Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A magic box...

This came in the mail today...

I opened it up and what did I see?
Candy from Sweden - only for ME???!!!

Ohh my so nice, ohh my so sweet!
Nicely packed in paperbags - oooh what a treat!

One bag of liquorice, sweet, black and salty.

Another with a colourful mix of sugery naughty.

Something for everyone, big and small.
Sweet, salty, chewy, sour - I have it all!

My sweets came from what I call a Nordic Eden,
a company called Candy from Sweden!

So anyone with a thing for Swedish pick and mix, order it now with the magic of a click!


  1. Mmmm ser otroligt gott ut. Måste genast gå och köpa lite.
    Linda M

  2. Åååååhhhh, den länken måste sparas.........

    När jag kommer tillbaksm lär det bli min mest besökta websida!!!

  3. Nemen, vilken grej!!!
    Snálvattnet rinner...mmm......
    fast jag har lite sparat godis kvar frán Sverige. Jag hade med mej hem tre jätte-pásar :)


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