Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Teenagers, Coronavirus and lock down

Oh my so much has happened the last few days. I struggle to take it all in, comprehend what our world is going through right now. I don't really want to go on about the Corona pandemic, but it is impossible to not talk about it isn't it? 

Friday afternoon Switzerland closed all schools and universities soon followed by closing shops and stores, businesses and anything not essential. We are advised to stay at home and to not go out if we don't absolutely have to. Next up is total isolation, we are not really there yet (not like in France where it now is against the law to leave your home without having special reasons to do so) but I'm sure it will soon come.

In my house we've been prepared for this for weeks. We've talked about it and monitored the development worldwide closely. Still the last few days have put us all in a state of shock. Never has parenting been so painful and hard.

For teenagers who just have started to become independent and discovered the freedom of moving around freely on their own; getting around with public transport, hanging out with friends "all-the-time", when and where they want to and pretty much come and go as they wish (as long as they are home for a few dinners every week and to sleep at night) it must be very hard when all that just disappears in a blink of an eye. I can't even imagine the shock to the system it must be. 

I remember when I was a teenager, out every single night of the week and hardly ever at home. My Mama begged me to "Take just one night a week to stay at home and take care of yourself, relax and chill. I think that would be good for you and it would be nice to have you around." and how I just stared at her like she was an alien thinking: "What? Stay at home? Are you serious?!!! I might miss out on something! I don't want to hang out with you guys. I LOVE my friends!!!".

I'm a mother and I remember how it was to be a teenage girl and I get it. I understand the upset, the questions, the anger, the tears, the complete frustration and confusion that followed our first big "No, you can't!" to socializing in a bar on Friday night and then the desperate negotiation to find a compromise ("Can I see just five friends? If I keep 2 meters distance? What if we sit outside? I'll wear gloves? I will not go to the toilet. I'll use sanitizers after going on the train. I promise I won't give any hugs..." etc etc...). And how can I expect my children to just accept the situation we are in and understand the seriousness of it when I hardly can understand it myself? Yeah, it's been a challenging weekend for us all.

Things have calmed down since Friday night. Now we are more cool about the situation. Somewhat. Slowly adjusting to the new more restricted way of living for the time being. It is a bit of a roller coaster, good one second followed by moments of overwhelming emotions. I still feel lost in all this. Trying to figure out my position in it all. I'll get there eventually. But for now I just let the days slip by in a fog of breakfast, walks, lunch, crochet, talking to friends and family and still just trying to digest today, now, this moment in time. 

It feels like there was no past and there is no future. Just today. I guess my kids feel the same. I tell myself to be patient. Extra forgiving. Understanding. Loving. And I try my very very best to not go crazy in all this. I promise I really do, even if all I want is to loose my shit and scream out loud all the anxiety I carry inside. Because this is not about me. It's about the world in its whole. WE have to come together in this. It's the only way.

How are you all coping and how are your kids? Do you have teenagers and can you relate to what I'm talking about? I'm all ears if you have any tips to share on how to take us through these tough times.

PS I haven't had these three in the same picture for years... Friday when school closed down and we came home I had my chance. I snapped a few pictures. They are so big now. What happened? So much love right there... so much love...


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  1. Your childrsen have grown sod much since you lastd showed pictures of them! The Coronavirus has taken over ouir lives and we all have to adapt as best we can. I amd in total home confinement and stocked up with food and other necessities and on my own. My children keep in touch with me through email, sms and phone. This confinement is the only way to reduce the number of sick people. Switzerland is now in the same state as Italy. It's very serious. I cannot get out for walks and don't have a garden. I go on my balcony for fresh air and have set up an exercise routine. You are fortunate to have a garden and live in the country. You are less cooped up all together! Courage and good luck!

    1. Hi Sandra
      Good to hear from you and that you are doing well. My children are sooooo big now, I know. The last couple of years they have grown like crazy and now it's only Emmy Bo who is shorter than me. With all this crises going and the lock down we are suddenly forced to be home and there are both good and bad in that. The good part is that it forces us to be together again as we've drifted apart when kids have become teenagers. I cherish this even if it is also a great challenge. Stay safe, lucky you having a balcony down town and relatives checking on phone every now and then. Take care Sandra.

  2. İnşallah bir an önce virüs biter ve eski günlerimize dönebiliriz. Allah'ım hepimizin yardımcısı olsun. Biz halen daha işe gidip geliyoruz ama tedirginiz.

  3. Dina barn är så stora! Hoppas att ni kan hitta en någorlunda vettig tid ihop. Kanske titta på film och äta popcorn?! Jag har inte några barn boende hemma längre. Men vi pratar i telefon och smsar. Jag har precis flyttat och packar upp till min första lägenhet som helt ensam. Mkt märkligt att sen vara hemma och i isolering. Gick nyss en promenad och letade efter tussilago. Men hittade inga. Jag satsar på att locka fram några blad på lite blåbärsris. Kanske blir det nedstängt i Sverige också. Mina barn som pluggar på högskola har hemstudier i Jönköping, Linköping och Örebro. Mina föräldrar som skulle komma och hälsa på mig får stanna hemma.. Är det inte en väldigt märklig och och obehaglig värld vi måste leva i?!

  4. We're a little behind you, in the UK, but schools closed on Friday, and last night a stronger lockdown was enforced. I'm so grateful for having a garden, and for being allowed to go for a run... But last night my 20 year old took the news that her job was on hold for the foreseeable future really hard, and this post has reminded me to be more empathetic, to understand what a big deal not going out is to young people... Wishing you and yours good health and contentment in this time...


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