Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The BIG upholstery project...

I found this gorgious piece up in our attic and after looking at it for a year or so I finaly decided to bring it downstairs to have a closer look. It is absolutely fantastic with all its drawers and shelfs and boxes to store things in. A little bit broken, worn and not in the greatest condition. But it could be beautiful. So I invited the old lady landlord Madame Debonneville and asked her to tell me the storiy about it.

I thought it was a kitchen dresser but she told me her husband got it from the Police station's administration department many, many, many year ago. It was used to organize, file and store all kinds of registration paperwork, such as marriage licences, birth certificates etc. She left it in the attic because it was to big to get down the stairs but she actually wanted to bring it to the trash/recycling collection... Oooohhh noooo!

I asked to buy it from her as I can't bare the thought of throwing away such a lovely piece of furniture and she refused to sell it but insisted on giving it to me if I really wanted it. Oooohhh yeees!

So now the piece is mine and I am soooo excited to start working on it. I have never restored a big piece like this before so it will be a great challange but I now that I will be very, very proud when it is all done and it will look absolutely fabulous in a new coat of paint. And I will give the generous Madame Debonneville a big box of Swiss handmade chocolates and a Thank You card for the dresser/cabinet. That is the least I can do. Wish me good luck. I better get started.

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