Sunday, February 23, 2014

Breakfast in blue

Tilda yarn from bottom left:
Light yellow No 033, Creamy white No 005, Dark green No 086, Denim No 071, Bright blue No 070, Chalk blue No 562.
A zebra blue Primrose in a second hand blue and white pot, Dutch style,  decorates my table. I have my breakfast tea, with half a spoon of sugar, in a blue and white thrifted tea cup, British style... one of my most favorite cups.

Rice Crispies and milk with a handfull of fresh blueberries is served in a blue and white bowl from Åhléns in Sweden. All nicely put on a hand sewn round place mat with lace edging.

I stir my tea with a silver spoon borrowed from the man in the house... A Christmas stocking filler bought at Milk & Honey Luxuries on Etsy.

I am flicking through a Swedish book with Scandinavian/French deco ideas...My roots... Every photo feels so familiar and comfortable to me.

It is a breakfast in blue today. Blue as in the color, not the mood. The mood is rather happy in pink.
This is luxury.

Tilda Yarn inspired by this post:
Light yellow No 033

Creamy white No 005
Dark green No 086
Denim No 071
Bright blue No 070
Chalk blue No 562

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  1. Definitely not blue in mood but blue in beauty. My favourite colour... Which whispers of the waves to me x x

  2. Looks like a perfect time to savour. I've never seen a zebra primrose before - beautiful x Jane

  3. Hi Annette - your photos are so pretty and like a breath of fresh air. Your still my heart. Aren't blueberries a gift from heaven :) Hugs, Deb

  4. What a lovely colour primrose - I haven't seen one that colour before. I love Swedish/French design and although it is definitely not my roots it is my favourite style. Blue and white china is also something that makes me very happy. Have a lovely Sunday. xxx

  5. Such pretty blues Annette!

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  6. Gorgeous images and wonderful inspiration drawn from lovely yarn. Love all the blue and being such a fan of primroses I have been admiring mine in the garden too. Stunning! xo

  7. Your breakfast looks lovely, in the blue! I love that spoon too, I would have borrowed it as well!! xx

  8. Very pretty pics, the flowers are stunning, as is the yarn...the deco book...even the Rice Krispies! Lovely way to start the week...Chrissie x

  9. What a lovely post :) How different the simple daily routines are when we notice the beauty around us:) The little things in life that...added up make a beautiful oasis in the day...or in this case the beginning of the day :) xxx

  10. Such pretty photos Annette, I've never seen a blue primula before - amazing - and I love the flower pot it's standing in. Have a good week.
    Jane x


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