Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mollie Makes Crochet in my mailbox

I'm feeling a bit under the water this Saturday so I am ready to let go of all plans and Have To's and just snuggle up underneath my homemade blankets with some luscious crochet WiP's I have going on.

The kettle will make me hot tea all day through and on and off I will watch listen some silly show on TV while my eyes will concentrate on my crochet stitches.

My son Luca Bo has a stomach bug, resting next to me on our big sofa. All snuggled up underneath a Tilda quilt with a bowl ready next to him. Just in case. If you are a mother you know what it is like... The girls are playing with friends and my man is working all day. It is quiet in the house. And I feel a bit guilty as I don't have the energy to do a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g that probably needs to be done. But, hey. Sometimes we just have to "check out" from daily duties, right?

I will flick through the pages of my lovely surprise gift from Beata at Rosehip, Mollie Makes Crochet book. THANK YOU!!!! You are spoiling me across the Atlantic sea. Love, love, love!!!

It arrived a few days ago and I have to say it is a really lovely crochet book. Great projects, pictures and instructions. Beata has contributed with her famous crochet edgings she uses for her baby blankets and pillow cases. Divine!!! You can buy her beautiful creations in Rosehip Etsy Shop.

Beata is rubbing shoulders with other big crochet designers and bloggers like Emma Lamb, Anita Mundt, Ilaria Chiaratti to mention some of the other contributors amongst the 15 projects that are shared. I would like to try a crochet trim project and maybe one of the flowers featured... A pot holder?

The book is perfect for a beginner but also the more experienced crocheter with the big chapter at the end with techniques, tips and tricks thoroughly explained in detail. I highly recommend this book for any aspiring crocheter or crafty friend. It ha some surprises up it sleeve as well, not just the basics some of us already knows.

So while I am hooking away on a current WiP, I hope you have a lovely crafty Saturday where you live. Maybe all snuggled up like me. Or not. Lets have a cup of tea shall we. There is always time for that. ANd maybe I will feel better tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Annette, sorry to hear both you and your son are unwell. Looking on the bright side, atleast you can snuggle down with your son and enjoy looking through your lovely new book and doing some crochet without feeling guilty.
    I've got a germ too so am similarly taking some guilt-free time out.
    Hope you feel better soon
    Gill xx

  2. I immediately added this book to my "I want this" list. Looks fab. Hope everyone feels better. Enjoy your lazy weekend.

  3. Oh no, I hope you and your son feel better soon! That ol tummy bug is the pits! We have been down with bad colds here at my house! So stuffy. I am still in my warm bed, just going to do what you are doing today!
    I can't wait to get my hands on that new book!!!
    xo Kris

  4. Aw - hope you're feeling better. Got to be up to speed for your birthday (saw your comment on Coco Rose's blog) - 14th is my son's birthday too. Love the Mollie Crochet book - may have to treat myself to (another) belated birthday pressie. I'm building up to another crochet blanket, but have a mountain of quilting orders to get through first! Have a good week.

  5. Hi Annette,

    Such a beautiful gift from your friend! I bought the same book recently. It's really lovely!

    Hope you and your son will be feeling better soon. Take care!

    Madelief x

  6. take care, both of you, all snuggled up!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  7. Hope you're feeling better today and can enjoy your weekend. X

  8. Hope you and your son feel better very soon. Take it easy and relaxing under all those lovely blankets.

    Take care!

    Lluisa x

  9. Hello Annette, sorry to hear you're feeling unwell - but don't feel guilty about putting all the have-to's aside so you can get better, you need to be kind to yourself. I hope your son will be on the mend soon too. I actually won this book in Beatas give-away and it arrived when I had flu and was a fab tonic for me. Because of this I'm having a giveaway on my blog this week with an item I have made from this book so if you or any or your friends fancy popping over to comment it would be great to see you!! ( excuse the link, I don't usually do this on comments but I just wanted to make it easier for you all to get to me if you want to :0) Samxxx

  10. Hello Lovely Annette, keep warm and cosy and look after yourself. Sending you big hugs

  11. Oh, the bowl and quilt scenario, I know it well! ;-) And of course you should be snuggled up on the sofa with crochet - you can't wander off to do any chores when a little one has a stomach bug, at any moment they could need you by their side...I hope you're all better soon! And thank you so much for the little review of the book, I'd seen it but wasn't sure if it was only aimed at beginners. I'm quite keen to try out crochet edging on a napkin or something, it's just so pretty! Take care, Chrissie x

  12. Ooh, lucky you (on the book winning part) but sorry to hear about your poorly self and boy. Put work aside and look after yourselves guilt free. Chores can wait a few days - let's face it, they won't go anywhere! ;)

    S x

  13. Dearest Annette,

    Thanks for the lovely writeup... So happy that you're enjoying the book! Hope you're feeling better...

    Take care,
    Beata xox


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