Thursday, March 28, 2013

Blog lovin'

Dear My Rose Valley readers and blog friends.
I will make this a short one as it is boring tech stuff but still a necessity to address.

Google Reader is shutting down in July which mean we have to find an alternativ way
of following our favorite blogs.

It looks like most people are choosing Blog Lovin' as their first new choice
and I have been signed up there myself for a long time. It is a great place.

If you aren't already signed up with Blog Lovin' you can easy do it here or click on the logo above. And then you can continue to follow My Rose Valley and all your favorite blogs easy in one place.

You can of course follow me by emailor any other Web Feed that you choose.

You can find my following choices in my right margin.

Good luck.



  1. Don't panic... it is not Google Friends that is shutting down but Google Reader :
    Blogger Reading List and Google Reader are two separate items. When you follow a blog via GFC it puts that blog in both lists. After July, it will only be in your Blogger Reading List (homepage). The GFC widget is not going to disappear.

  2. Thank you for posting this. I was ignorant of the Google reader news because I thought I didn't use it. ;) I joined bloglovin and realized ALL my blog following came from Google reader. How did I manage to miss the connection I do not know. So thanks again.

  3. seems like we are all doing it !!

  4. I didn't know Blog Lovin', I chose another alternative, but thank you for the link.

  5. Thanks, this was really helpful..


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