Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hard work...

My kitchen dresser/cabinet make over project has been kind of neglected for a while. with Mother in law in the house, school start and a disc out of place (or at least twisting a bunch of nerves) in my back I have just thrown eyes on it when I have been passing it. But this last weekend I decided to give it a go again. So I took off the doors, and the hinches and collected all the knobs and screws and bits and pieces... That took about an hour. ANd then I started the stripping paint process of the doors and thought "I'll finish these doors today and the rest tomorrow!". I wish!

After two hours of hard work I had only managed to strip one HALF door. So, this is hard work and I am going to shout out to the whole world when I am done because I will be so damn proud and relieved. And I am not sure if I will ever take on a huge project like this again. But I have finsihed the drawers and half a door, taht is always something. Like maybe 20% of what has to be done... Taht is good, right?

For now the cabinet is, again, just staring at me outside the kitchen window. I am trying to figure out an easier way to do this. Maybe I will ask to borrow my neighbors sanding machine and sand off the old paint instead of the traditional stripping procedure. Any advice?

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  1. Jag skulle varit där och hjälpt dig! :)



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