Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Waiting for the "right mood"...

I'm desperately trying to work, I've been attempting to get this project started for days now, but I do everything part from what needs to be done:
- I tidy up my desktop on the computer, make folders, back up files, sort and organize
- I tidy up my desk, filing papers, sorting mail, put coffee cups in the dishwasher
- I make myself a tea
- I have to check the mailbox
- I feed the cats
- I sort some photos 
- Start a load of laundry
- Sweep the kitchen floor
- Write a grocery list
- Oh, it is 10 am, time for a pause and some "fika" [coffee & cake break]
and so it goes on with Mountains Of Distractions as in the illustration above... 
Pause??? From what??? I still haven't done ANYTHING of what I was planning to accomplish today. I even got up early this morning at 6.30 am, to set the professional tone. Prepared my morning tea and breakfast, did NOT turn on the dreadful TV news, did NOT take out the crochet. I got dressed, brushed my teeth and went to my office to work. I did EVERYTHING to avoid distraction, to make room for productivity and focus... But I'm totally blocked. It is 3pm and I'm still in limbo... feeling the restlessness eating me from the inside and just finding new distractions to delay taking action on the work assignment.

I sure don't like myself when I'm like this. I'm not proud of it. I think it is related to my creative nature, stress and insecurity. Lack of control. And right now (as I've mentioned in previous blog posts this last week) it is just too much shit (pardon my French) going on right now. I'm waiting for inspiration... the urge of jumping right in to the creative and productive me, but inspiration doesn't come easy when forced... This happens every now and then to the creative professional me and somehow I always pull it off in the last minute. It will happen... but not right now. I think I'm trying to hard. 

Instead I write this blog post, say warm WELCOME to all you new visitors dropping in from Lucy's wonderful Attic24 to say hi. I'm so happy to have you here and I hope you'll stick around for a bit so I can get to know you better. :) And after pressing publish I'll go outside for a walk in the sun, check in on the flowers still adding color to my garden to find some peace, and maybe I'll sit on my bench for a bit and work on my little potholder project I started last night. I love the colors, I love the stitch, I love the fabric it creates. It is all good vibes in this project. So, I'm just gonna go "vibing" for a bit, as my kids would say. A new word I recently have learned and quickly added to my vocabulary. I like it a lot. I should go "vibing" more often and maybe the "vibing" will create the "right mood" as  Calvin & Hobbes explain in the comic strip above. What do you think? Are you like me sometimes or is it just me? And what do you do to stop the dilly-dallying, stalling or whatever you like to call it? I would love to know.

Crochet notes: Potholder made with two strands of Sports Weight mercerized Cotton and a 5.5 mm hook using the Thermal stitch, pattern here by Sewrella. I have made a foundation of 27 stitches.

Procrastination: The action of delaying or postponing something. The word has origin from the Latin procrastinatus, which itself evolved from the prefix pro-, meaning "forward," and crastinus, meaning "of tomorrow."

Vibing: When you are feeling normal - not uptight or anything, just chilling out.


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  1. Here from the Attic. Lovely blog. I bookmarked you so I can come back and visit more.

  2. Hello from Kansas, USA. I've followed Attic24 for some time now. I just love seeing what life is like "across the pond" and love Lucy's crochet patterns. I know exactly what you mean about procrastination. I have loads of projects in process right now. I need to start working on Christmas presents for my family since I try to make most gifts. Normally I've started working on Christmas presents in July or August, but here it is already half way through October and I haven't even started. I have a Halloween quilt sitting at the sewing machine partially quilted that I really do want to finish before Halloween, and yet I find myself wanting to work on something entirely unrelated to either task that "needs to be done". Eventually I just sit down and start and knock out the task I've been putting off and usually wonder what took me so long. Maybe I will dig into finishing the quilting on that Halloween quilt finally...

    I'm off to poke around your blog and am now following via Bloglovin. I look forward to your future posts!

  3. Another visitor from Attic 24. Just the post to hook me as, apart from my premature arrival I have been procrastinating for 67 years. Looking forward to seeing more of you

  4. Also from the Attic. Will definitely visit again 🙂

  5. I struggle with this *all the time*! I work from home, as well as 'working' for a charity from home. I say to myself 'OK, today I will get loads done' but by the end of the day, most of my to-do list is still there, looking at me, with no little ticks next to them. It is very hard to motivate yourself at home.

  6. I know Lucy recommended you, but am a regular anyway.
    I LOVE your map and totally recognise your procrastination techniques.
    Just enjoy the moment (or go kick something soft) and then enjoy the moment!!
    Love your blog. Always have. Just never commented before.

  7. Popped in from the Attic - I enjoy your writing. I will usually pick up my knitting (currently socks) or whatever is on the hook to procrastinate!

  8. Yes, I also popped in from the Attic. And procrastination is my middle name.

  9. Hello again! Sadly, I know about procrastination all too well. It's just one of my many flaws! It makes up a large part of my mental health problems and has been plaguing me for years. It stops me from doing a heck of a lot of things I enjoy, and despite knowing that my brain is just trying to protect me from disappointment, failure, frustration etc, I find it very difficult to put it aside and "Do Something". Now is a perfect example. I have recently realized there is something I can do that would make me happy, cheer me up and give me several things to look forward to throughout the year. But... I'm scared I won't be able to design one of the things I want to make, I know I don't have everything I may want to include in the "project" despite feeling that it would be an evolving WIP - so I'm holding back, I'm looking for a pattern for a Christmas present, I'm thinking of dusting and tidying my bedroom (to be honest it needs doing!), I'm focusing on rather unimportant issues with my computer - just so it feels like I'm "Doing Something"! But I'm not, and that's depressing, and yes, I feel like crap about it. It is very difficult to shift out of this, it is essentially my normal. I will get started on it but, it may not be yet. Be kind to yourself, have an off day, it is allowed:)

  10. Hi Anete! Even though I'm an Attic 24 follower, I've been a follower of yours for a couple of years now and I really enjoy your posts! :-)
    Loved the strips you showed us today (Calvin is my favourite cartoon character!)...
    Good luck with creativity... This time will pass, and it will come back. Some things cannot be forced ... Wishing you the best .. Evi

  11. I call it an "unsettled" feeling, and those feelings have been way more frequent since the virus hit. I found myself not starting a project by creating a detailed list of all the steps I needed to do to finish the project, so instead of starting the work, I just accomplished . . . the list! The trick is not to feel guilty, because I think it's part of the creative process, but I really hate when it happens.

  12. Hola, llegué a tu blog vía y me he sentido muy identificada con tus palabras. Justo hoy estaba pensando que doy mil vueltas con todo, ordeno, limpio, sigo con mi otra actividad pero en el diseño de mis cursos de Patchwork nada de nada, publicar en instagram... nada, seguir revisando mis redes... nada. En fin, igual que vos excepto por el horario de levantarme. Seguiré leyendo...

  13. Ah, Annette, I keep visiting here in case you decide to come back. I hope all is well with you. The colours of your potholder are beautiful.

  14. Ah, Annette, I keep coming back here to see if you have decided to come back. I hope things are good with you. The colours of your potholder are beautiful.


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