Monday, May 2, 2016

Last week(s) of April

A lot has happened lately, hasn't it? The raps fields fell into full bloom turning the landscape in to gold. Spreading their honey fragrance to my delight when riding up and down the hills for some exercise on my bike. Pure beauty!

Prince died! I'm speechless... 59 is way to young. Death seem to be very close to me right now... I mean, not that I knew Prince but he was a super star!!! Hearing his songs playing over and over again the last couple of weeks brings so many memories back from my mid teens... What a waste to let him go. Pure talent...

I bought spring blossoms on a whim and you helped me with advice on Instagram. Social media at its best! Thank you so much. I haven't planted them yet but will soon do. Just waiting for that stubborn Mr Winter to stop interupting my garden plans with frost one day and sun the other... Go away Mr Winter - Go away!

I enjoyed a Craft club morning  with the greatest chicks! Lots of coffee, cookies and crocheting but most of all chatting away like girls do and forgetting the time... Got a bit late for the school run that lunch. Pure joy!

I released the much longed for Maybelle Baby Blanket Pattern and a Maybelle Blanket Yarn Pack for those who wants to replicate the original. And what a response! I'm thrilled with all your messages and sweet appreciation. THANK YOU SO MUCH and please please share your creations on Instagram with #maybelleblanket I would love to see what you make!!! Pure satisfaction!

And the greatest news of all, little Isak was born. Little and little... He is a bit of chunk to say the least. Just like his brothers were. When a new family member arrives, I wish I lived closer to my family so I could pop straight over and breath in that wonderful baby hair smell... Aaaahhh I love him to death already! Pure love!

Now a new month start. A new week. New projects. New goals. New yarn. New weather reports... I hope for more sun, less cold and lots of time for enjoying spring. And please no more great talents going to heaven, please!

PS: Baby Isak is my nephew... thought I should clarify that... I'm not having more babies at 47. ;)


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  1. Как прекрасно))))

  2. Congratulations with little Isak. He looks adorable.

    Have a great day, Margaret

  3. Dear Annette,

    Congratulations on the birth of your baby boy. How sweet Isak looks! Somehow I missed the posts in which you told us your were expecting. What a lovely surprise to find out this way. Hope you and your son are both well!

    A Happy month of May to you and your family.

    Madelief x

  4. Ahhh! New babies. There is nothing like the touch and smell of a new little one. Congratulations to your entire family on the birth of little Isak. Your photos all look beautiful and full of springtime.

  5. What a beautiful little boy Isak is!! How wonderful it is when one's family increases by such a perfect little guy.

    I agree -- no more deaths by such talented people.

    Hang in there, Annette. Winter will go away and you will be able to plant your new flowers..

  6. Beautiful spring collage.....and such a beautiful baby nephew! I hope you can plant your new flowers soon...I am waiting in just the same way for the cold to pass so I can plant mine out too!
    Helen xox

  7. April has been wonderful here, out working in the garden weeding and planting lots of new flowers till my back thinks I've broke it. I hope the warm weather finds you soon. Congrats on the addition in the family!

  8. Happy May!!!! He is a cutie, congrats to the new addition to your family.

  9. Hi Annette.
    You are cheering me up with your colorful photos again. How glorious the rape fields are. We were out the other day and in Dorset the whole landscape in places was a mass of bright yellow and the beautiful smell was coming through the open car window, what a wonderful world we live in. Yet sometimes we don't take notice of what is around us. Sadly I didn't take my camera.
    You have been so busy with your patterns and crochet but I love to look at your patterns ( I will do one at some time!!!) Keep up the brilliant work.
    And then there is that handsome little nephew of yours, what a cutie he is, I bet the girls love him!!!
    Hugs Julie xx

  10. Hello!

    We are almost the same age (I am 48) and Prince was a HUGE part of my teen years too! His songs bring back a lot of memories. Just found your blog, and love it! You do beautiful work.


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