Monday, August 30, 2010

I have a dream...

Photo: Susie's Country Cottage and Garden.

Switzerland is beautiful but hey, very old fashion. No new fresh and crisp Amy Butler, Cath Kidston, Kaffe Fasett, Tilda or Heather Bailey around here. No fun colours of yarn in the shops. No fun shops at all, just boring and ugly and disorganized. It is like they don't have a sense of marketing themselves. You step in and it is messy. I mean if you visit a yarn shop in England for example, you step into a world of colours and crafty fantasy. Here - no!

It would be a dream to have something beautiful like a Crochet/Fabric/Quilt Club Café on the lake or something with a vintage sofa and fresh made muffins and the smell of a coffee brewer when you step in. Sit down, indulge yourself in colours and materials, books and patterns. Chat with a friend. Even have a sewing machine set up for the one who wants to give it a go. Meet there for crochet courses to learn the basics and meet others with the same interest. Gossip away and have a moment in a world decorated with vintage roses and fresh crisp colours, old beautiful restored furnitures and odd thrift store finds. A dream that is, wouldn't work in this country. But keep dreaming and the dream might come true. Never give up.
Today I am dreaming. Big time.

 Photo: Fluffy Flowers. Check it outs to see more  pictures and read about this yarn shop.

Photo: Rowena Art.
 Photo:Village Yarn Shop.
Photo: Craft.

Photos: Ilga Leja


  1. Ooooh,love these inages. I think most look American? My local yarn shop is so cluttered ,it's a bit of putting as you have to ask for things instead of just browse. Still it's quite cheap so I guess I shouldn't moan :0)
    Jacquie x

  2. Men det är ju precis en sån myspysig underbar färgsprakande garnaffär jag vill öppna!

  3. Ahhh, thanks for letting me in on the dream.....

  4. Oh wauw, I want to have that here in Holland. I think I would be there every day. All the shops are great.....

    Liefs Maartje

  5. I'm dreaming along with you as there is absolutely nothing like that "down-under' that I know of. Finding a yarn shop is hard enough, let alone wanting anything else. Usually they are tiny, crowded (which can be good) but difficult to negotiate. And I won't go on about price
    Back to dreaming

  6. Wow, just to see such a thing you get crazy for the will to buy all and start so many works!

  7. Jag kan ju inte annat än hálla med. Har samma dröm. Men det skulle aldrig funka här. Det är för modernt.

  8. That shop looks amazing. Maybe you should start a shop like that in Switserland ;-)
    Thanks for leaving a message and I hope your elbow gets well soon.

  9. Tack för tipset. Hár fár du ett tips av mej:
    Gá in där och bli tokig. Jag blev särskilt förtjust i Kim Mclaeans lapp-skapelser.
    Tánk när vi har kommit upp i den niván;)


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