Thursday, June 27, 2013


I am taking Emmy to school after lunch. She is sitting like a lady on the bicycle bar in front of me on the bike (highly illegal and lots of fun!!!) and we go fast down the road. We pretend to be a race car making race car noises, changing gear, top gear, low gear. Stop and beep beep. I let her off and she runs into class. I sit up to go back home. And start making race car noises. On my own. Without a child on my bicycle bar. I am embarrassed to say, but that is what motherhood does to you.

Me and two friends took a trip across the boarder to France to visit a big craft store and have lunch together. It was a precious outing as we seldom get to have time for ourselves without kids... We chatted in the car about this and that when I spotted a parachuter gliding in the sky.
"Look!!! Parachuter!!!" I shout and my girlfriends look at me like I am a weirdo and burst into laughter. Because I have no child in the car today who wants to see a parachuter, only two girl friends who thinks this is hilarious... That is what motherhood does to you.

And when I go shopping, walking up and down the isles of food, I sometimes find myself humming:
"Na nah nah nah. Na nah nah nah. Elmo's world... Hum hum hum. Nah nah nah nah..." or any other children's cartoon intro... I think I know at least a dozen different ones by heart... I guess it would be more cool to hum a pretty melody from the pop charts but... This is what motherhood does to you.

Or what about the times you've gone for a walk with your baby in the pushchair and met a friend who wants to hold him/her, and while she is chatting and holding your baby you find yourself still rocking the pushchair although it is as empty as it can be... All the things that we do... Beacuse that is what motherhood does to you.

Motherhood... Fantastic. Embarrassing. Challenging. It owns you, it is under your skin, in your dreams in every breath you take. Everything is about them. It is the hardest work you will ever do. And the most important one. Lets spend more time together checking out parachuters, humming kids cartoon intros and pretending to be motorcycles. One day it will be all quiet around here... I acn't even imagine what it will be like...


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  1. Oh so very true! I used to exclaim - "There's a train" for many months when I saw one, when Matt had started school and I was in the car on my own. If I'm honest, if he's in the car now with me, I might still point something out - tractor, train etc - he's 15 now and not quite so excited as when he was 2!! :) Motherhood indeed!! x

  2. Hi Annette what a lovely post, enjoyed your pictures they are just so nice. Have a wonderful day
    Lots of love

  3. I can so relate to your post! My kids are a little older, so I am a little more down that journey, and it's exactly like you say!

  4. Åh vilken härlig blogg! Älskar bakgrunden och headern, och alla pyssliga tips såklart! Wow!

  5. Lovely post Annette. I remember once my SIL (who does not have kids), asked me how I was. It was a tough day, one of my sons was ill. I said, "We are not having a great day". And she said, "We"? And we got into a conversation about losing my identity. I didn't lose it, I gained it and it is called Motherhood. If your kids are ill, sad, scared, happy, angry,confused, joyful so are you. You mood is directly related to them.
    Thanks for this post.

  6. even this is what motherhood does to you.....sigh....
    xxxxxxx Ale

  7. Oh yes, that'ts what motherhood is!

    I remember how i use to sway my youngest back and forth softly, holding her when she was
    crying, while waiting at the schoolyard for her sisters.
    I kept doing the swaying move even if i didn't hold her...people must have think i was crazy ;-)
    Today my youngest had her last day at toddlerschool, oh my.
    Motherhood and milestones.

    Lovely post, thank you xxx

  8. Oh you made me laugh today Annette, it's funny because it's so true! I've done all these things too... well not the bike one... yet. I love that you made race car noises for yourself, a much more fun way to ride a bike.

    S x

  9. Ah yes, I can identify with all of these things. I have dropped my grandson off at school, and found myself still singing along to the kids CD for miles down the one in the car by me!
    xo Kris

  10. Innan man vet ordet av är ungarna stora och utflugna och maken och jag "lallar runt" för oss själva i en tyst lägenhet och hoppas att barnbarnen snart ska komma och hälsa på. Då får man leka racerbil igen :-)

  11. I can sooo identify with the rocking the baby carriage without the baby..except I did it with a shopping cart...LOL

  12. I have all this to look forward to! My little boy is only 4 weeks old.

  13. That is so so so true. What a lovely post! Thank you so much. Nicolexxx

  14. "Motherhood... Fantastic. Embarrassing. Challenging. It owns you, it is under your skin, in your dreams in every breath you take. Everything is about them. It is the hardest work you will ever do. And the most important one"

    I feel exactly the same - Being a Mam makes me feel whole - it is my reason for living.

  15. What a wonderful post!!
    It is so true!
    Thank you so much and lots of love
    from Northern Germany

  16. A wonderful post! It brought so many good times with my son. We used to sing the Winnie the Pooh song, and occasionally I catch myself singing or humming it even now. My son is 29.

  17. Funny! I do uninhibited things too then realise when it is too late! The world through children's eyes is so much more rewarding.

  18. Lol I did and still do all those things, it use to be id talk like Charlie and Lola and sing Disney tunes now i find myself humming one direction songs and watching you tubers like zoella (without my daughter)


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