Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A simple and quick crochet project

On a summer day - may it be at home in your garden, on your balcony, by the pool in a Mediterranean destination or on your sofa a rainy afternoon - it is nice with a small and speedy crochet project. A quick color therapy fix. Simple stitches, a no brainer.

The Darling Crochet Flower is that type of crochet project. I whipped up this garland in a couple of hours at the most. It will bring some prettiness to the guest house at the Swedish summer house. The guest house that was built for me and my family in the garden as we all have grown out of the main house... This garland will bring that little extra that makes us feel even more comfortable and at home, relaxed and just simmering vacation happy.

You can find the tutorial of the Darling Crochet Flower here and just like the Maybelle Garland, you assemble it all with a string of chain stitches - 60 chains, 5 chains between petals, 15 chains between flowers. See the tutorial on How To Make a Maybelle Garland here. Make as many flowers you want, 5 for a baby stroller, 15 for a window, 25 for above your King Size bed... Decorate bags and dresses with Darling Crochet Flowers this summer. Or your sunhat. I think that would look lovely.

Happy Summer!

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  1. These are so cute! I've made them before to decorate a dress (instead of a brooch). Unfortunately, it's so hot here in Greece in the summer that crochet is out of the question. The yarn makes my fingers sweat. :( Thanks again for the pattern!

  2. Lovely flowers. They will look great in your guest house.

  3. Too cute! I believe I will make a lovely garland! Thank you Annette!

  4. you can't beat a garland can you :) Lovely colours too :)

  5. I agree that garland make your room more comfortable. It is like sun when it is raining.
    I have garlands at home and I made a little one for my little miss' dollhouse.
    Thank you for the ideas with flowers.

  6. great idea. I have been wanting to make some coasters. I could sit outside and do that easily. Thanks for the inspiration.So much simpler than trying to drag all my water colour stuff out there. Love your blog and following now

  7. Oi Annette,estou fazendo suas flores,breve te mostrarei.Feliz sábado.Beijo.Valéria.

  8. Really cute! Pinned it to one of my popular boards!


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