Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nelly's patchwork cushion - Voilà!

I have just learned the difference between pillow and cushion. Pillow is something you sleep on, a cushion you have more as decoration and on a sofa, kinda... Correct me if I am wrong... However, this is Nelly's first ever go at patchwork and I think she has done a terrific job. :D

She choose a Kaffe Fassett polka dot fabric for the back and I helped her attach it to the front panel. We made a simple pocket backing and we agreed to add a ric rac for extra effect.

I think the polka dot really complements the front.

And a close up of the different fabrics used. Nelly has a thing for gingham fabrics you see... She wanted more but I don't have that many - yet... So, as she loves roses of all kind we mixed those in as well.

The red/orange/pink vintage sheet fabric with summer flowers is from Jay's childhood. My mother in law supplied us with this bed sheet on a camping trip in 2002 ( in the US going to Moab, what a beautiful place...) and later she gave it to me as I loved the print so much. :D  I almost have nothing left of it now as I used it for the backing of My Brothers Quilt as well.

And now I am off for a girl meet up in Sweden for the weekend. Enjoy the end of the week, my dear blog friends, and see you all next week. Break a leg - hope not - as we are going skiing. I have a feeling we will consume a few bottles of wine as well and giggle until our bellies hurt. That is usually what happens you see. I am soooooo looking forward to it.



  1. Wow, bravo for Nelly! And I can imagine you look forward to the trip... enjoy Sweden!
    Love, Maaike

  2. Oj, vad duktig hon är! Den blev verkligen jättefin. :) Hoppas du får en trevlig vistelse här hemma i Sverige.

  3. Beautiful done Nelly! That's an awesome pillow/ cushion you made!

  4. Wow! Well done Nelly!!!! You have some competition now Mum! I think she has done a wonderful job and the fabric selection is perfect. Can we look forward to Nelly's own blog showcasing her stuff soon? :) x

  5. Gorgeous cushion, Nelly!!! And Annette- Moab is my favorite place in the world- I go waaaaay back with that place. How fun to read that you've been there as well :)

  6. Så duktig hon är! Jag gillar att bitarna går lite omlott, blir en fin effekt. Högsta betyg till dottern, då färgerna är så fina också!

    Ha det nu jätteskoj och njut av din tjejhelg!!

  7. Blinky blimey that cushion turned out brilliant! Please tell Nelly that she is going to be a natural quilter and a bloody good one at that if she sticks with it! I am so impressed (and secretly wish my daughter was as interested in quilting as Nelly is)

    Well done Nelly - you've done an awesome job there! Have a good holiday too and DO NOT go breaking any bones Missus!!!! xxx

  8. Stort, stort GRATTIS till Nelly. Hon gár i mammas fotspár ser jag. Och du máste vara en stolt mor antar jag.

    Lyckos dej med tjejträff i Sverige. äka skidor kan du göra sjálv, men sitta och fnissa fram till smátimmarna är nágot som jag skulle behöva.
    Om allt gár enligt planerna kommer jag att göra det pá mallis i september men myckwet kan hända tills dess.
    Mánga planer har jag.....fár se om tiden rácker till.

    Ha det underbart och glöm inte att visa tygfynden som du kommer att ha med dej hem.

  9. Miss Nelly did a beautiful job!! :o)
    I just adore her cushion. :o)
    I too love gingham. :o)
    I hope you have a wonderful time away skiing!
    Sincerely, Trish

  10. Så jättefin! Roligt med lite olika stora rutor.


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