Sunday, April 10, 2011

Flower Power Quilt - VOILA!

Here it is. My Flower Power quilt. It has been waiting to be finished for weeks. I have a tendency to get distracted, start on new projects before I finish one. Anyone who does the same?

Fabric are all recycled vintage sheets bought from Jennie at Sosovintage. She was so kind to put together a stash builder mystery assortment with only flower power flavors and to compliment that I also got a mix of 6inch ready cut squares on the same theme. And how well it turned out..

The backing is a thrift store find. A paisley pattern recycled bed sheet. As I needed to cut two pieces of it to cover the back I used a row of my left over squares to piece them together nicely.

I kept some big squares being surrounded by 6 inch squares. I pieced it in blocks and then assembled all the blocks one by one. Framed it all with 6" squares as I wanted the quilt to be a bit bigger.

After seeing a tutorial on how to make round corners over at A Quilt Is Nice I decided to give it a go.  It was a little bit tricky but worked out well. As an addition to her great tutorial I have to mention that I did shorter the stitch some when getting to the corners (I read about this trick somewhere - can't remember where - sorry...) and that actually made it a bit easier.

I choose a simple straight line quilting, thought about hand quilting a bit in the big squares but naaahhh, flower power doesn't need hand quilting. I'll save that experiment to another quilt.

This quilt is for a very special friend of mine. A surprise for her 40th birthday. I think it will be perfect for her as she is the flower power girl in my life. We don't get to see each other that often anymore since I moved abroad, but still she is one of those people that will forever be dearly tucked in my heart and never forgotten. And I hope that this quilt will make her think of me every time she uses it. That way we will never be very far apart.




  1. It amazes me to see the beautiful quilts that you can make out of vintage sheets.
    Now I am looking at those sheets with different eyes, and I might even attempt and emulate you!

  2. That is a triumph! So so pretty! And what a wonderful gift for your friend. Well done! xx

  3. Its darling!

    i'm making a quilt for my friends 40th too, thankfully I have until Sep 2012!!

  4. Vilket härligt lapptäcke! Underbara tyger och färger. Din vän kommer helt säkert att bli jätteglad över en så fin gåva!

  5. Jättefint och somrigt tycker jag. Blir lite sugen på att sy själv, det var längesen sist. Du gör mycket fint!

  6. Well done Annette! I love it. The round edges are pretty as well, nice try! Regarding your question about the picture-arrangements: I am sorry to tell you I make them in PowerPoint... Just copy them to Powerpoint, arrange them, adjust sizes and 'group' them. Then save as picture. Simple as that...
    Good luck! Love, Maaike

  7. Ljuvlig!
    Du har verkligen fátt kläm pá det där med patchwork.
    Jag sitter fast i "planeringsstadiet" som vanligt........ tills jag sätter igáng.
    Just nu är det svárt att hitta tid till pysslet.
    Men det finns ju alltid där, det är ju bara att ta fram.

    Ser att ni har vár och varmt. Hárligt. det känns som om denna vinter har varit extra láng nu är det bäst att njuta av det sköna vädret innan det blir allt för varmt.
    vi vandrade i bergen i söndags och jag lyckades bränna mej sá in i norden pá halsen/bröstet/nacken/axlarna. Det gör ont att ha tröja pá sej.
    Jag brukar inte bränna mej. Brukar vara váldigt försiktig. Nu är det jag och "dannebrogen" ha ha ha
    Ha det riktigt fint

  8. Oh no, no photoshop! Because I have no idea how it really works :-). I gave you the wrong idea. PowerPoint, that is all I use...
    Good luck on finding your own way!
    Love, Maaike

  9. Wow Annette, I envy you with 3 kids, a job, making beautiful quilts and still keeping track on your blogcomments... take good care of yourself!
    Love, Maaike

  10. So beautiful!
    Ana Paula
    Salinha do Crochê
    Salinha da Fotografia

  11. oooh holy crap! i love your blog! I was so excited about the crochet - because its so good, excellent colours and you are very talented and I found the patchwork quilt ^_^ Im making a quilt currently for my mum for her birthday and then im going to make one like this *hopefully* for my bed for summer time

  12. Så snyggt att man nästan döööör!


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