Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Egg Cozy Pattern

Happy Easter my lovelies! Easter is in full swing in my house. We've eaten so much candy and chocolate lately that even my kids have begged for some healthy food days ahead... Today is the last day of total indulgence in sugary sweets and bakery goods. Tomorrow we start fresh with vegetables on the plate and fruit snacks.

To be honest, I'm not a big Easter celebration girl. But saying that, we still have a few traditions that we follow. We have an egg hunt in the garden (done in 4 minutes this year!!!). We paint eggs and we lay puzzles.

I decorate my home with some colorful flowers, a few Easter decorations and in the last minute this year, I had this urge to make an Easter Egg Cozy. I saw something similar somewhere a while ago, unfortunately I can't recall where... I had a vague memory of how it looked so I improvised. And it is gorgeous!!! I love it. I have whipped up a quick Easter Egg Cozy Tutorial below if you fancy a try. Such a quick and fun make. Done in no time. I want to make another one for Midsummer in blue and white... And one in red and white for Christmas...

Now we will paint the eggs... And put them all back into the cozy... I'll show you on my Instagram. I would love to see yours too. Share with me @myrosevalley tagging #crocheteggcozy



4ply or 5ply cotton, work with double strands. I used Catania 5ply.
40-50 g base color (Rosa 00246)
20-25 g second color (Jade 00253)
10-15 g edge color (Sonne 00208)
5mm hook
Darning needle

How to:

Work a long strip which will be folded in half lengthwise. Sew pockets for the eggs, either by hand with a darning needle or on a machine, or with a crochet hook doing slip stitches.

Gauge and measurements:

Every pocket should measure about 6-7 cm/≈ 2,5 inches wide to fit a medium sized egg. I calculated 7 trebles (UK)/double crochet (US) between seams. Make a swatch to get the right measurement before starting on your foundation chain.


The calculation I use for my foundation chain is:
7 chains x 13 eggs and then I multiply this by 2 as I am folding the strip in half = 182 chains. Then I add another 3 chains for turning, a total of 185 chains. (7 x 13 x 2 + 3 = 185). I was winging it and I think it ended up slightly to long. Next time I will adjust it to fit only 10 eggs, a total of 143 chains (7 x 10 x 2 + 3 = 143).

To fit 13 eggs, I made 185 chains for my foundation chain.
To fit 10 eggs, make a foundation chain of 143 chains.

ROW 1:
Make a treble (UK)/double crochet (US) in the fourth chain from your hook and in every stitch until end of row. Chain 3 and turn your work.

ROW 2:
Skip stitch at the base of your 3 chains made and make treble (UK)/double crochet (US) in the next stitch and in every stitch until end of row. Cut yarn and fasten off.

ROW 3:
Join new yarn, chain 2 (counts as first half treble (UK)/half double crochet (US), make half treble (UK)/half double crochet (US) in every stitch until end of row. Cut yarn and fasten off.

ROW 4: 
Join new yarn, chain 2 (counts as first double crochet (UK)/single crochet (US) and 1 chain). Make a double crochet (UK)/single crochet (US) followed by 1 chain in every stitch until end of row. Cut yarn and fasten off.

Happy Hooking!


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  1. Nicely done. I know what you mean about the four minute egg hunt. I did a tricky treasure hunt this year - took about half an hour for the first clue alone. Hope you have a good day. CJ xx

  2. What a lovely egg cosy, your ideas of different colours through the year is great too. Think I'll include a Birthday one, thank you for sharing :-)

  3. Very very nice idea, soooo beautiful
    Greetings from Reserl

  4. What a really cute Idea Annette. Thank you for the pattern. Have a happy easter (what's left of it (hihi).

    Sweet greetings,

  5. How cute! I always have a few crochet pieces I set out every year for the holiday, chicks in their shells, daffodils and dogwood blossoms and of course a few bunnies.


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