Saturday, January 29, 2011

Crochet a rainbow

Me and Nelly are making granny squares for a special project. We are Crocheting a Rainbow for the people who suffers after the flooding in Queensland, Australia. The only rules are:
- Make granny squares (step by step pattern here)
- Use wool or acrylic yarn, worsted weight yarn or 8 ply.
- Preferably hook size 4 mm or 4,5 mm will do.
- Every square contains of 5 rows to make it easier to join with other squares.
- Each square should measure about 4,5 inches or 11.5 cm.

It feels like a very special project as Nelly actually was born in Cairns, Queensland, Australia 9 years ago. It is a wonderful place. Some time soon we will post off some granny squares to Sarah London who later will assemble all the squares to blankets and give to people in need. A wonderful project I think. Maybe you want to make some granny squares too. Visit Sarah London for more detailed information.


PS I know, I know. I am NOT crocheting traditional granny squares. No actually I had some left over squares from my Daisy Square Pillow project last year (pattern here) and decided to finish them off with granny clusters i believe they are called. But I guess as long as the last row is a granny row it is okay. I hope at least...


  1. These are lovely Annette. The colours and yarn look gorgeous, I'm sure Sarah will be very pleased with them . Great project .
    Jacquie x

  2. Love your colors - a great project to support!

  3. Jättefina rutor och för en god sak också. Ni är jätteduktiga!

    Jag vet inte vad jag ska gör av alla mina lappar, när jag ser dem får jag beslutsångest. Men så helt plötsligt får jag inspiration och då är det kul att ha färdiga lappar för att skära ut dem är dötråkigt.
    Ha det bra!

  4. Very well done. Wonderful project too.

  5. Hi Annette! I'm Annette too! I just started crocheting in January of this year and I find myself touring around the blog world getting all riled up (with creative goodness) as I see everyone's beautiful creations and wonderful projects. Your post here had me diving for the link to the Daisy pillow...and then nearly drooling over its beauty! Darn it! Now I want to make one too! (LOL) My wish list of things to make is growing exponentially...but my time doesn't grow in the same way. Thank you for sharing...what a beautiful selection of colors for your pillow. And your squares that you are creating for the project...such a heart warming labor of love!


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