Thursday, February 2, 2017

January on Instagram

FROM TOP LEFT: Me on a winter walk in the Nordic Hat.  ::  My Circle In Square blanket is getting a bird foot edging. ::  Driving through a winter landscape in Switzerland. :: A baby blanket in progress, new pattern coming soon. :: Sun set in Sweden over the frozen bay. :: The ice covered bay in Sweden. :: The Pine Tree Wrist Warmers pattern was released. ::
I started to run again after over a year of abcense.  :: It's tulip times...

I collected some pictures that sums up my January on my Instagram account @myrosevalley. It is a fun thing to do. You get perspective. And to look back on yesterday's post about the Self Esteem Bully coming to visit all so frequently in my life, it confirms I'm actually accomplishing things. I want to take the chance to say THANK YOU for your fabulous commenting on that post. I know I'm not alone but at times it feel tabu to talk about these things and I feel that it is important to show them in bright daylight. Bullies exist. Especially self esteem ones. I think we all have been visited by one oh so many times. We just need to learn how to handle them. Bless you for all good advice and comforting words.

I don't know how many of you that are on Instagram or who of you who follows me (and other bloggers/crafters/friends/interesting people) on Facebook for that matter, so forgive me if you feel that this is a duplicate of what you've just seen from My Rose Valley. Recently I've been reflecting a bit about social media and the different channels I use, how I use them as a business owner and how I use them as a viewer myself. I think that topic needs its own blog post so I will sit myself down and try and explain and brainstorm all this with you another time. I would like to know how you feel about it, you see.

So for now I share a glimpse of my January @myrosevalley. Come and follow if you want to see more and speak to you soon about Social Media. February is up and running (literally) in full speed and I'm enjoying it.

PS Instagram? It's a free app for your smart phone to download, where you can follow people you like and find inspiration. You upload photo snippets of your projects, activities, what makes you happy, friends and what ever you feel like. It's like a photo diary. Check it out if you haven't before.


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  1. Gorgeous winter images, they look so pretty all together. I shall look forward to your post on social media. As a fledgling writer it is all very confusing and overwhelming. Lots of advice to do EVERYTHING. But some of it I hate (LinkedIn mostly) and for the rest of it there just aren't enough hours in the day to do it all. CJ xx

  2. I love having it all! LOL Probably not helpful for you, but I love to see the short snappy pictures with a quick headline on Instagram. I love that feeling of "friendship" that comes with having the posts pop up on Facebook and the abilty to "speak" to you directly there through the comments. And then theres the blog, I love to get swept away into your wee world for the time it takes me to read the blog post, to imagine in full colour all the things you are doing/experiencing, to laugh, cry, empathise.

    You see, you may think they're all very repetitive, but for me they all serve a different purpose, so even if I've seen some of the photos on Instagram, read your post on Facebook, I will still want to come here and read the full blog post when I have time to stop for a few minutes.

    I thoroughly enjoy your wee blog, I would say it is probably my favourite blog I follow, certainly the one I read most - I'm a creature of habit, there are about 3/4 blogs that I started following quite a while ago, and although I have now followed many more those few are my go-to comfort blogs! LOL

    Keep doing what your doing Annette, no matter what that self esteem bully tells you, you are fabulous! :)


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