Monday, July 19, 2010

Granny Wip - naaaahhhh...

Started off with energy and big butterflies of joy mixing colours.

Added the grey border to join as I had planned. The idea was rows of grannies with stripes in two shades of grey and white in between but nahhhhhhh....

It just didn't feel right. The colours kinda flattened out and there were no "piong!" anymore. So, I changed. Everything!

I am making teeny tiny granny squares without border. A gypsy blanket. Or a pillow case. Haven't really decided yet...

Happy days! The colours just "piong, piong" all over the place. And keeping the squares small with less mix of colours in each one makes it easier to match and join and... just easier somehow. Back on to it... This is so much fun! :D



  1. Yes, your little granny squares are wonderful.
    With a summery feel!

  2. Love the idea of making a gypsy blanket, your little 3-round grannies look lovely, although I did actually like the grey.
    Think you're going to like my next blanket, its a new granny square pattern I've designed with a teeny flower in the cebtre...kind of a Floral Gypsy Granny!!!

  3. Nu har jag börjat repa upp min filt. Eller virka baklänges som nágon sa:)
    Du har alldeles rätt i att det gráa "tar ner" färgerna. M tycker inte att jag är klok. men jag vill att det ska vara bra. och vill vara riktigt nöjd med den. Dessutom blir det ju váldigt billigt. jag behöver ju inte köpa garn pá hela hösten, jag bara áteranvánder ju det gamla.


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