Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Before I go

School is out since a week.
We stay up late.
We sleep in.
We water the garden.
Go on motorcycle rides.
Hang on the beach.
Go to the pool.
The girls do body art.
I sit on my bench.
Pick flowers from the garden.
Do chores on low gear...
We run errands.
Go to last minute appointments.
Check this and that.
We give the home a big clean.
The garden too.

A friend is coming to stay.
To watch the cats, the house, the garden.
To explore Switzerland with her new love.
To holiday in my home.
We are counting down for vacation to start...

I'm mentally writing a list of items to pack.
Then I'm writing them all down on a piece of paper.
Mallorca first.
Sweden second.
Later I will start the packing procedure.
I'm gonna pack smart this year.
I say that every year...
Oh my, I lost the piece of paper with my packing list...

We brainstorm about the Soundtrack Of Summer 2018.
Which songs will we add to this year's play list?
Avicii is given.
Right now his Trouble is a favorite... and The Nights, Long Road To Hell... (you are so missed Tim...)
Kygo with Born To Be Yours.
Be Your Friend with Vigiland feels very Avicii-Swedish House Mafia great.
Samir & Victor with Shuffla is fun for the kids.
Darin's Ja må Du Leva and Ta Mig Tillbaka always makes me feel good and very sentimental.
Lill-Babs with Leva Livet to remember a Swedish legend.
Uti Vår Hage with State Of Sound for Swedish classics.
Vargas & Lagola with Roads to feel good.
Simon Field and Feel You has a groovy beat for that afternoon drink...
Meant To Be by Bebe Rexha because I have a soft spot for country.
The list goes on and on...

Jay is working his last few days.
I'm starting a summer crochet project to bring.
Nelly Bo is out with friends almost every night.
Luca Bo is mostly in his boy cave or at the basketball court.
Emmy Bo saved up for an iPad Pro.
Now she is drawing non stop in Procreate.
I make a last big push of healthy living and being kind to myself.
I go on bike rides and long walks.
Soon all that will go lost in vacation mode.
It always does.
And its ok.
Life is for living.

I'll bring my shorts and trainers.
To remind myself to take regular walks.
However, I will indulge in fabulous food and big family dinners for sure.
Delicious wine and yummy desserts.
Ice creams on the beach and hot dogs and burgers on the grill.
There will be pizzas.
And lots of "fika" of course.

I'm letting you guys go for a while.
Hiding in my own real world.
To enjoy time with my children and husband.
Family and friends.
I wish you all a Happy Summer.
Until we meet again.


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  1. Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy every precious moment. I look forward to reading all about your travels and seeing your beautiful pictures ☺️

  2. Have a lovely holiday and enjoy your precious family time together. See you on the other side:)

  3. Happy holidays! Enjoy the time away. 😊

  4. I hope you make plenty of lovely summertime memories with your loved ones. Enjoy your break and we'll see you when you return. X

  5. Have the best summerholiday you can have Annette. Enjoy it and we'll wait for you here to come again.

  6. Have a wonderful holiday. We look forward to your glorious summer pictures!

  7. What a lovely post. I hope you all have a wonderful time. See you on the other side. CJ xx

  8. No words but maybe you could share a pic or two? Or ten? Have a wonderful holiday!! Safe travels!

  9. Ahh your wonderful summer holidays. I am quite envious. Have a magical time with your family and friends. We will still be here on your return x

  10. Enjoy every little moment!

  11. Have a wonderful time with your family Annette and enjoy the break.

  12. Hope you're having a very happy (and crafty!) summer with your family and friends, sweet Annette!!

  13. Enjoy your blogging break and your family. But yarnie girls never pack smart! It's a given!!!


  14. Just love the basket with the cottons... It's all I need.... ;)...


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