Saturday, December 3, 2011

Christmas spirit coming on

Happy Christmas!
Lovely to hear some of you will give the Christmas mushrooms a go. Like I said before - you won't be disappointed. Please share your creations with me. I am so curious to see in which way you will display them and use them. Always fun with new ideas. :D

I've been crazy busy this week. Good busy. Decorating my house for Christmas busy. I love the build up and my home is now starting to get really REALLY cozy.  I have put up lots of light arrangements, Christmas flowers that already are in bloom!!!

The little tacky train that the kids love to death is up and running around the mini Christmas tree...

The latest great addition to the Christmas spirit is a Christmas CD by Michael Buble. It is a joy to listen to. Michael Buble is my favorite and my best! A wonderful singer in a pure vintage way if you may say so. A 2011 version of Frank Sinatra, the smooth voice, the classy articulation, the jazzy sound... And he is not so bad looking either. :D Always a plus... Listen to some samples here and make your own purchase. Lets make us Christmas happy!!!

I haven't had much time to be sewing crafty though. I am still working on my crochet Christmas ripple and I think I only have about 20-25 rows left to go now... I also want to make Christmas pillows, sew new curtains for my kitchen and a big drape for the front door to keep the chills out... Wonder when??? However, I am not allowing myself to be stressed this year. I am trying to keep cool. Sipping my hot "glögg" and humming around to the Christmas tunes, putting a chocolate or two in my mouth every now and then or a delicious Anna's Pepparkaka, ginger cookie that is.

Today I spent some time in my crafty corner, arranging, tidying... And instead of finishing off the Wool Scarf Blanket, or finishing the Summery Pillows I started long ago,  I started on a couple of new project... Yes, typical me. Do you do the same thing? I'll tell you more about my new projects next time. Above you can see a monkey Business Quilt in progress. But I am so excited about my other project. A clue? It is a make over project. More to come.

Now it is time for pizza making with the kids followed by Nelly's dance performance on the annual big Gym Show in the village. Today is a good day. :D



  1. Your crochet Christmas ripple is lovely. Terrific color choices.

  2. Så härligt med hyacinter!
    Jag vill gärna börja med nya projekt innan de pågående är färdiga. Det är mycket roligare att planera ett nytt.

  3. i love the ripple blanket. i HAVE to make one.

  4. I love your Christmas ripple! It will fit perfect!!! XClaire

  5. Så härligt med lite julstämning! Här är vi dock utan snö och det regnar, det har typ varit den varmaste november på över 100 år, så vi får väl se vad det blir för slags december. Just nu längtar nog alla norrlänningar efter snö.
    Jag började jobba heltid i november med längre körtid och längre dagar. Och det tar ut sin rätt kan jag meddela, men jag försöker ändå pyssla lite, jag skulle faktiskt vilja sy ett lapptäcke det är som dags för det.
    Din julfilt är fantastiskt fin, som vanligt är du fenomenal med att färgkombinera.
    Vet du om att du genererar ganska många besök på min sida så snart måste jag börja skriva på engelska ;-)
    Hoppas ni får en härlig andra advent!


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