Thursday, June 9, 2016

Emmy Bo 9

There was a big birthday party with shaboom and shabaam a few weeks ago! Big sister Nelly Bo made a special birthday cake all by herself, with butter cream in layers of sponge cake and with cream and marshmallows on top. Making it look as a manga sheep. The girls in our family are very much into manga... The cake was not on my Top 3 list (to sugary in everyone's opinion I'm afraid...) but it looked amazing. So well done big sister for doing a fabulous job!

There were tons of cookies, homemade chocolate balls (they take me straight back to my childhood those chocolate balls... I think I might have eaten the most of all... Ooops!), chips and sweets. Just like a birthday party should be (in my opinion) I'm not sure if I have shared the Chocolate Ball recipe here with you before. If not I will. Another day.

The girls played outside, squabbled a little like 9-year old girls in a group of 10 would and I called them in for some crafting. I had prepared for some String Heart Making following a tutorial here. It was so much fun and some girls made 2 or even 3 of them. It was interesting to see the different styles; some going free hand, others being very immaculate and precise in their designs...We see some girls expressing some personality here above. :)

Later we handed out sweet bags including crocheted bracelets for everyone. I found the pattern on  Haken en meer blog which now has changed name to byClaire's, picture tutorial can be found here. They are the cutest to make and are best made in mercerized cotton, 4ply and with a hook 2,5-3mm. I modified my version a bit, starting out with longer ends (10-15 cm) and leaving long tails (10-15 cm) which I later just braided together to tie on the bracelet instead of adding a button.

It is something sentimental to watch your youngest from a distance turning 9. I kind of want to stop time. It is a lovely age. And I know that soon she will be caught up in a whirlwind of hormones and preteen melt downs and give up on her unicorns, fairy dust sprinkles and and jelly bean tree imaginations. I often want to visit "her world", jump into her imaginary world... I think it would look something like this... As my husband put it the other day:
"She is the only one who still play and uses her imagination."

Our dear little Emmy Bo, with that long curly hair, made in a twisted braid by her big sister on her big day. Usually it is let loose in big curls and tossed around like a scrappy cat, but seeing her like this makes her look... 9? I don't want to say big...

If I could stop time I would. She is my youngest. And like with that first step of hers, the giving up of the breast feeding, moving from cot to bed and all the rest you go through with your babies becoming toddlers becoming little people, it is hard to accept that this is the last time this rolls around for me as a mother. A part of me wants to have  a new baby tomorrow - just to go through all the wonderful milestones one more time. A bigger part of me is NOT wanting another baby - been there, done that, I know what its like... I feel the parental pain when I see a toddler throwing a tantrum in public in the most embarrassing way...

Looking back in my blog archives, I'm so pleased to have given her attention here throughout the years. It warms my heart. Love you dear Emmy Bo.

Emmy Bo 8
Emmy Bo 7
Emmy Bo 6
Emmy Bo 5


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  1. Beautiful words Annette. My last baby - the youngest of three boys will turn 12 in August and like you I wish so dearly I could freeze time just make it stop for a little while it is moving so fast sometimes I feel my heart will break at the fact they are growing up and away. My baby leaves primary school in a couple of weeks ready to join his two older brothers at Grammar school in September - oh dear I think there will be tears then - from me not him!! Hold Emmy Bo tight and savour every single moment
    Love and hugs
    Vanessa Arran

  2. Hi Annette, the bracelets are great! And it looks like a very nice party! Big hug xxx Claire

  3. Hi Annette,
    Happy birthday to little Emmy Bo. What a nice things you made :-).
    Have a nice day.

    Sweet greetings,

  4. What beautiful work the girls did on their string hearts! Thank you for sharing. Happy birthday, Emmy Bo, from all your mom's blog followers in the U.S., (who are also eagerly awaiting the chocolate ball recipe)!

  5. A big belated happy birthday to Emmy Bo! Yes, I too miss the wonder in the eyes of my girls from when they still believed in magical things. Mine are young women now, it goes by way too fast! Enjoy ever minute!

  6. Hi Annette,
    It certainly looks as though they are enjoying the party. The cake looks amazing. Mind you the cake that Emmy bo had for her 8th birthday looks so yummy too!!! They grow so quickly, thank goodness for photos we take. You think that you will never forget how your children looked and behaved at any given age, time goes by and when you look at these photos it brings everything back.
    My daughter celebrates her 1st wedding anniversary at the end of the month, it seems like yesterday that we were planning and frantically making seating plans, place names and confetti cones etc and I was ordering the flowers to make her bouquets. Where has the year gone?
    Or does the time really go faster as you get older? Some times I think so
    Hugs Julie

  7. Happy Birthday to your little one! Looks like a fun party, very cute bracelets too ��

  8. Happy Birthday Emmy! It looks like you had a Grand party! Have lots of fun being 9!

  9. What sweet and yummy looking treats at Emmy's partay! It was wonderful to see what fun she had. I loved how you had crafting time. I love how crocheted bracelets were the favors. My Boo Boo turned nine yesterday and was pleased as punch at the family celebration.

  10. Emmy Bo!!!! many congratulations! What birthday so beautiful! I love bracelets! and hearts! and I'm sure that the sweets are certainly delicious !!!! I hope you enjoys your children, Annette, I know that you do very well! a big, big hug!

  11. Happy Birthday !! Little girl !!
    stay blessed always !:)


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