Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My little artsy creative girl!

Isn't she lovely. Isn't she beautiful! La la la laaa laaa... I am byest I know. But my little Emmy is a great artist. This is not a post for anyone who hates mother's who brag about their kids... I'll keep it short. I did most of the cutting, she did all of the gluing and creating and gave me directions on what she needed. Clever girl!


  1. Oh! She's very talented! She's following in her mommy's footsteps :) I don't mind anybody bragging about their kids esp daughters 'cos I do, too! Love our blog!

  2. Fint samarbete, vad duktig hon är! Och stolt över sitt arbete ser det ut som. Med all rätt. :)

  3. Clever girl indeed and how could anyone NOT want to see this masterpiece or hear her mother rejoice!!! Emmy you did well...and you have the smile of an angel.

  4. Gorgeous ... your daughter and her picture :0)
    Jacquie x

  5. Såklart får man skryta om sina duktiga (och söta) barn ibland :) Härligt collage - rama in!

  6. Vad fint hon gör! Vad härligt att göra pyssel tillsammans. Jag brukar också förse Ella med diverse saker för att hon ska kunna göra ett pyssel. De tappar så lätt intresset om dde ska fixa allt själva. Min Ella brukar göra de mest fantastiska pärlplattor med olika färger, då plockar jag ut färgerna åt henne då det tar sån tid för henne.

    Idag har jag klippt ut lite byxor och mössor som jag ska sy ihop ikväll.

    Ha det bra!

  7. I do not know who is the prettiest here!
    Tell me about mothers bragging about their children...

  8. It's a wonderful picture! I lOvE the caterpillar he is sooo cute! (I so hope I got this right - if not please tell your daughter I am really sorry for getting it wrong! Mummy's can be a bit silly at times and not know what things are meant to be :) )

  9. Dear Ruth Marie:
    Ha ha ha! I am actually not sure myself what type of creature that is. Looks like a mix between a caterpillar and a teddy bear. But it could just be Papa, as this picture was specially made for him. You never know with kids. Maybe I should ask.

  10. Yes she is very creative and gifted for her age!


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