Friday, December 19, 2014

FREE PATTERN: Christmas Sweet Heart

There are not many days left until Christmas but there is still plenty of time to make some Christmas Sweet Hearts to decorate the tree, give to a friend or make as a garland.

The pattern is based on my simple Sweet Heart Pattern and I have added festive shiny beads and an extra row to make the heart more bigger and a bit more stable. Lets get started!



Time approx. 15 minutes
- Level ♥♥ (Intermediate)

You will need:
♥︎ Shiny red beads that can be threaded on your yarn.
♥︎ Christmas red Sport Weight/4ply yarn (I have used Tilda yarn, a cotton/acrylic mix from my Yarn Shop.)
♥︎ Crochet hook 2,5mm-3 mm/ C-D (US)
♥︎ Darning needle
♥︎ A pair of scissors

Abbreviations UK/US
ch - chain UK/US
dc/sc - double crochet UK/single crochet US
dtr/tr - double treble UK/treble US
sl st - slip stitch
st/sts - stitch/stitches

Left picture: Thread 9 shiny beads on to your yarn and push them down towards the yarn ball out of the way.
Middle picture: Follow the Sweet Heart Pattern making Row 1 and almost finishing Row 2.
Right picture: When at the last corner of Row 2 it is time to add a bead. See the illustration above where beads will be inserted in the next row.

Left picture: At the last corner ch1 and then lead a bead up to your hook.
Middle picture: Make sure to have the bead close to your chain stitch and make another chain stitches around the bead.
Right picture: Finish with another chain stitch after the bead, all snug and neat. Continue to follow the Sweet Heart Pattern for Row 3 (dc/sc in every stitch until next corner, slip stitch in corner - 3 dtr/tr in fourth stitch from hook...)

Left picture: Pull up another bead close to your stitch
Middle picture: Yarn over twice for the next dtr/tr.
Right picture: Insert your hook in the same stitch as your previous 3 dtr/tr stitches.

Left picture: Fetch yarn (4 loops on your hook).
Middle picture: Fetch yarn and pull through 2 loops, repeating this twice and making sure the bead stays at the top for the last pull-through movement.
Right picture: Finish the heart curves making 2dtr/tr in between every added bead (Right curve: 3dtr/tr - add bead - 2dtr/tr - add bead - 2dtr/tr - add bead- 2dtr/tr -add bead - 2dtr/tr). Slip stitch in corner from previous row (see Sweet Heart Pattern) and repeat for the next curve (Left curve: 2dtr/tr - add bead - 2dtr/tr - add bead - 2dtr/tr - add bead- 2dtr/tr -add bead - 3dtr/tr). Slip stitch in last corner. Now all beads are on the back side of your work but we will fix that in a second.

 Push the beads to the front, I twist them slightly in place.

Last Row:
• Ch1 (doesn't count as a stitch), dc/sc in next 7 stitches.
• 1htr/hdc - 1tr/dc in space in front of bead - ch1 above bead - 1tr/dc - 1htr/hdc in space after the bead.
• Dc/sc in next 11 stitches up until the first bead in the curve.
• Make 2dc/sc in every bead stitch and 1dc/sc in stitch between beads.
• Finish curve with dc/sc in last 2 stitches - slip stitch in stitch in between heart curves.
• Make dc/sc in next 2 stitches.
• Make 2dc/sc in every bead stitch and 1dc/sc in stitch between beads.
• Finish curve with dc/sc in last 3 stitches.

Cut yarn and make a neat finish by securing the last stitch by stitching from the front to the back in the first dc made and then back into your last stitch. Fasten off on the back. 

Your heart is finished! Now you can either make a loop to hang your heart on the Christmas tree (Join yarn between the heart curves, crochet 20-30 chains and slip stitch in between the heart curves to create a loop for hanging.) or you can make many and turn them into a garland following the instructions for the Maybelle Flower Garland or use them to decorate your gifts as they are. Try blocking and starching them for better appearance on the tree!

Thank you for visiting today and I really hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. Please use hashtag #ChristmasSweetHeart and #myrosevalley or if you share in social media.  I would love to see your interpretations. Imagine these Sweet Hearts in silver for New Years eve... Or in white with pearls...


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  1. This looks so lovely. Hope to fine this a go over the weekend. Thank you for sharing.

  2. What a sweet heart to add to the holiday cheer! Thanks for sharing, love the bead additions. May have to whip up a few for gift tags in red and white. Also in thinking ahead for Valentines day. Happy Holidays! x

  3. Så himla fint med de små pärlorna!
    Snart jullov förresten, och äntligen ska jag sätta igång med dina torgvantar!

  4. They are so sweet, thankyou for sharing :)

  5. Thank you and Happy Holidays to you and your family. I've been wanting to try crochet with beads and this looks like the perfect project to do just that. Very sweet.

  6. Cute hearts! I like the shiny beads addition, it gives them that extra festive look!
    Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas! Sandra x

  7. thank you for this sweet heart!!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale


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