Monday, September 21, 2009

Stripping, scraping...

My new neighbour Christine got excited about my cabinet project and offered to help this weekend. Who can turn such a generous offer down? So we tackled the big "monster" (it feels like a monster as it is such a big and intimidating project for a beginner like me...). For three ours we stripped and scraped off paint. The day after I continued on my own and managed to get even more done. But then I ran out of stripper chemicals... Bummer.

So typical just because you finally decided to just do it! So now I have to wait until next week to continue, because I am flying to England tomorrow to participate in my best friends wedding. (Yippi - it is going to be so much fun!) My goal is to have stripped it all off before October break in school starts for the kids (11th). Wish me luck.

1 comment :

  1. Soon will have to tame the monster and give him a good coat of paint!


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