Monday, August 25, 2014

Free Pattern: Sun Hat Crochet Band

I made this cute little decorative Sun Hat Crochet Band to spice up my straw hat on hot summer days, and I thought you could make the same thing for your sun hat before summer is all gone or before your summer starts. It is a simple, quick and fun project perfect for using up left over yarn and scraps as you don't need that much of each color. 

Time approx. 1 hour
- Level ♥♥ (Intermediate)

You will need:
♥︎ A sun hat, preferably straw hat of some kind.
♥︎ Colorful Sport Weight yarn (I have used Tilda yarn, a cotton/acrylic mix from my Yarn Shop.)
♥︎ Crochet hook 3 mm/ D (US)
♥︎ Darning needle
♥︎ A pair of scissors

Abbreviations UK/US
ch - chain UK/US
dc/sc - double crochet UK/single crochet US
dtr/tr - double treble UK/treble US
pc - popcorn stitch*

sl st - slip stitch
st/sts - stitch/stitches

Special Stitch Instruction*
Popcorn stitch:
Make 5dtr (UK)/5tr (US) in the same stitch. Drop the loop from the hook. Insert the hook in the top of the first dtr (UK)/tr (US) of the 5-dtr (UK)/tr (US) group made. Pick up the dropped loop. Draw through all loops on hook. Chain 1.

Foundation: Ch 6, close with a sl st in the first ch to make a ring.

Row 1:
Ch 1 (does not count as a stitch), make 12 dc (UK)/12sc (US) into the ring, close with a sl st in your first dc (UK)/sc (US). You should have 12 sts in total in the ring. Cut your yarn and fasten off ends.

Row 2:

Join a new color leaving a tail of approx 6-7 inches/10-12 cm and ch 4 (counts as your first dtr (UK)/tr (US). Make 4 dtr (UK)/4tr (US) in the same st.

Pull up the loop on your last dtr (UK)/tr (US) and pull out your hook to drop the loop. Now insert your hook in the fourth ch of your "first" dtr (UK)/tr (US), fetch the dropped loop and pull through all loops on your hook. Chain 2 to secure and move forward. You have made a 5-dtr (UK)/5-tr (US) popcorn stitch.

Skip 1 st, make another 5-dtr (UK)/5-tr (US) popcorn stitch in the following stitch, skip 1 stitch etc. Continue until end of row. Finish with chaining 2 and closing the row on the back of your first popcorn stitch with a sl st. You should have 6 popcorn stitches in total. Cut your yarn and leave a tail of approx 6-7 inches/10-12 cm. Don't fasten off yet.

Joining Popcorn Flowers:
Make approx. 13-14 Popcorn Flowers in total, depending on the size of the hat, and join them all together to a band. Join your flowers with the left over tails matching one petal from one flower between two petals of the next flower. Just simply thread the yarn tail on a darning needle and sew the flowers together making a couple of stitches between all three joining petals for best result. Fasten off left over ends and cut yarn.

TIPS 1: To secure the flower band on your sunhat, attach the Popcorn flower Band by hand with a few slip stitches to the hat evenly around.

TIPS 2: Make Popcorn Flowers to decorate a tank top, T-shirt or plain dress. Lovely!


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  1. Thanks for sharing! This band of flowers will look great almost anywhere.

  2. Thanks for this pattern! I have a sun hat that this would be perfect for.

  3. Aww super cute thanks for sharing
    Clare x

  4. Un chapeau, le soleil et la mer!
    Rien de plus pour l'été et c'est parfait.

  5. Love this idea, thanks Annette ^_^

  6. I love the choice of colors you've used and such a quick project. :)

  7. Thankyou for sharing, I love the 3D effect of the flower petals :)

  8. very pretty flowers! would be fun attaching a couple to a crochet bag ♥

  9. Thanks so much for the pattern...they look awesome on your hat <3 So many possibilities!
    Smiles, DianeM

  10. Thank you for another cute and free pattern. :-D

  11. An amazing 3d effect, very clever addition to a sunhat.

  12. A perfect addition to your hat and I'm in awe of you finding time for tutorials during the holidays too - such a busy bee!

    S x

  13. Super cute: a must-make! Thanks for sharing! Marianne xx

  14. great !
    Greetings from Poland :)

  15. SO summery and fresh. Thank you, Annette, once again for sharing your talent!

  16. This is very cute! Thanks for sharing.


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