Monday, February 4, 2013

A Scrumptious Tilda Yarn GIVE AWAY!

Today I need to share my delightful relationship with the yarn Tilda, this delicious yarn I've used for my Maybelle Crochet Flowers I blogged about yesterday.

is a cotton/acrylic fine yarn that I have worked on a 3 mm hook. The yarn is matt, not mercerized, which I like a lot. Because of it being a blend of acrylic and cotton (50/50) it is very soft and flexible to work with. I usually think that cotton is kind of tough to work with as it is lacking just that, flexibility, and I always advice beginners to start with wool or acrylic instead of cotton because of this reason.

Another plus is that it keeps the shape very well even after wash. I used the same yarn for my Granny Square Crochet Belt last summer, and I have washed it twice without it loosing its shape at all.

yarn comes from a Swedish yarn distributor called Svarta Fåret,  in over 50 different shades... Just look at all those colors!!! I would love to have them all... but that is just not possible. I think I will purchase some pastels next time... And when I was trying to make up my mind I thought to myself: Lets order some extras and throw a scrumptious yarny Give Away. So here it goes:

Scrumptious Tilda Yarn Give Away!!!
Simply tell me your 3 favorite colors in a comment below, and what project you would use them for.
I will draw 2 winners and each winner will receive the 3 skeins of yarn she/he has wished for
as soon as my yarn delivery arrives.

Give Away is open until 12 noon (CET) Thursday 7th of February

Winner will be announced Friday 8th of February

Make sure you leave a valid email address to contact you on.

Winners will be announced tomorrow Friday 8th of February 2013!

Thank you so much for all your sweet comments in my previous blog posts lately. It has been a lot of commenting over here and I want you all to know that I read and smile at every single word you write. I do my best to respond and if you had a question that I haven't replied on yet, please remind me. It might have gone lost in everyday life chaos.



  1. I never heard of the blend acrylic/cotton, it sounds interesting since I always found cotton too stiff to work with.
    The colors are yummy, I love the turqos 89, the morkilla 62 and the mintgron 61. I would combine them making the Maybelle crochet flowers of your previous post and make a short jacket for the summer.

  2. The flowers are looking great. I think I will use the pattern for coasters. Cotton with acrylic must be having a lovely finish. My favourite colours are peach, rose and turquoise. They would make lovely cushion covers.

  3. I have worked with a 50/50 acrylic cotton mix before, and it's lovely yarn to knit or crochet with...........but I've never seen it offered in so many gorgeous colours. If I was lucky enough to win this beautiful prize, I would choose shades: Orange 35, Morkturkos 88 and Hudfarg 505 and knit myself some stripey summer bunting to decorate my little white sewing shed this summer.
    Kim x

  4. Such a sweet giveaway!!! Love this yarn, and thanks for sharing about it!! My favorite colors mint green, rose, and the second pretty green in the second to last row. xo Heather

  5. It looks a lovely yarn and the colours are so beautiful.

    I like the Morkilla 62, rosa 48, gron 86. I am thinking about making pot holders, I think that this yarn would work perfectly, though I have never work with this kind of yarn, I am sure that I would like :)

    Have a lovely week!

    Lluisa x

  6. So hard to choose ! I like them all.
    I choose : Turkos 89, Rod 45 and Vit 04, and I would use them to make a little cushion for my kids Ikea little chairs.

  7. What beautiful colors, I would love to try them. My favorites 88, 537 and 580. Greetings from France.

  8. This giveaway is so beautiful, colorful, generous and yummy!!!
    I honestly don't know which color to pick up...maybe : orange 35, red 45 and turquoise 89!!!!
    To crochet/knit : a little bunting, some crochet shapes to put on a canvas, necklaces, a nice summer scarf?????
    thank you, xxxx Ale

  9. O fio que eu mais gosto de trabalhar é o algodão, a combinação de algodão e acrílico não conheço, mas adorava experimentar num cachecol para a primavera.
    As cores que mais gosto são a LIME(38), o MINTGROEN(81) e LJUSLILLA(561)

    Um beijo

  10. OH, you crochet with this yarn tooo?
    I read so many blogs about crochet and most of the writers are using this and I'm on my way to try it too!
    So of course I sign up for this!!
    I think the coulours ismint, lime and vit will be nice for a small bolero/jacket for my Little H. Made with your nice flowers or granny squares!

    Love your flowers..

    Have a nice day!

  11. oooooh, it's like being in a sweet shop....I think I'd pick Ljusgammerosa, lila and Ljusmint to make three round grannies into a cushion for my daughter and perhaps some of those lovely flowers for a mobile as well...too many ideas! Heather x

  12. Akryl i bawełna to musi być ciekawy duet:))kolory 08, 561 i dla mnie idealne trio na poduszki lub dywaniki do sypialni:)))Pozdrawiam!!
    Acrylic and cotton, it has to be an interesting duo :)) colors 08, 561 and 41 .. it's perfect for me trio on pillows or rugs for bedrooms. I greet!!

  13. Love the Mintgron 83, Murkturkos 88 and Ljung 63. These might quite possibly turn into part of a blanket.
    Love your flowers

  14. Muito lindo e deve ser ótima para trabalhar. beijos,chica e linda semana!

  15. I love your flowers. Thank you for such an exciting giveaway. I am so wanting to make some crochet bunting for my home. I also want to make pillows and a blanket. I think if I won I would use it make a pillow to match the quilt I am making my son or some bunting for his room. The colors 83 88 532 would go perfectly.

  16. hello,

    I like the colours orange 35, rosa 42 and morkilla 62. My friend has a new baby girl Renée who was born on january 23. She likes these colours very much,but she can't crochet. I will make a baby blanket with the colours for her girl.

  17. I'm used to using cotton...I would love to try this combination though.
    How generous of you to give away three skeins.
    I love the colours Ljusrosabelge 541, Ljuslila 561 and Ljusmint 580.
    I would be using it to try to make a little skirt for my (almost) 2 year old daughter.

  18. I can see why you love this yarn, it is beautiful. The colors are perfect and it makes a wonderful flower. I am a fan of purple so three variations of purple would be for me. I can see them hanging in a window all different levels, it would be beautiful,

  19. This is awesome! The yarn looks amazing, I'm going to have a look to see if I can order some too... Anyhoo, I LOVE the mintgreen(81) one, the lilac(62) one and the emerald green(84) one <3

  20. Lovely give away!
    I probably make flowers :)
    3 favorite colors: ljusbeige 507, blekgul 532, rosa 42

  21. I have read about cotton\acrylic blend yarn but I never used it. In your photos it does look soft and fun to crochet with. Since I only created amigurumi with cotton I wonder how it will turn out using this type of yarn.
    I would use "Jeans 569", "Lime 38" and "Gammelrosa 543" to make 3 space bunnies using this pattern:

  22. Great yarn - I love the colour selection!!! I am at a crochet class in April to learn - this would be perfect!! Red, Plommon 64 and Gron 86 are great colours! amycav at hotmail dot com

  23. I've never used cotton/acrylic yarn but the colours are yummy!
    I like #84,#35 and #48 - I'd make some crochet flowers!

  24. I am new to crochet and knitting...the yarn looks beautiful...I would make a granny square Christmas decoration with Vinrod 46, Hudfarg 505 and Skogsgron 584..really like your blog and Blessings to you and yours...thanks for the great

  25. oh boy I love all of them :) my favorite: nr. 38, , 37, 902.

    I would make some really sweet doll clothes for our darling niece Theresa 2 1/2 years old. She loves playing with her doll and ofcourse I, her auntie H loves to play with her :)

  26. So very hard to choose as they are all scrumptious colours, but I would probably go for Ljusrosa 41, Ljuslila 561 and Gammelrosa 543 (if available, if not Rosa 48). I would make this into a cushion, either with granny squares or stripes.
    Thank you so much for providing us with a very enjoyable read and for the giveaway:-)

  27. Hello - I have only just started crochet, a few short weeks ago. I was inspired by your granny square scarf that a saw on here and vowed to teach myself this year. If I were a lucky winner I would chose colours 88, 83 and 532 and make a granny square lap blanket or some cushion covers for my son's bed,

  28. Good Morning Annette from Alabama,

    My favorite colores are:
    #44 Ceris
    #63 Llung
    #48 Rosa

    Thank you for sharing your lovely blog with all of us.

  29. What a wonderful giveway! My favourite colors are morkturkos 88, vinröd 46 and blá 71. I'll make a scarf, maybe, using the maybelle pattern. My email is Eliane

  30. I like blue, green and pink.I would crochet more tea coasters as gifts.


  31. I love yarn that comes in many shades and colours! I haven't tried Tilda yet, but it sounds like a great yarn to work with. I'd like to crochet sunburst granny squares into a pillow cover using the lime (38), mintgrön (83) and grön (85).
    I've just recently found your blog and love it! Thanks for the inspiration, will definitely try to crochet the flowers. :)

  32. Oh what lovely colors! I think I would use this yarn to make some kitchen scrubbies! I think the combination of the cotton and acrylic would work well on some dishes. The colors I would choose would be Ljusgammeirosa, Turkos, Gragron. You can contact me at Thanks for this opportunity! Have a blessed day! Michelle

  33. Beautiful gave-away! I love getting to know new yarns!
    I'm curious about the orange (#35) - the mixed one (#902) - pink (#63)

  34. There are so many that are gorgeous but the #81, 70 and 79.
    I have a pattern for a scarf that would be such a great thing now that Winter has arrived.

  35. Lovely colors! My favorites are lime (38), ljusrosa (41) and ceris (44) and I would probably make a scarf or a granny-square cowl. But most of all I would really like to get a chance to try this yarn before I buy more myself :)

  36. So pretty, thank you for sharing. I would love mintgron 81, gragron 84, and gron 86. I would make some lacy fingerless gloves out of them.

  37. Oooh, such pretty colours! I would love a chance to win. The three colours I'd pick are: Ljung 63, Turkos 89 and Ljusgammelrosa 40 (think I spelt that last one right!!) Thanks for the chance!
    Maria x

  38. Ljus beige, ljus brun og camel er mine favoritter. De heklede blomstene er jo kjempesøte og jeg ser de for meg i de sarte fargene som applikasjon på et babyteppe. =)
    Hilsen Tone (tonebeb @ online . no) uten mellomrommene. =)

  39. This is my third attempt at this!
    Love all this yarn, beautiful colours! Difficult to choose! But choose I must so.....
    Morkilla 62
    Rose 48
    Ljusturkos 79
    Thanks for such a great giveaway! :) x

  40. Oooohhh... I would LOOOOOVE this! Have just decided to add some love to my brand-new office with a self-made crochet african flower cushion. There are two shop-bought cushions on the guest bed already in purples, greys and whites, so this is my pick: colour nos. 64, 563 and 561.
    And now I'll finger-cross for myself!

  41. So many of these colours are gorgeous, it's difficult to choose! The three that attract me today are: Ljuskorall 537, Rosa 42, Ljusturkos 79.
    I love the idea of a cotton/acrylic yarn. I too find pure cotton a little stiff and more difficult to work with than softer yarns. If I won them, I would use these lovely colours to make Maybelle flowers to hang against my windows for a spring-like look!

  42. Oh what a variety of colors!! I would go with 38, 83, 37, or maybe 83, 563, 62, or get the point, who can decide, they are all so lovely!! I think I would have to make some flower squares or rose squares for a small wrap or scarf.

  43. Now this was all great until you said 'tell me your 3', because that suddenly makes it very difficult! After much deliberation and umming and ahh-ing I'm going to go for: 537, 42 and 83 because then I could make some lovely little roses with leaves to decorate lots of lovely things with. Yes, I think that would be perfection!

    Thanks for the lovely giveaway :D

    S x

  44. My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was 10 years old, but I haven't done much since I finished the baby blanket for my first-born 24 years ago. 2013 is the year I get back to crochet and your blog is giving me lots of ideas.
    My favourite colours are Jeans 569, Morkturkos 88, and Gron 86.

  45. Oh boy....It's hard to narrow it down to 3 favorite colors!! So many are calling my name. However, I will choose 79, 88, and 89 to make a pillow or cowl. Thank you for the lovely give-away!!

  46. Thanks Annette for this Give Away! I prefer grön 85, turkos 89 and gamelrosa 543. I do not know what I would do with this yarn, I have so many projects in my mind to do ... I am convinced that whatever it was would be nice ... the colors are beautiful! Thank you, Annette!

  47. What a lovely giveaway! I think I'd pick 79, 81, and 87 to make some coasters and wash cloths for my friend who loves these colors.

  48. I love the yarn - so many possibilities - I would choose colours 33, 48 and 79 to make a shell dress for my beautiful grandaughter Ruth. Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  49. Oh my goodness so many comments...oh well it's worth a try: 38,41 and 70. I would make a baby girl hippie dress, for the yoke I would use your daisy square pattern and I would purchase some white 04 to put with it for the flower and the trim as I always put white with everything! :-) Thanks for sharing, Annette!

  50. Boy was it ever hard to pick just three! I would like to do a version of your granny square belt(super cute!) or maybe a stripey tote!
    My three picks are: Plommon 64, Jeans 569, Gammelrosa 543


  51. Hard to choose but i want to make a winnie the pooh amigurumi i was gonna attempt to do this without a pattern due to not finding one i like so my three colors would be 35, 46, and 70. thanks so much for the giveaway!!!

  52. I like the 70, 65, and 88 (I think) and I'd make a blanket for my soon-coming little one.

    lovelydomesticdiva (at) gmail (dot) com

  53. Tilda yarn! I love Tilda dolls and the name Tilda was exciting to see.
    I just love the colours 549, 541, 41 I would make a amigurumi bunny... thanks for the opportunity..

  54. wowww,beautiful flowers !!
    thanks for sharing them with us.:-)
    My favorite colours are rosa 42,71,83.
    I would love to make granny square blanket.

  55. Ohhh lovely colours,so hard to choose just three.I'd love to make a cushion for my couch/bed using no's.38,48 & 505.Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway :) Barb.

  56. Good morning,
    I love all those wonderful colors! If I won Id like ljuskorall 537, ljung 63, and rosa 48. I would use them to start my granddaughters spring wardrobe! They are so bright and happy!
    Thank you!

  57. Never worked in acrylic/cotton. But looks like is a very soft yarn. I have a big range of pink, lavender and blue so I would choose Naturvit 05. Korall 37, and Gragron 84. Thank you for your generous giveaway!

  58. They are all lovely but 37,83,84 are super cute for granny cushion

  59. I love them all...what a fabulous giveaway :-) I would make the maybelle flower with the yarn.
    I would be happy with any colours!

  60. What a sweet giveaway! And blog, by the way! I only just found you.

    If I were to be the luck winner I'd love: 549, 541 and 580. I think they'd make some wonderful granny square pillows or blanket:)


  61. They look like such lovely yarns - how to choose just three?!?! I would have to go with 541, 562 and 580 I think! Thank-you for such a lovely give away xx

  62. Such beautiful yarn. I'd love to make a tea cosy and cafetiere warmer with Morkilla 62, Mintgron 83 and Korall 37 :)

  63. I would make some baby hats out of 62, 88, and 584.

    urchiken at gmail dot com

  64. Oh, what a great giveaway!! :) and too much lovely colors! My favourite are: Gammelrosa 543, Camel 549 and Ljusmint 580 and I would like to use them for potholders or crochetbag.
    Thanks a lot for your lovely giveaway and have a great time! Jolana

  65. man this is just an awesome giveaway. My three favorite colors are turquoise, purple, and coral. thanks for the chance! I would use them in an afghan.

  66. Oh wow, what a great idea! I've only recently discovered your blog and I find it very inspiring! I only just started blogging myself, not a pro yet, I have to admit, but having fun and that's my main goal for now. Please check it out, it's called Oma Annie. As you can see from my blog, I'm renovating my house and once I'm settled, I would like to start crocheting a bedspread. Following my scandinavian/beach/naturals theme these three would make a great combination: jeans 569 + vit 04 + ljusgrabia 562, a bit raw, a bit faded and nice and edgy.

  67. Ahhhh how lovely :) makes me smile..

    I would chrochet a car for my boy

    My choose of colors:
    Turkos 89
    Röd 45
    Mintgrön 83

    Good luck to all ... Tessa

  68. FABULOUS!! Tough choice really. I love Ceris, Gragron and Ljusrosa! I think I'd probably use them on one of my blankets. I have a new pattern in mind... ;-)
    Thank you for a chance to win!!

  69. Difficult to choose, the colors are so pretty. I would love to make potholders, slippers or vest for my granddaughter . I like 62, 63 and 88.
    My Ravelry ID: syeda.

  70. Hi Annette!

    This yarn looks fabulous! I would make a blanket for my baby due at the end of March as I think the acrylic/cotton blend would be lovely and soft, yet practical and easier to wash! My favourite colours are light blue (65), jeans (569) and natural vit (05) - can you guess what sex my baby is?!!

    Love Cate xx

  71. Hello Annette, I would love to enter your give-away. I like the colours, 89,83 and 37. All shades I do not have any of. I think I would make something spring like, possibly flowers! thank you Heather x

  72. 86 88, and that first deep red one 45. I keep forgetting the numbers!! Its so hard to choose as they are all gorgeous. It would be lovely to try some new yarn. I think I would make a nice granny square cowl with it or a new granny square cushion.

  73. wow! I love number 40,41 and 42! perfect for a nice scarf :)

    Love, Kirsten

    ps you can reach me at kirsten [at] haakmaarraak [dot] nl !

  74. My favorite colours are
    I would use them to make a blanket for my baby boy. He will de born on February 14th

  75. Anette, thank you for so lovely giveaway. It seems to be very fine yarn. My favorite collors are 02 darkgrau, 48 rosa and 584 green. I'd love to make cosy for my smartphone or some cup-belts :-) Have a lovely week.

  76. The yarn looks scrummy, and you're right about the amazing colours! Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway. I really hope I win! I would like to make placemats and coasters in silver grey, mint green and turquoise (my new favourite colour scheme) using lacey motif squares and stripes. If my PC screen resolution is correct, that would be Mintgron 83, Turkos 89 and either Ijusgra 12 or Mellangra 08 (depending on which one is closest to silver grey).

  77. oh it's perfect Annette! Love love love a good range of delicious colors. To get me in spring mood, I would say my favorites are Vit 04, Ljuskorall 537, Ismint 87.

    I will share this on my FB page too!


  78. Hi there! Lovely blog and wonderful colors. I likeHudfarg 505, Ljusrosa 41 e rosa42.
    I would love to win this giveaway.

    Kisses from Portugal


    email adress:

  79. 64, 562 & 580 ... I'd crochet a flower scarf.

  80. Dear Annette, it's again a wonderful give away, so kind of you!! :) I would choose the Gul 33, Ljung 63, Mörkturkos 88 colors and I would make a happy summery baby blanket.
    Love, Sophie (

  81. What a lovely give away. My favorite colours would be orange 35 rosa 48 and turkos 89. I would make little owls for my pay/craft it forward project. That would be so lovely :)
    My email is

  82. I would love the Turkos 89, Lime 38, and Korall 37- maybe for some granny sqaures... Thank you for the opportunity!

  83. Would love to make with this yarn some coasters and tissue box cover. The colours are lovely, and here is my favorite colors:
    35 Orange
    48 Rosa
    79 Ljusturkos

    Have a sunny day!

  84. Beautiful yarn! The lilac, lime and rose are a few of my favorites. I think they'd look great for making a flowery garland to hang on a shelf.

  85. Ohh, nearly missed this!
    I would certainly have a go at some of those gorgeous flower coasters you show, in coral, lime and pale turquoise if I were lucky enough to win, and also make a spring coloured blanket!
    Lovely yarns and a great giveaway Annette!
    Gill xx

  86. What a fab array of color, it's so hard to narrow down to just three but here goes, Lila-61, Ljujeans-66, Bla-71. I'm not sure what I would make, maybe a small triangle granny throw.

  87. Great giveaway.
    I think Rose, Turkos and Cream are the best, love them and really, all the beautiful shades shown.
    What a beautiful crochet throw they will make.

  88. Always wanted to try crocheting a lacy edging to some handmade pillowcases. This yarn looks perfect. Would have to choose the colours 45, 532 and 89 as these are my favourite colours. Thanks. Amy x
    Email address :

  89. So pretty!! Would love to make baby hats :) colors I like are 61, mint green, any purple:) thank you!

  90. Such beautiful yarn and such a nice give away. I would choose colors #580,88, and 81 to make some of your beautiful flower coasters! Pat. email: mprutland1 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  91. I'm from Italy and i love crochet and all of kind of yarn. For my next granny squares blanket i like: MORKILLA 62 - MINTGRON 81 - BLA' 71 but i love your coasters too.........many many thanks. Simona

  92. What a pretty colours!! I would choose nr. 04, 40 and 41 and crochet or knit something for our baby (expected in June). I love your blog, go on :).

  93. Hade inte tänkt vara med men nu ångrar jag mig, så fina färger så jag kan inte låta bli. Jag skulle vilja vinna gröna garner och göra en liten väska med olika virkade blommor, eller en sjal som vi pratade om, det hade varit fräckt.
    Kramar till dig, min enda bloggare, så syns vi imorgon. Emma

  94. I would like color 580, 12 and 04, for a baby blanket :)


  95. I would be so happy if I win and get a chance to work with this lovely yarn.
    They're all such lovely colours!!!
    I would use Nr 88, Nr 81 and Nr 84 to make a hat and mittens for my little nephew. It's his very first birthday soon..
    I've never won anything in my life... So trying not to get my hopes up (but have my fingers crossed none the less)
    My email: kuchiimuchii at gmail dot com
    Greetings from holland!

  96. Beautiful yarn!
    My favorites are Mintgrön 81, Ljusrosa 41 and Blekgul 532.
    I would use them to make crocheted coasters.


  97. Such beautiful colours = very difficult choice, but since I'm planning on making little hearts for my daughter's room I've chosen ceris 44, ljung 63 and rosa 48. And now thumbs up!!

  98. Hello,I m french and i love love love your blog, a bientot :)
    Carole alias péché mignon

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  102. Jeans 569 is probably my favorite! Hard to pick just one from such a great list of choices! Very cool that you're doing a giveaway!


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