Friday, August 29, 2014

When school started and a scarf WiP

First week of school is coming to an end. It has been intense. Nelly Bo walked out the door with a breeze of perfume and mascara on her eyelashes, skinny high waisted jeans looking glorious... I let her go and said: "Let's talk about this when you get back home...". She is after all only 12.

Luca Bo jumped out of his skin in excitement and ran down the road. Came back home declaring that he did well in school because the teacher did not scream at him! That tells you something about teachers in the part of Switzerland where I live, doesn't it? It is strict. I don't mind strict, I actually prefer strict instead of too liberal and wishy-washy, but screaming and putting fear into the kids I don't approve with. Especially not for a sensitive child like my boy. Believe me, I have made noise about it - with no luck I am afraid. Instead I am preparing my boy for real life, that sometimes this is how it is and that we just have to be pro-active to avoid the hard situations... Like making sure no homework is forgotten, that no small talk and disturbing behaviour is used in class... What else can I do than building my boys confidence in handling what is not fair, not nice and sometimes very hard...???

Emmy Bo was more hesitant stepping out the door. Holding my hand firmly as she was nervous to not find her new classroom. In the end it was the same classroom as last year and from now on she walks on her own. That is big. I look at her and see Emmy Bo who is four but I have to remind myself that the four year old now is seven. It is time to let the little one grow up a bit. It is hard because she will always be a four year old for me... Even at 17, I guess. I now understand what people talk about when they talk about their youngest to be the "baby"...

And when school begins I play catch up at home. It has been lots of cleaning and washing, organizing and boring maintenance appointments such as car service, dental care etc... In between I've been working simple "no-brainer" stitches on my Drops Cotton Light Scarf, which is coming together very nicely. I love the color palate, it is so Swedish to me. Like Carl Larsson. How I wish I could find this color theme in a different cotton yarn. For you have followed for a while might remember how much this yarn splits and makes it hard to work with for a crocheter. My Drops Cotton Light review was not the happiest one... But I do love the texture when it is worked liked this. It is soft and glorious.

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my Sun Hat Crochet Band Pattern. It has been a pleasure to share it with you a nd I am hoping you will show me on Instagram if you make one. #SunHatCrochetBand, I would love to see how yours turned out.


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  1. I often think school is made for girls who sit still and do not fidget in their seats. It is hard for boys who want to learn but need some action. Bless his heart. Glad your first week went well.

  2. Good luck working with the Drops Light yarn - too splitty for me to use ever again!
    Maybe Luca Bo's teacher is just setting the ground rules, and things will settle down and be more pleasant for him soon. Enjoy your weekend. x

  3. Loving the colour way, have never used Droos cotton light, don't think I'll bother now either!
    Glad back-to-school went mostly smoothly. Our back-to-school is next week, I have one starting secondary school, must confess I am a bit anxious, never mind the children!

  4. I think school is an ordeal no matter where or for whom, the child or parent. I hope your son continues to have a good experience in school. I've not tried Drops cotton, but I hate working with splity yarn.

  5. My girls go back this week...but they really don't want to! I've still some drops light left might give this one a go! :) xxx

  6. I really appreciate to read from you on this: school start.
    My kids start school tomorrow and it is kind of excitement for them and a big stress for me.
    They are ready and love school. Me too but it is like a race every day for me.
    They go in the same school but in two different places as my little one is in the first year school, he is 5. And I drive them to eat at home every day.
    Nothing done for mum who wants their kids to eat at home so it is hard..
    So I need to install a new routine. And I understand when you talk about laundry, and organizing maintenance.. so a part of my life..
    Have a great school year....
    Miss xx

  7. It always takes a bit of work to find a new rythem after the vacation is over and "regular" life starts again.

    Im glad to read that I am not the only one NOT in love with the Drops cottons.. It's not nice to work with.. but the color's are lovely..

  8. I hate it when yarn splits when being crocheted. It even looks like it will split. Thankfully the finished article is looking very lovely.

  9. Goodness, another full on week as a Mama, even when they are at school then! We are more at the uncertain, holding hand stage, except that as my baby will be starting Middle School, I don't suppose hand-holding is really acceptable any more. Not that my girl cares too much I don't think, but I don't want the others to make fun of her either. Growing up sure is hard to do!

    S x

  10. I assure you there is a wide gap between the French and the German part of Switzerland when it comes to school. It's a matter of respect and a general understanding of teaching and learning. I am very sad to hear that you speak of Swiss schools in gerenal. It's not the rules. And no, school is not an ordeal. I just came home from school after a very pleasant morning with my students, which is normal. No screaming, no fear, but learning in a positive and reassuring environment.
    I'm also sad to hear that your son had bad experiences. They may say something about your son's teacher but not about Swiss teachers in general.


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