Sunday, March 4, 2018

This and that on a Sunday

A lot has been going on here lately. Time is running so fast I find it hard to keep up with all the happenings. So here is a little round up of my "lately".

There has been lots of granny square makings here. All the pieces for my crochet patchwork project are done and nicely blocked. Now the joining can begin. It is a very satisfying project and I'm enjoying every minute of it. I'm also working on the Daisy square blanket and I've just started on the border. All the squares are made by Nelly Bo and I will hold on to it and give it to her one day when she might have a baby. At least that is what I'm thinking as I don't just want to give it away. It might take 15 years or so, but it will be worth waiting for. It's a nice thought. :)

As many of you've seen on my Instagram, I made an attempt to crochet outside. It didn't last for long, the sun was very seductive at the time but the air was still to chilly to enjoy. I made one daisy square and not even the many layers of fleece and duvet could make me stay for longer. The coffee got cold in just minutes. But it was a nice try. :)

Nelly Bo has been making dream catchers. They are everywhere in our living room, dangling in windows and on walls. She is very good at it and I will list them all in my Etsy shop for you to buy. She is saving up money for world travels once school is over. I'm a proud Mama I have to admit (smug face!).

We had school break and took a short trip to Lucerne. What a beautiful place. We strolled the streets, visited museums, had coffees and donuts. I'll share more in a Lucerne post another day, but you can see some sneak peeks from the beautiful architecture and charm this small town has.

Last week I released my latest pattern the Olivia's shawl (read about it here and buy it on Etsy and Ravelry) and I'm so happy to see so many of you are liking this latest design of mine. Thank you so much for supporting me and my Rose Valley through your purchases. My cheeks are blushing of pride. :)

And the snow. Shall we talk snow. Really? We had our fair amount. I've shoveled the front of the house more than once (see video on Instagram). It is a hard job but a job I kind of like. Afterwards there is always the joy of indulging in coffee and crochet all warm and peaceful with red cheeks. That is the best part. 

Well, that was a glimpse into my life lately. More is to come. This week I'll share some more crochet inspiration and I'll try and get those dream catchers in my Etsy shop pronto. I'll let you all know hen they are going live. Happy Sunday and until next time - Stay cozy & warm!


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  1. Quanta neve amiga,somente um crochê perto da lareira para esquentar :) Beijo.Valéria.


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