Sunday, May 1, 2016

Maybelle Blanket Yarn Kit

Thank you all for your fantastic response on my Maybelle Baby Blanket Pattern. I'm delighted to hear so many of you are enjoying the free pattern shared. I have received so many emails, comments and private messages, with sweet words about this creation. It has been a pleasure to read and receive.

As you might already know, I did put together a complete Tilda Yarn Kit for the Maybelle Baby Blanket which is available in my Etsy Shop. The Maybelle Blanket Tilda Yarn Kit contains of 14 balls of Tilda yarn in all colors needed (see exact colors here). I ship worldwide and if you want to modify the colors and make a Custom Order I would be happy to arrange that for you. See the full Tilda color chart for inspiration. Maybe you have a particular color theme in mind like pinks and purples, rainbow colors, only neutrals... I think I might make another Maybelle Baby Blanket in candy colors, joined in bubblegum pink! What do you think about that? I see endless color combinations for this blanket. Just drop me an email and I'll help you with your color theme wish.

Don't forget to share your Maybelle Baby Blanket creations on Instagram #maybelleblanket. I would love to see your creations.


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  1. What a wonderful yarn pack! I love the colours you have chosen and I am so tempted to buy one. I have never worked with Tilda yarn and I am very curious to use it. But I have too many WIPs at the moment, I first have to finish something before I start with a new blanket. Have a lovely week, Viola

  2. Ah you see, that is what you get from an independent seller. The personal touch - a tailor made yarn kit with your own choices supplied if you would like. Or the ready chosen yarns if you prefer that. Not a one size fits all approach like the big shops. I like that!

    It's such a pretty blanket, I love it. I think the candy colours sound lovely, I would like to see it. Blankets are delightfully different made in different colour ways. A very soft and cosy looking blanket :)

  3. Hi Annette,

    This is the first post I come across on bloglovin' now I'm checking everything because I was on holiday in Italy. So this is the first comment I post on your blanket. Woooooooooooooow. I really love the colour scheme and the pattern. Really beautiful. Have a nice evening.

    Sweet greetings,


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