Monday, May 9, 2011

The pattern is found - Bohusrutan!

And the blog world can be such a wonderful place! :D

Just look at this. Pattern is found! Just like that. You see my grandmas square from my bed throw  I wrote about yesterday? Down there in the bottom right corner? It is called Bohusrutan.

Read more about it over at Sofisan's The (Yarn) Stashbuster Blog. She was so kind to share this information with me (probably just as excited as me). She just started her blog to document her joyride of using up scraps of yarn (Scraps? We are talking tons of it - I think she is a yarn addict like so many others of us. Hi hi hi!).

I can't wait to give this  square a go just to feel the work eivor once did for me. This is fantastic! And fun!


Photo: The (Yarn) Stashbuster Blog


  1. Lucky girl! I took a look at Sofisan's blog and googled the word bohusrutan and found this too (it's closer to my tablecloth pattern, with the picots)
    Blogland is fantastic :) I love it!

  2. Tack, va snäll du är!
    Jag tycker att det här är jätte kul och ganska konstigt, men något vettigt ska väl komma av att hänga runt på bloggar hela dagarna....

    About the exited part... well, I already made one bohusruta!

  3. Hej! Jag har virkat en väska i bohusrutor (såg att nån annan hänvisat till den) och jag gillar den rutan jättemycket. Och som med mycket annat så blir resultatet så olika beroende på val av garnets kvalitet och färg. Kul att testa lite olika tycker jag.

  4. Nothing better than finding a great pattern for all those scrap balls. Off to have a peek around and see what I've been missing.

    Oh, I've gotten my seed packs in. Don't forget the Zinnias.

  5. Your blog and projects are so lovely! Yes please do slow down and I agree this is not a competition! I have largely given up making jewelry professionally for the same reason, which is unfortunate, but better for my nerves! In addition to complimenting you on your lovely projects and photos and presentation, may I ask where on earth did you purchase (or make?) that lovely flowered zip top bag that is about two posts back, with yarn inside? I love it so much and it looks just the right size for carrying projects! Thanks and have a lovely weekend! jennifer xx

  6. Hey, there just thought I would pop in and tell you , and all your lovely readers who have been coming to visit my blog from this page that I now have a tutorial on how to make a buhusruta in English.
    The link is right under my banner, it's in a page of it's own.
    Since I have never translated a crochet pattern before, or made a tutorial for that matter I would love for people to try it out and tell me what they think.

    Oh, and thank you again, this post has stood for the biggest up in my traffic since I started this blog.


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