Thursday, May 17, 2012

Easily distracted...

There was a girl who loved to crochet. She loved it so much she just could not live without it. Until the day she hurt her elbow and couldn't do it anymore. So she learned how to make patchwork instead. She loved it so much she just couldn't live without it. Slowly her elbow got better and suddenly she found herself loving crochet and patchwork so much she sometimes couldn't sleep at night because of all the things she wanted to make. She experimented with colors, and styles trying to find what style was hers. One day plain, another eclectic. One day pretty, another day bold and whimsical. At times country, other days completely gypsy...

She was easily distracted, starting on new projects all the time. Leaving unfinished projects behind. And the pile of WiP's were growing quickly...

So one day when she looked at her latest new crochet WiP she thought: "Maybe I should document my WiP's to inspire myself to actually finish them..." So she did by writing this post.

When piling up her WiP's, spreading them out for a photo shoot her style suddenly stood out quite clear. This particular girl is not plain or pretty, although she might think so at times. This girl is eclectic and whimsical with a Scandinavian twist. Simplicity is the key. And colors. Many. Often. Everywhere. She is a big fan of what is homespun. "And that feels good to know", says the girl who is me.

What do you love? Do you know your style? How big is your WiP pile? I am curious to know. :D Now I am heading back to see which WiP I should finish first... or maybe I'll continue on my latest crochet WiP. Or start on a new quilt...

Added info after reading all comments: I am a Scorpio behaving like a Gemini, I guess... ;D



  1. Ha ha love it! Since finishing the circus patchwork blanket I just have 2 projects to complete, and I am trying really hard not to start anything else, although my head is buzzing with new projects! Have fun deciding which you are to pick up again and work on!

    Have a super rest of a day!

    Vanessa xxxxxxxx

  2. I love your story, I feel like that girl on many days too, so many lovely things to do .... so little time ..... and like you, my many WIPs all look different. It is fun to be an eclectic girl (you just never get one thing done!) Have fun!

  3. This post made me smile Annette as its exactly how I feel!!!
    The liking of different styles, sometimes bright, sometimes white and pale, faded and soft - which is me?
    The lots of WIPs, both sewing and crochet...
    And I too lie awake full of ideas that I have to sketch in my pad by my bed else I would never sleep. And every day I have new ideas that I want to start, and often do, and sometimes finish.
    I hope your post inspires you to finish some WIPS, then you can start more!
    Love the hexies, both patched and crocheted!

    Its good to know I am not alone.......!
    Gill xx

  4. That is a big pile of YUMMY! Your story could be mine in reverse. I LOVE patchwork, but have just re-discovered crochet! This is not going to be pretty :) My style is simple and colorful. Someone left a comment on my blog that read "She makes me like the color red". That made me giggle! You are so talented Annette, and I love visiting to see all of the wonderful things you are working on! xoxo Debbie

  5. A minha lista não é tão grande, mas por vezes sinto a cabeça a fervilhar com tantas ideias. O meu truque é ir apontando/desenhando as ideias novas, assim não me esqueço delas e também não tenho tanto wip´s ao mesmo tempo.
    Um beijo

  6. Annette- are you a gemini like me???

  7. Gosh you are lucky to have figured this out. Sometimes I spin around in circles going from vintage to modern, to patchwork and applique. Good idea laying it all out for the camera to capture your "style". Great post!

  8. I love this post! I have so many WIPs on the go. Circle Crochet Blanket, 3 patchwork blankets, a ripple blanket, wrist warmers, another granny square blanket...I bet I have more, just forgotten them! I tend to stick to a White, Pink, Blue, Grey, Brown, Green palette - muted and soft shades. They just feel safe for me!

  9. Oh my! Is it a Gemini thing then? 'Cause I'm in the line.
    Annette, your projects look so nice. I too, have too many: 3 blankets, 2 beanies, 2 mug cozies, 2 continental cushions, one flowery scarf/shawl,one basket to be lined with fabric bought from...Annette!
    I might actually follow your example and so a post on all matters outstanding...

  10. I love you work in progress post. I think you love colors and are not afraid to put them everywhere. They look beautiful. I have three WIP going right now. I really try to finish something before I allow myself to start something else. I always have at least one knitting project and one crochet going all the time.
    Have a great day,

  11. I love not having a style as it means I am free to like it all. And I do, from pastel pales to the brightest brights, plains and patterns. I love crochet, knitting and embroidery and I am I glad I can do them all without choosing. By staying focused on one thing you can become an expert yes, but you can still be pretty good and get to do many many things which I prefer. I like to have options and keep them open. It would disappoint me if I could only like some colours when I love them all.

  12. Your projects are gorgeous so much lovely colour i to love colour i love freedom the gives it you. Finish the one that makes your heart sing when you look at it ;-)) dee x

  13. Hello Annette,

    Thats rather a good idea I shall have to try it....display my makes and see what coincides. Although in crochet and cross-stitch I feel its a bit like the music I depends on my mood. Colours affect ones moods so that could be the reason that I swop and change and also find it difficult to finish a project. Its got to be a Gemini thing...I'm gemini and they are always chopping and changing.
    Interesting post

    Amanda :-)

  14. Hi Annette,
    I just love your blog. All lovely colours, while I do not have that many colours in my own home. Maybe that is why I love colours in someone else´s blog so much. I just ordered some fabrics from your Etsy-shop...
    Hope you have a great weekend,

  15. piękne kolory zawsze dobierasz! super! pozdrawiam . Aga

  16. Your style is inspiring I love it!! I think my style is always evolving Mr C tells me my home decorating style is cosy so I think that makes me happy. hehe. And I think you should definitely finish those crochet hexagons I'm in love with them. xx

  17. Oh good plan to show WIPs, I am easily distracted as well :-)

  18. Such a lovely gathering of WsIP! I, too, am eclectic....sometimes upsettingly so. I think it would be easier to have a defined style, something to focus on. But instead I do what makes me happy, and I'm all over the place. :D (I'm glad you can crochet again!)

  19. Well, i guess its my first comment have been such an inspiration to me...
    While i read this post, i thought "this is so me"....i love crochet so much, and one year ago i became a patchwork addicted....
    Everytime i need inspiration, i go "to your hills, to your green country, and i always find the color or the scheme that i was looking for!!!
    Thank you for sharing all of this, Anette


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