Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Inspiration & admiration

Well, isn't blog world fantastic or what? I love browsing, clicking from one blog to another... I get so so SO inspired. I learn. I explore. I admire.

I have found some new (and old) inspiring blogs I want to share with you. Like Red Pepper Quilts. She makes the most wonderful quilts. She is obviously a professional with her own sponsors, patterns, etsy shop and stuff (lucky girl!!!) and needless to say she is a huge inspiration to visit. She has a great tutorial for machine binding quilts in an alternative way that is worth a try and oooh so many colorful pictures of fabric bundles, WiP's and finished quilts.

Like this one. Isn't it so so pretty? I am actually making a quilt with these stripy squares right now. My secret project.

This quilt pattern is excellent for using up scraps I believe.
And this one is another Red Pepper Quilts favorite. I am first of all a crochetoholic and this quilt reminds me of the traditional granny square I just love to crochet. Isn't this just so clever how she uses striped fabric and makes it look like a bunch of granny squares? I L O V E this one. And I just have to mention, Red Pepper Quilts has not less than 1700 + followers... Yes, 1700!!! How on earth do you manage to keep up with that, I wonder.

Here we got another great source of inspiration. My old time favorite Rosehip. The way she mixes colours and prints is amazing. I love everything Rosehip. And she has done it again. Blown me away. Just look at this beautiful quilt made from felted wool sweaters (here we go recycling again - I  LOVE IT!) in all different kind of colours. Isn't it just stunning? All old ugly wool sweaters at the thrift store has suddenly become very interesting to me. One day I will make my own recycled wool sweater quilt.

And then this girl, Sweet Jessie. Eye candy for anyone who adores pastell colours, vintage and anything sugary sweet. I love her vintage sheet collection (who wouldn't do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to get their hands on this collection???) and the things she makes out of these nostalgic vintage prints.

Look at that dresser.

And look at those pillows. Aren't they just to die for? Sweet Jessie is pure fun to visit.

What a great school the blog world can be. All the things I have learned these last 16 months that I have been blogging. Wow. No school can teach me as much as all you fellow bloggers can. I admire you all, deeply.



  1. Härliga bilder! Det där med täcke av filtad ull gjorde mig lite sugen, måste jag säga. Varmt och gott lär det vara... Ska försöka komma ihåg att hålla ögonen öppna efter ylletröjor jag också!

  2. OMG, I love that dresser! I'm dying here just looking at it. I have an old dresser that is screaming for this. Oh, I just have to do it! Thanks for passing along the inspiration!

  3. Oj, vilka bilder! Det första lapptäcket var ju underbart. Spännande att få se ditt! Men de där kuddarna tycker jag är lika några som jag sett i den här bloggen, du är en inspirationskälla du med! Nej, nu har jag tenta imorgon så jag har inte tid att skriva långa kommentarer så trevlig helg på dig!

  4. Thanks for including my blankie in such a great roundup... you are definitely starting to amass a great stash of fabric and making pretty things out of it !


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