes are to be made. At least that is what I am imagining. I will let you know once the book arrives... Well lets go shopping shall we? 

• • •   ZOMERSJAAL   • • •
from the book Puur Haken by Maaike van Koert

3 x 002 - Dark Grey
1 x 572 - Baby Blue
1 x 088 - Petrol

3 mm

can be read on my
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  1. It truly is a beautiful shawl, I must finish my Nordic shawl first, It is for summer, since I have used thin Cotton to make it.
    Have a Nice day. Do share in my link party :)

  2. Spring certainly is the time for shawls and that one is beauty, the blue border makes the grey really pop out. Jo x

  3. Your colourcombination is lovely. Did you already see the new book that Maaike van Koert made? It's called 'Hollands Welgaren'

  4. That is a truly beautiful shawl. It's amazing what blocking does isn't it? My first few projects I didn't bother because I couldn't see that it would make a difference, but once I did it was such a difference, especially for edgings. Your colors are beautiful.

  5. It's beautiful! What a great combo of talented people and gorgeous yarns. 👏😀❤️

    S x

  6. A lovely shawl! I love her designs too. I just finished a couple of shawls, I can't seem to stop making Blocking does make a difference!

  7. Nice colour choice! Fortunately I am more addicted to knitting than to crocheting. So I can withstand to buy this book :-)

  8. Hi, did you make the accext pattern or did you add rows?


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