Friday, February 21, 2014

Some cut off ends...

Some cut off ends in pretty colors.
Makes me happy.
Some cut off ends of smooth cotton.
I can't throw them away.
Some yarn scraps in a pile.
Speaks to so many.
You want to touch it.
You don't want to take your eyes of it.
You want to have it.
Collect it.
In a jar maybe.
Use as stuffing.
Fill a bird feeder with scraps for spring birds to build colorful nests.
Someone said, bring them to school for the kids to craft with.
Someone else made a yarn bowl.
I just look it at it.
For now.
Feeling happy and warm inside.
Sighing out loud.
Cutting some or ends.
The pile is growing.
Only you get this.
And me.
Some cut off threads in pretty colors really are very special.


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  1. Haha, I understand completely. I have a bowl full of beautiful yarn ends sitting on a shelf. My family think I'm crazy.

  2. Thank you Annette for the idea and the links in your blog. I have a large glass sweet jar that I keep my ends in, but it is getting full - now I know what I can make with them.
    S xx

  3. I totally understand. I have lots in a bowl on my desk!

  4. YES!! Yes, they are! So I'm not the only one to think this!! Jen

  5. I too find joy in the sight of ends! xxxxx

  6. I had thought about saving my ends for the birds to use, but at the moment they are all acrylic which I am not sure would be very good for them if they ate it by mistake, but when I have some natural yarn I will definitely consider it! xx

  7. I love the idea of helping the birds decorate their nests. So pretty. Deb

  8. Ha ha, I know exactly what you mean, I get a little sentimental about a collection of sweet coloured ends sometimes too! Aren't we silly? Although I think it's a good thing to take joy from the little things in life, so maybe not so silly!

    S x

  9. Your 'Ode to Yarn Ends' is as pleasing to read as those yarns are to look at! :-) Have a lovely weekend! Chrissie x

  10. This is too funny because I ACTUALLY have a jar with cut up ends in pretty colors :)

    Have a great weekend :)

  11. I live ends too. I agree with every thought. Birds share them with me !

  12. I have done the bird nest idea....yes...color in the trees ♥♥

  13. Well I like to try and not have ends! Luckily most of the things I make are small and use up ends. Embroidery with them is good too. And if it can't be helped I use them as stuffing then I know they are still there and useful even though they can't be seen! :)

  14. Annette, I love your yarn ends post! I too love the look of those - mostly - colorful ends. And thank you for mentioning my yarn bowl! Have a great weekend! Love, Marianne

  15. woolly ends are not as special as bloggy friends :o)

  16. I mix my yarn ends with Max's hair and stuff a grapevine wreath ball, hang in a tree for all the lovely birds to help build their nests with.

  17. yes I am just the same. I am keeping them in a little basket for one day when I come up with a great idea xoxo


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