Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cats & yarn

Do you have a cat? Is your cat as naughty as mine? Look what he did! You criminal, Charlie! And this is not the first time I accidentally (or forced by screaming children) have left my pretty yarn bundles out next to my WiP, rushing off to come back 5 minutes later... And this is what I find!

You naughty NAUGHTY boy, Charlie... Now I have to spend the next 15 minutes untangeling it all. And Charlie? He is grounded to the laundry room tonight!

On the other hand Cat + Yarn could equal love. Like on the above picture. I left my grannies to dry in the blocking process, and of course Charlie (he is the one who obviously has this thing for my yarn) has to sleep ON TOP of it. I take that as a compliment, really. So Thank You for that one Charlie.


  1. Hi Annette, Your blog is so you! I love that you share about your creativity but your struggles too. Luca 3 months old picture just touched me deeply! Thanks for having the courage to share that too.

  2. Hahaha, jag har ju ingen Katt, men väl en Max som är jätteduktig på att dra ur alla tyger ur tygskåpet, och ändra alla inställningar på maskinen och sånt där som är nödvändigt för en tvååring...
    Vi åker hem om två veckor nu.......


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