Sunday, February 4, 2018

Objectives of 2018

White tulips in January • Falling in love with Mille Colori from Lang • A finished shawl 
Walking in January • Winter Wonderland in Sweden • My paradise in Sweden
The Olivia shawl • White tulips and a blue Olivia shawl • Olivia shawl pattern writing

Well, January just passed by in a swish,  don't you agree? And the goal to publish a January round up from my Instagram (follow me there for snippets on @myrosevalley) on the last of the month was a big failure. Better luck next time I say. :)
   I like January because I like a new start. January is good for reflection, looking back and looking forward. Putting behind what needs to be put behind. Learn from mistakes made. Making plans for a lighter future. Make lists of dreams and how to reach them. I feel that I need all of January to do just all that. And I LOVE starting on something new. I'm looking forward to this new year with new opportunities, new conversations, new connections, new original creations, new challenges and new destinations.
   Even though I love to make plans and lists, I'm not much for New Year resolutions or giving promises. Maybe because I find them hard to keep. However, for 2018 I have put up some objectives to work towards:

After watching Paddington 2 with my kids (LOVE both Paddington movies!!!), we had a long talk about how we can become more "Paddington". So what do I mean when I say Being more "Paddington"? We agreed that it is to be polite, honest, generous, always try hard to get things right and seeing the good in people. We might not always succeed, and we might mess things up but it is the good intentions that matters. We are not striving for perfection but I believe that with a little bit more positivity and by trying harder to see the joy and beauty in our imperfect world we will feel more happy and grateful for what we have, what we strive for and what we actually complete.

This relates to my arthritis and chronic pain issues. No one but me can change this. I can't take pills for it. I can't rely specialists to take it away. I need to do the work. I need to be more kind to myself. This body of mine has quite a few miles on it, it has given birth to three children... it is in desperate need of a service and some maintenance work. Action has been taken. I have gone back to the Cross Fit gym. I'm stretching. I'm walking. I will start swimming. I have established a regular exercise routine and slowly my pain is diminishing. I'm getting stronger. Physically and mentally. My motivation is different. It is not about appearance. It is about fitness. My ultimate goal is to be able to run and do the skipping rope by Easter. For now that is impossible as I can't do any activity which involves the slightest impact on my spine. If you want me to write more about my journey to fitness, let me know. I would be happy to share if it can inspire you.

Yes. I will be more present in my own reality. The phone is put away at a certain time and computers are turned off instead of being on sleep mode. My real life friends deserves phone calls and hand written birthday cards instead of sloppy wishes on Facebook. My Mum and Dad deserves more frequent phone calls and updates. I want to give my children more undivided attention, the kind where I actually look at them when they talk to me. The kind where I am an active listener. I'm not saying I never do, but I say I can do it more.
   I watched a movie the other night about a divorced father who had his son every other weekend, They always went to a zoo or a park or a museum, having sweets, gifts, treats... One weekend the father had a work challenge and needed to get on Twitter for work. He asked his boy for help to sign up and to show him how it works. The boy helped him and when they set it all up they talked about this and that, and the boy said:
"I like this. Just hanging out. You and me. "
"But we go to the park and stuff and hang out." the father replied.
"Yes I know, but I mean just chilling. Like now. We are just like talking and doing normal stuff." 
Yes, We don't always have to DO things. Most often we just need to be more present. And listen. Listening is a great skill to work on.

I guess this is the most concrete objective of them all. I want a job. My kids are older, independent. They don't really need me around anymore. My Rose Valley is a side business. Something that provides for my hobby, keeps my creative skills alive as a graphic designer, photographer and writer.  But it doesn't pay for the bills. It could, if I put in the hours, but as mentioned above: I want to be more present in my own reality.
   I miss having colleagues. I miss being appreciated outside my home. I want to learn new things. Grow. I want a new challenge. For a while I've been looking for work without any greater success. It is easy to get negative and wanting to give up. Looking for work is not an easy job. Rejection is a self esteem killer. However, instead of beating myself up because of my age, gap in my CV, the lack of University Bachelor or Master degrees or that my French is not 100% fluent, I'm going to figure this out. I'll find employment. I just have to focus harder, maybe take a course. Maybe apply for jobs that I don't think I can get? Who knows? Maybe I'm overqualified for the jobs I'm applying for? Maybe I need to believe in myself more and start telling myself I can do more instead of less? Raise the bar instead of lowering it? 

To sum it all up, it looks like 2018 will be a year where I focus on well being, growth and personal fulfillment. It sounds a little bit self centered, but I think it is time for me to take some place, be the elephant in the room and shine a bit. I'm looking forward to that. What are you aiming for in 2018? Do you have any objectives to share?


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  1. Your 2018 sounds a bit like mine. Here's to you finding the job that fulfills you xxxx

  2. Thank you Jackie. I need all the encouragement I can get on my missions. Good to know someone shares my objectives. I wish you all the best with your 2018. Thanks for popping in.

  3. It's so difficult to understand why the really smart and impressive women can't find jobs, while there are so many (men and women) who have them who just do not do them well. Yet they will be the ones to be offered more work as apparently they have experience.... Many people who have never done something can ultimately be better at things than people who have been doing them badly for a long time.

    Well you do have experience and you did it all yourself. You are really competent and impressive and should be recognised as such. Find a way of making your Rose Valley stuff count, to make managing a family count (the most amazing skill set of all, yet it is rarely valued). Learn how to talk your self up - people believe what you tell them, so tell them you are a marvel. It doesn't come naturally to more modest and ironically most talented people but it seems that you have to shine your own light otherwise people overlook you.

    Good luck with it all in 2018, and I hope you get and stay pain free. Our good health is paramount.

  4. Hi Annette, it would be wonderful if you would share your experiences with us. Take care of my health is one big issue for me too. And I love your sensitive but also humorous way of writing.
    I wish you a great and successful year 2018.
    Yours Maren

  5. taking care of yourself first always leads to the ability to be there for others as well. Take care

  6. I love your objectives, and I'm wishing you every success with them. I do hope you find a job that you love and where they deserve you, I know you have a huge amount to offer. I'm aiming to establish my writing business (dare I call it that..?) in 2018. Who knows how that will go, but it's my aim for the year. And a bit of fiction writing too. And to be more Paddington as well, I like the sound of that, I shall try very hard. I already like marmalade sandwiches, so I'm partway there. CJ xx

  7. Aiming at - only doing craft when I feel like it, not when I think I should be doing it. Only setting deadlines for tasks I'm paid for - I'm retired and everyone wants favours with deadlines, not any more. Watch more films and less tv. Eat better, no 'diet' but just nice healthy food. To help people where I can - I live in South Africa and there is lots of abject poverty. To keep 3 of my housekeeper's grandchildren in school. To enjoy all I do!!

  8. All the best with all your plans, Annette, and the training! I haven't been back to Crossfit since July, because my overactive thyroid keeps buggering up my heart rate, and I can't train properly :-( I'm down to walking the dogs, which I must just get used to and use as a training opportunity.

  9. I loved hearing about your 2018 objectives. It makes me feel better about what I want/need to do. I would like to hear more about your fitness journey. I too am feeling the worse for wear after raising a large family and dealing with arthritis. I chuckled when you said it wasn't about looking good any more, but feeling good, because I just recently came to that realization. I would be encouraged to hear what you are doing.
    I also know that if you want a job, then you will find one that is just perfect for you when the time is right.
    I love the pics in this post. Thanks! :-)

  10. You are going to have a busy 2018 but in a good way. It is wonderful to have goals for the year. I do too though last few years I don't post mine as I don't spend as much time blogging in an effort to lead a more balanced life. I wish you much success in your job search. You can do it.

  11. Good luck with your objectives. Best wishes

  12. Made me smile while reading your post that one of my 2018 goals is to try a crochet project with your colorways (thinking the Maybelle baby blanket colors.) Also, I need a professional career change after 25 years that I've loved and . . . what else is out there? Thank you for your combination of beauty, strength and vulnerability.

  13. Liebe Annette,
    "being kind to myself"....das kann ich nur zu gut verstehen.
    Ich mag deinen blog und deine Ideen. Lass uns nicht aufgeben und ganz liebe Grüße


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