Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Quilting Emmy's Quilt - finally!

Hi there. This project has been hanging over a cabinet door for about... is it 1 month or 2 months...??? First it was the border fabric that needed to be ordered. And then life came in the way just being to busy for me to even get started on the sandwiching. And then I got carried away in crochet land with new and old lovely projects. And then suddenly, magically all kids had playdates Sunday afternoon and I did it!

I finished the quilting of Emmy's Quilt. So now there is only the binding left. Maybe it will take me another month or so to get that part done, or maybe not. I am quite excited now so maybe I will be able to finish this soon. Plus... Sorry to say but I did over do it with my hook. AGAIN! My arm is acting up and all the crochet is once again put aside. So when one can't crochet one can sew right?




  1. Oh how frustrating about the arm ache! It's so hard to resist doing just one more row, though isn't it! Love the look of the quilt. I'm glad you've been able to do some of that - it's so pretty.

  2. Oh I can hardly wait to see this beauty finished...!!
    And I am so sorry to hear about your arm, luckily you can switch to sewing and also loving that :-)
    Love, Maaike

  3. Oh this is so beautiful. Do I love the spots, the gingham, the flowers, or just all of them? Lovely. Lucky Emmy- she will treasure it forever.

  4. Aj, aj, aj inte bra! Min háller fortfarande men kanske för att jag inte är inne i en manisk virkperiod! Däremot om jag blir stressad känns den. Och om det ska regna.....Ha ha ha.

    Det är nágot visst med rostyger. Ljuvligt romantiska och tuffa samtidigt.
    Visade min blogg pá jobbet häromdagen och fick mánga beröm för headern som jag nu skickar vidare till dej!
    Tack igen, jag gilar den verkligen!

  5. Oh, that fabric is divine! Bless the magical play dates :)

  6. It looks darling! Can't wait to see the finished quilt!!!

  7. Nä, vad tråkigt med armen! :( Försöker själv att vara försiktig med virkningen så jag inte överanstränger något. Har en sjukdom som ger ledinflammationer, och jag skulle bli sjukt deppig om jag inte kunde virka. Tur att du kan sy då! Det blommiga tyget på baksidan är för övrigt sååå underbart vackert! Detta är en quilt helt i min smak, så det ska bli kul att se det färdiga resultatet!

  8. What a lovely blog, and Emmy's quilt is beautiful. Hope your arm feels better soon.

    lily x

  9. Emmy's a very lucky girl. What a beautiful quilt no matter how long it takes to make.


  10. åh så fint, vilka fina tyger och härliga färger!

  11. Annette, its so beautiful! Lovely fabrics, Emmy will adore it!
    Really enjoying your lovely blog


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